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    Every person in the society should contribute towards stopping food wastage..

    It takes so much hard work, labor and capital to prepare a grain. Hardly and diligently prepared food is thrown away by some people. This is not a good thing. If people continue throwing food like this, they will soon face food crisis like water crisis.
    The food that goes to waste is so much that it can fulfill the food needs of two billion people. The World Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Agricultural Development Fund and the World Food Program have united and launched several projects to prevent worldwide food wastage.
    If we do not understand the importance of food, then in future nature itself will explain it to us. No matter how we belong to any age group, no matter how affluent the family is, we should not waste the food and also other people should be motivated to do so. We all have to bring social consciousness for this only then the waste of food can be stopped.
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    True. Wasting food is a crime. It takes a lot of time to produce food grains. The farmers toil day and night in the fields and they cultivate the lands to grow food grains. But we will not care about that. We feel we can get them by paying money. No, money can't produce grains.
    I think, this COVID19 made so help in this aspect also. No big gatherings where chances of food waste are high. Similarly, there are no restaurants where there will be food wastage. The food will not be wasted much in the houses. Ladies cook food as required and any leftovers there, they will try to eat in the next eating. Otherwise, they will give it to servant maid.
    People should inculcate the habit of using foodstuffs properly. They can consume as much as they want. But they should not throw the food. In our country, there are many people who are starving for food. If we can help them by giving some food to eat, they will be grateful to you always. Awareness among people is increasing. Now some NGOs are coming and collecting excess food available and distributing the same to needy. That is a good service and people should call them and give them if there is excess food with them.

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    I read in some books that in some countries the hoteliers charges extra for the items they wasted. I went to a hotel with my brother's daughter and bought fried rice for her. But she was unable to eat whole plate, so I asked the server to just pack the balance and agreed for packing charges. The server appreciated my not wasting the food, waived the packing charges.
    I am seeing in hotels many people left more items in the plate either style or otherwise. It is good if the hoteliers charge the visitors for their wasting quantity.

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    Today one of my relatives marriage was successfully done with limited guests and glad to inform you that the three day celebrations went well and no wastage of food has been seen as the cook was very particular about the count and cooked the food as per the available guests and thus not a single plate of Food gone waste. One thing is sure I have seen the old city marriages in which the late night dinner would be attraction with lots of non vegetarian food and the food is served through buffet system subjected to six seats in a table and I had invariably seen that small children take lots of food in their plate and eat little, therefore wasting the food beyond imagination and all these are happening before the eyes of the host. I am also totally against the culture of wasting food as fashion,.
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    In our culture and tradition food is compared with God. It is said that - 'Anna Parmatma' which means that food is like God and we must respect it. There are many backward places in the world where people do not have food to eat and they are surviving on wild flora and fauna. At the same time we are wasting food left and right during ceremonies and functions. It is estimated that a large amount of food and associated items is wasted in the world which is sufficient to feed the hungry in some parts of the globe. It is the duty of all the citizens to avoid wasting food and also inculcate same feelings in the mind of the children.
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    Whenever we were out to attend any function, we would get an opportunity to eat in the plantain leaf which is a common mode. Our elders would suggest us to keep the leaf as empty as it was before the food was served. Hence it is most important that youngsters understand the nutritional value of the food that is put into their plates so that they would finish it rather than waste it.
    Usually, functions are a place where we can notice huge wastage of food. The leftover food is anyway taken by the cleaning people or given to orphanages by a few people but the half-emptied plates with food, sometimes just go to mud.

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    Very true, I agree with the author's view. Food has been considered as God in our culture. We must prevent it from wastage. Food is a basic need of life. It should be protected at any cost. If today we save only then we would be able to get in future. I have noticed in some family definitely people waste food either in style or fashion. But, everybody needs to understand that millions of people die of hunger in the world. Millions of people daily sleep empty stomach in our country. Many children are malnourished because of the scarcity of food. Nowadays, food wastage is seen less due to COVID 19. All hotels are either closed or parcel system. So, there is very less chance to be food wastage. No party, no get together favoured in stopping food wastage. Mostly children waste their food at the time of eating. Since childhood, we should make them understand the importance of food.

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    Agree. The food we waste might be 50 percent of the items we cook. It could be more than this. This can be easily understood from our own homes. We should avoid cooking extra food. Cook only that you require for eating. Serve only what is required. Serve more only if demanded. Don't buy more food from hotel than your requirement.

    Thiruvalluvar, a Tamilzh poet never wasted a morsel while eating. He had ordered his wife Vasuki to keep a glass of water and a pin before he starts eating. This was to pick up the fallen morsel with the pin and wash it from the water kept in the glass and eat it. But he never dropped a morsel in his life, and the water and pin were never used in his life. The secret of keeping the water and pin was not known to his wife. Vasuki came to know this while
    Thiruvalluvar was taking his last breath. At that time Vasuki asked the reason for keeping the water and pin. Valluvar explained this to Vasuki.

    If we all can follow Thiruvalluvar and Vasuki, there won't be any food shortage in the world.

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    The author has raised a very sensible issue regarding the wastage of foods in the hotels. Customers are of the opinions that they are paying price of such foods more than justified. Hence this is not the issue to be thought over. If we could think in other way that the food not wasted in this way could have been channelised for the consumption of such children facing starvation on the streets. With our changing concept, a lot of help could be provided to the needy ones.

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