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    Change is inevitable.

    The things will never be stationary in this world. They will be changing and change is inevitable. Whether you like it or not, the change will take place. The change may be good for you or it may be bad for you but you can't stop the change. We should accept the change and we should plan for the change.
    Today a seed, tomorrow it will be a plant and then it is a tree. This is a natural process. So when we seed we should think that it will become a tree after some time and we should plan for it.
    Some changes will make us strong and some may encourage us. We will be happy. But some times the changes may make us weak and discourage also. We should not be panic and we should plan for it.
    When it is invertible why we shouldn't welcome it?
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    Change is a constant process. It continues to transform different aspects of life. Changes bring peace but at the time changes may bring a difficult phase of life. Life has many stages, every stage of life brings change and instils with varied experiences and this is not static but a continuous process. Just as a seed grows into a plant and then to a tree is an example of a huge change and transformation similarly a baby grows into young boy than to an older one, again a terrific example of stages of a person that brings change over. Change some times becomes indispensable for achieving success and tranquillity!

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    We plan our life with a monotonous work motion. Change can make changes in motion and lead to a tremendous amount of difficult situations in our lives. When we are in a path blindfolded our life just flows but whenever changes occur it depletes to another path which is difficult to accommodate outsekves. The commitments hinder us and finding a new way is just not so easy with our minimal resources.
    Lead the leader

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    Change is an error correcting fundamental process linked to the very basics of experience and existence. Without change our life looses it's existential value. Change is important as it allows us to experience new things in life.

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    Change over time is the law of nature. Only by accepting change, we can overcome our despair and can make our life happy by walking with time. Development takes place only through change. With change, new things become unrefined. New principles and rules come. New dimensions of progress are established only by change. . Adopting timely change is the key to success. It is important to understand the most important time in this process. It is possible that while facing change, we have anger, anxiety and problems, but we should not be afraid. Many examples are always available for human beings through nature, we should learn from them.
    Swati Sharma

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    It is an interesting thought that changes would be there and we should accept them. That is very correct but when changes affect us adversely and dampen our progress and other things then how to accept them just like that. It is difficult to do that.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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