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    Do animals have language?

    Language is a tool to communicate among them by the human race. The language is supposed to be a group of verbal and non-verbal conventions. These will be used by humans to express their thoughts and needs. Humans will express their feelings using words or through their facial expressions.

    We see dogs wagging their tails and a bird singing a song. These may be the ways they use to communicate or express their thoughts or wishes. These animals may make some sounds also which are specific to them. This is also may be a way of their expression

    But I have a doubt whether the animals will have a language like us to express their feelings. Do animals have their language?
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    Yes, in a way since they're living they have a mode communication. Of course their mode of communication is not like us but if you consider their communication as sharing feelings, displaying group behaviour, aggression, love etc then definitely their ways of communicating can be considered as a form of language. Language as you said is a tool, since it's true that we as a species are capable of using it in a higher more complex form, then it must stand to reason that lower forms must use the same tools but in a more primitive manner with lesser complexity and this is true for most macroscopic species. Ofcourse if you can enlargen the scope and meaning of language and counivation especially in context of collective behaviour then we can have a language for plants, a language for microrganisms and even a language for subatomic particles that peice together the reality that we observe.

    Hope this answers the query

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    Language is not only the medium of talks but also the medium of emotions, is it the language of animals, whatever the feelings are, but animals also interact with people like humans, even animals can understand the dialect of humans or maybe their emotions make sense. When an owner scolds his dog, that dog understands and sits quietly. The animals call each other, alert them to the dangers through which they all do it, perhaps their language, but many different species of animals also communicate with each other without understanding each other's language. Perhaps the feelings of both humans and animals can be understood through frequency by the universe.
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    Being an animal lover I know a great deal about their behaviour. They do not have a language but they can express a great many things just by their gestures and different type of sounds they make in different situation. You can just make out from the sound as they are angry or happy with you. Whether they understand what we tell to them, I am not sure about that but one thing that I have seen is they understand the language of love and caring.
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    Animals pick up pace in understanding any language spoken by his caretaker within a short span of time. Slowly human beings also understand their non-verbal communications. They speak to each other using sounds and gestures. They support each other at times by calling for help using different sounds.
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    What I feel that animals do have their own sign language and signals through their sounds would send the right meaning and action to be taken from the other end. I have seen dogs listening to the master words whether spoken or commanded in English or their own language. Though the animals cannot give response to master but they do behave as per the instructions given. Even those who are having buffalo they do command the animal with their own way of speaking and they understand the command. I have seen bullock carts being driven with command from the driving person. Even the birds send messages and sounds from this end to that end. All these proves that animals also have the reasons and communicate in their own way sending the signals through even in the sign languages which we cannot understand.
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    Very few animals like parrot mimic a few words as spoken by their owners but what do they mean by uttering them is anybody's guess. Animals have a lower level of consciousness as compared to human beings and their faculties are not developed much for verbal interactions. There are theories in which it is said that humans are evolved from animals only and it is really a surprising element as how humans could evolve to such a high order of consciousness and enhanced faculties of communication, reception, and assimilation. Animals generally would be ale to do some small things with their gestures and eye contacts and wagging the tails etc and nothing more than that. The domesticated and pet animals understand some exclamation by their owners as when they call them to take food they would come near. These are very small things that they can do that also only the pets.
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    Yes. I heard that there is some language among animals and gestures among plants. We hear the barking of dogs with irritation but in fact the dogs are communicating some thing. Once a saint was asked by some stranger whether has seen God. He said 'no, but I heard through the devotees seen God.' Stranger laughed at him. But the saint asked him whether he have pet dog. He said yes. Saint asked ,'when it is barking in night, have you outside and why'. He replied,'it may barking by seeing some thief'. Saint asked how could he know this. The dog in the house did not gone out but on hearing the barking of street dog it is barking. Like this I believed the saints have seen God.
    Even birds case also we can watch one cuckoo or crow is making sound and we can hear the reply sound of another cuckoo or crow from distance.

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