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    Winners also have a responsibility

    Winning or losing is a part of the game. Though life is not a game and there are no winners or losers, in many aspects you will find people moving ahead of others. For the sake of argument, let's use the term winner for those who are moving far ahead from others in many aspects. This may be in terms of education, career or aspirations and people who move far ahead from their peers begin to think that they are destined to reach their position because of their hard work and perseverance. There is no denying in that and for this reason, they are widely appreciated. But they also have a responsibility towards their peers who remain far behind. They can help in many ways to lift their peers up. Even a bit of appreciation and recognition for their peers who are far behind can work as a booster for them. If they share their experiences of their journey with their friends and peers and motivate them to move in a particular direction, I am sure those peers will not stay far behind. For example, you will find many students who hold a rank in class remain busy with their own activities only. They hardly talk to those who do not score well and find various ways to move ahead of others as if they are only destined to move ahead. The adulation they get from others works as motivation and they hardly look back to see what others are doing. Their only concern remains to move ahead as if they are running a race. This attitude develops from childhood and becomes stronger with age. This can make a person think that life is all about success and moving ahead and those who remain behind have no place in this world.
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    Nicely said by the author. A winner may be thinking that he has achieved the great success and that is very personal to him or her but in broader sense the winning situation also gives them more responsibility and further commitments to the thought process. For example if a new employee performs extremely well in the first week of his joining itself, that means he has created a niche for himself and that standard and surge should be maintained. If any day he performs less would be treated as remark for him. Even in this site when we acquire the platinum level position in the ranking it must be retained with regular and daily performance so that the total score would not come down otherwise the ranking gets demoted and the member goes to diamond level. So the performance should be consistent even after winning situation.
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    That's true , It is right for both to live. If you are not successful yourself, then how can you succeed friends. A strong person can support others. If people will not win for themselves then how will they be able to win for others, so first of all Strengthen and advance your life in terms of philanthropy. Helping others also enhances social prestige and gives you social strength. If you will not help others and live alone at a time when you need people and no one comes forward to help you, then for both of them, first become successful and then make others successful. The winner learns many lessons of life after achieving his victory and he will share all those lessons with the people of his society who are yet to win, by doing so the person will progress not only alone but the whole society .
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    The winner in a competition will have his eye on winning a prize only. He never thinks who is there behind him etc. His focus will be winning only. He will focus on his goal and he will achieve it. If he starts looking for others in the race he may not be able to win.
    But in the real-life when we are progressing we can see that the other people are also doing a good job and definitely we can help them to come up in their life. A manager will see that his people are all able to work properly and guide them so they will also come up.
    These days students are having a habit of combined studies. In this mode, a student who captures the subject fast will help other group members so that they will also come up with good % of marks. Students who stay in the hostel will also have a combined studies concept. This a good way for the people to pick up some good points from others in the group and they can use them .

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    This is a competitive world and winner has to look forward only otherwise he would not remain a winner. At the same time it is also correct to say that winner has to be kind and helping to the humanity and should not be too selfish for his things only.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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