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    Some people are not happy with anything or people in the world

    Some of the qualities or defects of every human being and that become his values ??and gradually influence his thoughts. It is very difficult to change the nature of a person.
    There are some people with a similar nature who are never happy or satisfied with anyone, their job is only to find faults to others and make them annoyed at every little thing.
    It is impossible to count the number of such people. Most of the people get angry with good neighbors, relatives and friends even on small matters. We should ignore this habit of their because they have no control over them, but how long is it right to ignore such people?
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    Why should we worry about somebody else? Let them think whatever they think? They are not judges or we are not going to ask them to certify us. As long as we know that we are honest and we did not do any harm to anybody we need to worry whether the other person is happy with us or not. It is not going to do any difference.
    If the other person is our boss or somebody important we have to see that he will be happy with us. We should always see that the boss is always happy with us. We should see that we will do all things positively.
    Some people always think that they know everything and start judging others. They will try to find fault with others. But they never think others can also find fault with them. They always say that the other person is not efficient. I think we should teach them a lesson by finding faults with them.

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    Happiness is the inner emotion coming out of the heart and for that exact connectivity is needed. If people vent their happiness because they sync with the thought process of others very easily. Some people get adjusted with others in just 10 minutes and they feel that both of them know for many days and years Likewise when things are not working even after many years people get dejected and feel like no belonging. The worst comments come to us would be we are not cooperating or not mincing with others. Finding fault is easy but praising someone is not that easy and for that lots of understanding is needed.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Some people are like that as it is their inherent nature and even after telling them not to do such things they would repeatedly do so. The only thing which we can do to tackle these people is to ignore them.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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