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    Wrong is wrong in every situation but who will tell right or wrong

    Everyone says be nice with the people who good to you, and when someone is bad with you, teach them a lesson in your own way. Follow the friendship of your friend, show your enemy out of your life. For those who love, do not hesitate to give life and forgive those who hate, because here it is not enough time to love, then how to hate and when. In the end, one thing of a hundred things, which is wrong, so it is wrong, in any case, resist it and always support what is right. If you are wrong yourself, then learn to bow down and if right, listen only to your heart and mind.
    Everything is told, but what is right and what will be wrong, who will decide it - ourselves, our society or the Shastra or the law the of country.
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    Our experience and education should tell us what is right and what is wrong. If with our actions somebody is getting badly affected, we should think that what we are doing is not correct. There are many moral books written by eminent people who have seen the world well. In those books, they have mentioned what is wrong and what is right. Once we read those books we will know the difference between right and wrong. In Telugu, there are some books like Kumari Satakamu, Sumati Satakamu and Vemana Satakamu etc. If we read those books we will know what we should do and what we should not do. During my childhood, I read all these books. But those books are not the favourites to anybody these days.
    Kids will learn from their elders. For them, what their elders do is correct and they will do that. So parents and grandparents should be careful in their talk and work so that children will not practice the wrong things. Similarly, the school-going children will think that what their teacher is doing is correct.

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    What is wrong and what is right is the pure judgement one has to face on his or her own. If someone wants to advise you on what is wrong and what is right, that means you are giving the chance of deciding your progress to others and not giving the right work to your mind. Children have less thinking ability and therefore needs the guidance from the parents or elders. Whereas the grown up and elders need not consult any one on any matter and they can decide what ever they purely on their personal experience and out of great thinking ability. And those fail in the process cannot take decision and face the wrong.
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    I think most of the people are able to differentiate between wrong and right and they can go ahead with those premises. Sometimes we are confused about a situation and then we go to our elders or mentors for help to find out which is correct and which is not correct.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    When people have vested interests then their definitions of right and wrong change drastically and then they will like to justify their deeds by hook or by crook. If such people are sitting on high positions then their job becomes easier as they can forcefully make others to agree with what they are doing irrespective of it being right or wrong. So, it is said that one bad person at the top is sufficient to spoil thousands below and at the same time a good person in a high position would be able to guide many below to walk on a good path. So perception of right and wrong is depending on various factors and not so easy to distinguish in a straight forward manner.
    Knowledge is power.

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