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    A nation can be made weak set packing even without war

    For the past 50 days those who watching the India- China stand off would throw broader light on how a nation can be made weak, set to packing even without war. India has been consistently following the process of non violence and peace in the region but China has provoked India by its unwanted entry to our territory and thus India has been showing the hostile activities through varies trade cancellations in which China is involved directly or indirectly and the latest being the cancellation of 40 Vande Bharat trains with the firm having connections with China.
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    These are the diplomatic actions to make the enemy weak.
    Salya is the Driver of the Chariot of Karna. He always used to prize Arjuna to demotivate Karna. These actions indirectly helped Arjuna to win the battle.
    The author rightly said that the actions that are being taken by our government is making China weak and thus they are made not to proceed towards a war against our country.
    The Indian government has taken some good decision to harm China financially. Some purchase orders given by the Indian railways are taken back as the beneficiary in these orders is having some direct or indirect relation with China. Similarly, some China Apps are banned in our country. Many of the Indian Public is also restraining themselves from purchasing Chinese products. All these actions will have a big say on the financial status of China.

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    I have not come across such a diplomatic way of dealing with enemy without raising our guns.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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