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    Facebook in India must stop bigotry and hate speech posts

    Facebook has been summoned by the Parliamentary committee to explain how the company regulates the content after a controversy erupted in the country. The controversy started when wall street journal reported that Facebook opposed applying hate speech rules to a legislator.

    Hate speeches are creating a rift and destroying peace and stability in the country. And if such contempt and bitterness are being spread by social media, it will have far more serious consequences as it is easily accessible to millions of people in the country. When Facebook has the largest market in India, any bigotry or hate speech spreads like a wild spark.

    It is the responsibility of Facebook's managing director to review and remove content if it violates the community standards, and help in maintaining tranquillity in the country rather than supporting bigotry and contempt of innocent people.
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    Yes, it's a must. As a social media platform, it has a huge responsibility and when such things are reported from a country that has the largest number of users they need to be very cautious. Some time ago, a few social media platforms engaged in a discussion with the authorities regarding the control on the spread of fake news and remarks that create disharmony. After that, WhatsApp took some measures regarding the number of forwards and also the forwarded messages are marked. When the people of the country are engaged in spreading hatred and disharmony through various social media platforms, even after being warned, the social media platforms need to be proactive. When people are not much serious to follow the rules they must be debarred in some way so that they do not engage in things that create troubles for the people. Facebook has some posting guidelines and if needed they need to make those guidelines stricter.

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    Unfortunately the Facebook has been created for the families to have their groups and friends to chat and share the bonding with images and videos but that purpose has been defeated and the political leaders are using this famed social media for their personal ends and by giving hate speech on this media they are degrading themselves and also bringing bad name to the Facebook. In fact this wonderful social media can be exploited and explored further by showing the development activities done by the political parties and leaders. Facebook has the long standing relations with India with further more tie up and business interest in India and therefore has the reason to frame strict rules and regulations for those who use the platform for their cunning selfish ends and spoil the very essence of the social media network.
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    True. Social media is available to a large section of the population of India. They use this to advertise their views and opinions here. It is becoming a problem sometimes. False information is getting spread all over the country and that may lead to an unwanted situation in the country. The people who are posting such false information should think of how the post is going to affect other people. But they never do that. They are more interested in spreading rumours and false information. Sometimes they create unnecessary tensions. So I believe that there should be an editing programme on this Facebook also. Otherwise, it is very bad for countries like India. Sensitive issues should not be allowed on these social platforms and also people who are doing illegal activities on the site should be banned from posting on this site. These actions are very active especially on Facebook where the network is high and the news will spread fast.
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    Facebook or any other media to that mater must consider moderating or banning some of the matter that can create hatred and conflict situation between the people. This is the prime duty of these platforms.
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