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    Motivation to get the work done is Love

    Through love and smooth words a work can get done without any hindrance.
    A Story written by Blaise Pascal, French Mathematician cum philosopher.
    A farmer have a horse in his house located in the outskirts of a village. One day a traveler came to see him. The farmer offered tea for him but the traveler told that he heard from people that he possess a horse. The farmer agreed and asked his requirement. The traveler told that his car got held in a pit and he asked the help of farmer and his horse to take out the car. The farmer agreed and take some long rope and his horse. Both went to the place and the farmer as to take car out without any scratch and also without any wound to the horse. He carefully tied the horse and the car with the rope. The farmer kept silent for a while and then make a sound as, 'Casey, pull out please'. The horse silently stood without any move. Then the farmer told, 'Bailey, pull out please'.
    The horse silently stood without any move. Then the farmer told, Mandy, pull out please'.The horse silently stood without any move. Then the farmer told, 'Buddy, you also put your strength and pull out please'. The horse pull the car out without any damage for both car and horse. Felt happy the traveler conveyed his thanks and asked with puzzle, 'why you have called your horse in three names as only one horse here?' The farmer replied,' No,sir, my horse has no eyesight. I told the other names in his ears as to believe the work it is doing with others and effort of this horse is more and it believed that it have faith on his strength.' By telling this story the philosopher conveyed we need not spend a single amount to offer a lovely words as it gains us more and more. A successful person who is not identifying others for failure and identifying himself for all success.
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    When we have a love for others when they expect us to do something we do it very happily. When somebody motivates us we will deliver a greater output. That is why many leaders love their team members and motivate them to perform better which will result in success to the team. When you ask somebody pleasantly to carry out the work they will get attracted to your talking and they may help you. If we try to boss over and demand many people may not come forward to help us.
    Another aspect in the above story is the concept of teamwork. When we are in a team we may try to show our capacity to others and see that other team members will recognise our potential. So the output will be better in a team. So the horse has confidence in its master and thought that there are some other horses also and put more energy to pull the horse.

    always confident

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    A different perspective of the correlation between work, love and motivation is also elaborated in the book I had recently read. The book title is "Work Is Love Made Visible: Translating an enlightened vision into action". This ultimate spiritual book by the great spiritualist author OSHO is also available on Amazon.

    The concept mentioned in this book is very similar to the concept mentioned in this thread. When you consider any work very important for you, it is certain that you do it with utmost love and attention.

    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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    If someone does the work on his or her own, it is called the responsibility towards the commitment and work. And if the work is being channelized and and routed through the professional way of training is something connected to work is worship and that is created from the love to do a particular work.And those who are habituated to the certain work which is regular and already got the expertise over it, naturally the love and affection towards the work would be more rewarding and in this regard I would appreciate the teachers who are paid less but their dedication towards work is immense and that comes of love.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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