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    Have you also heard that we do not see the moon of Ganesh Chaturthi ..

    Everyday I go to the terrace for a walk in the evening, even today when I was going, my mother reminded me to go to the terrace but do not see the moon today.
    I have been listening since childhood but I do not understand the proper reason for that why we should not look at moon today.
    By the way, due to cloudy weather in most places at this time, the chance of seeing the moon is less.
    Yet many do not look at the sky when going on the roof or outside.
    It is believed that the moon should not be seen on the night of Ganesh Chaturthi. Seeing the moon on this night can lead to false accusations against you, even Lord Krishna was accused of stealing the precious stone - Mani.

    Have you had a similar experience, do you believe in this belief?
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    Yes. It is mentioned in the Story of Vinayaka Vratham. After performing pooja to Ganesh, we will read the story mentioned in the pooja book. In that story, it was mentioned that if we see Moon on the day of Vinayaka chavithi, we may get false accusations. We may be blamed for the issues which we have not done or for which we are not responsible.
    But in that story, it will also be mentioned how Krishna suffered when he saw the moon on Vinayaka Chavithi day in a milk pot. But Lord Krishna was able to prove to the world that he was innocent. So on that day if we read the story of Krishna and pray him if we see Moon on that day also there will be any problem. This is what that story says.
    I am not very particular but generally, I will not go out on the night of that day. But once or twice I happened to see the moon. But I have no problems faced by the grace of God those two years also.

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    In our life everyday may not be supportive, auspicious and helping. Likewise every fortnight when the moon transition takes place one day ie the fourth day considered inauspicious and that is why Chuthurdasi is not auspicious. If anyone see the moon which is just look like crescent they would face the worst crisis on the that day and that is proved beyond believes. However it is left to the knowledge and belief of everyone whether they give such credence. But the elders used to say this to the younger generation and that same legacy has been passing to others.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I never heard of such non-moon story in my life. It is new to me.

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    Only on the Chaturdashi of Ganesha festival, we should not see the Moon. Besides this all other Chaturdashi which mostly occurs twice in a month is auspicious. This crescent moon is considered for the Ramzan festival too.
    This is what our elders suggested us and we are following from our childhood.

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