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    Difficult to digest on seeing people with two faces

    Many people are seems to be acted in two roles in our daily life. We should keep in our mind not to behave like this from our side.
    Last year during the month of August, a small temple in our street end solemnized the Amman Festival with crackers and speakers. A neighbor next to our house commented badly about the celebration as it create noise pollution and made disturbance to the living people badly. But on the next month itself he constructed a floor in his house and for that he dumped bricks, sand, etc., in front of the house by blocking half of the road. Without leaving with this the noise from there through the cement mixture machine, mosaic grinding machine, howling of workers etc. But other people in the street never questioned him though he disturbed well others.
    My point of view here is not to comment others and if comments others we should do the same.
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    There are two things in your issue. One is an avoidable disturbance, another is an unavoidable disturbance. We can stop bursting crackers, but we cannot stop making noise while constructing a house. One is a celebration for fashion, and the other is construction for comfortable living.

    I agree with your contentions, but not the reasons you quoted here.

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    Many people behave differently with different people on different occasions.
    When we say something, the other person may say that many people are saying the same thing and he got tired of hearing the same. But another person says the same thing in our presence to the same person he will hear the same thing with a lot of interest. Sometimes he may appreciate him also for his suggestion. This is what we can't understand. Sometimes we feel we should also learn from such people.
    When an act is performed by the other person will appear to us as a disturbance. But when we do the same thing we will never think about the disturbance. Anyhow this is all in the game and we have to forget and progress in our life.
    I feel, as a person, we should not have double standards and we should always maintain the same standards irrespective of the situation and the other person involved.

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    It is a matter that the two events cannot be related because we cannot stop the construction work, but there are some works in which we are able to less disturb the other people by making some changes. There is a wedding hall a little near my house where but whatever procession comes out through the front of my house, which also causes a lot of noise pollution, smoke from the smoke of fire crackers, as well as disturb us in studies and sleep etc. But nothing can be done for this. The need for many major changes in society, first we have to change ourselves, when we ourselves become ideal people then we will be able to improve others. Improve one person first, then gradually a hundred people will improve.
    Swati Sharma

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    There is no need to digest such things. The only thing we need to do is to act and advise in the same way. The interesting thing that I got from the thread is the people in the surroundings/neighborhood whom the author thought was disturbed during the construction work never complained to such noises. I think, the neighbors thought such noises and dumping in front of the house by blocking a part of the road very natural. Whatever may be the reason, we should not disturb others in any way and if at all there is an indication of some disturbances to others we must inform them in advance to bear with it for a small duration. By doing that, I think many will gladly accept it.

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    In India, the people are very sober and does not want to have the fist fight with others for no reason. Though they undergo the ordeal of much problems and torture through the fellow citizen they tend to keep quiet and does not even report to the police fearing back lash afterwards. This weakness in our people are exploited by those who have the contacts with high ups in government and society does make use of their position and live in a way that no one questions them. There is a rule and regulations to follow everything systematically but we cannot question any one who is more powerful with money and muscle. It is the fact that many people are living with two faces in the society and we should start questioning them. If we are at the right demanding position even others would start cooperating with us.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Many people have such duality of nature and they exhibit it time to time. My experience in this matter is that we should not leave these things left with individuals to exercise. Given a choice or freedom many of us resort to depiction of such dual behaviour that when it suits us everything is alright otherwise it is wrong. In our country there is too much freedom in many respects and people take it very lightly to block the roads or to celebrate near places of religious importance. Sometimes there is a competition between two religions that our celebration should be better than their one. The governance is also poor as it is difficult to book so many people for their behaviour getting joy by making misuse of public places. There are pitfalls in every system and in democracy we have to bear the brunt of these activities whether we like them or not. In our country it is a common practice to block the road by marriage procession and people take it as their right to do that. They want to show the world that they are going to marry and they have money to advertise it with pomp and show.
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