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    After achieving something, the next challenge is to maintain it

    In today's competitive world people do a lot of hard work and efforts to achieve their goals in their lives. Making a career is definitely a challenging task and though there are various streams and areas where one can excel and succeed but the task is very challenging and requires sustained, focused, and sincere efforts. For some, getting a job is the objective while some want to have a business of their own. In any case my contention is that just getting a job or starting one's business is not the end of the story. The real struggle lies ahead where under the tremendous peer pressure or market forces, one has to make a place for one's work as well as for oneself. That requires a great degree of patience, will to work hard, and ambitious aspirations. So maintaining a position or sustaining the business is the next challenge in our lives. What do you think about it?
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    Yes, it's challenging due to the market forces involved. The rapid changes in technology, we're forced to adapt to these changes. And only those that adapt or develop something new are able to survive up to the challenge. Contribution has become a primal necesseity since this is the era of hyperconsumersim. We've begun consuming more than what we can sustain and this is the leading cause of the global mess we're in today, so instead of pointing fingers at others we need to work together both globally and on an individual level. This will not only create a more sustainable ecosyst for sucess, but also lead to a reduction in cut throat competition that we have today.

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    It is a challenge always. Earning a good name takes a lot of time. But losing that is very easy. A few minutes are sufficient to lose the whole goodwill we gained. We all know that construction is difficult and takes a lot of time. But destroying the same is not time-consuming. It can be done in a few moments
    In the same way, these days in the existing conditions to get a job is very difficult. By trying a lot we may get into a job. But continuing there and progressing is more difficult. You have to be on your toes always. A simple wrong step may lead to the collapse and you may have to start searching for a new job.
    These days people who perform only will shine. This statement is 100% true in Private Jobs. No job guarantee. Even you may not be at fault but if the situation of the company is bad, you may be in the list of persons that are being sent out. So we should always in the cream and the management should think to send you out. That depends on your work only.

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    Sustaining the success is something a great challenge to which many are not habituated. Success is achieved my some but the attempts are made huge. And when the winning situation happens it would be beyond imagination because the success came through so much competition and thus the results were overwhelming and also give the courage to maintain and sustain the situation. But often we find that once we win, there are others who try to grab our position and try to compete further more with zeal and thus sometimes, we may loose the position to others and thus accepting the defeat of the position and that is where the sustaining ability lose and we fell like dejected.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Once being the top performer in your organisation is not enough, you need to maintain the same with your consistent performance. The management always expects your sustained activities and to encourage you in the same direction, the management serves you some sort of financial awards, appreciation letter highlighting your attributes. These are the ways to enhance your motivation.
    There is always room for the management to induct best talented persons since there is no shortage of the best talents in the market. Any slackness from the side of an employee would amount to loss of the job. Hence under the present regime, we should be aware of the employer's psychology and should do accordingly.

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    Consistency or sustenance be it the name, holding on is a difficult task. We may get a lottery once in a while but every day is not a Sunday. Each day should be taken as a new day with a new challenge on the task lists also ensure that it is ticked by the end of the day. The task should be completed in a proper manner with enthusiasm, creativity and interest too.
    Planning is awarded only when it is implemented in a thoughtful manner. It may be a job, a project or even the simplest task of household chores. Achieving success in each step will transform and also gives ways for new thoughts, ideas to be implemented in future.

    Lead the leader

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    Achieving itself is a big thing in our lives. At the same time to sustain and maintain that tempo is also a great challenge as there are innumerable cases where the people could not cope up with their successes and suffered setbacks.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Many times it happens that people achieve their goal just to show themselves to be satisfied but forget that life is not limited to achieving the goal, every new post or new task again brings a new challenge and we have to go ahead by accepting that, we have to learn something new every day, if we get new responsibility every day, then we have to fulfill it. Many times we get new things but it is also necessary to maintain them, in the same way, new relationships are formed in life, but it should not be our goal only to build a relationship, but it is our real victory to maintain that relationship for life.
    Swati Sharma

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