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    How to do self assessment?

    In the process of acquiring knowledge, some people become too much confident after acquiring a little of that and start thinking that they know so much. This is a big misunderstanding and creates confusions and results in wrong self assessment. As the scholars have well said that knowledge is like an ocean and we can take may be a few drops from it, so, what is the way to assess our knowledge level?

    First thing which I understand in this context is that due to our upbringing and the environment and culture in which we have grown up we get certain things embedded in us and cannot ignore them however illogical or irrational they might be. Of course a greater part of that might be full of sense and wisdom also. This is in fact known as cultural heritage that we have involuntarily acquired. Apart from that we learn many things in schools and colleges and then experience them in our lives. So, one way to compare is to compare it with the peer group and that would give a fairly good idea of where we stand. But then if the whole peer group might be standing at the mediocre level then one would feel happy even being a mediocre. So, many experts suggest that for self assessment we must look to people having better performance and efficiencies that we have got so that a motivational element is available there for us to work hard to climb the ladder further. What is the view of members on this?
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    How to do self assessment? The answer is quite simple, be your own critic. Yes some may not like what I am saying, but being our own critic would give us the best chance to improve upon the previous achievement. Why should we correct ourselves on the observation and advise of others, instead review our own performance minutely and spot the flaws and setbacks and take note of it and then improve upon. During everyday when you are about to sleep, get into the thought process of the day and evaluate what was your great role for the day, how the people appreciated you and how they chided you. Who has become more selective and appreciated you and why was wholesome criticism. All these factors would make us self determine and surge ahead than the previous wining performances which were liked and appreciated by others.
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    This thread from the author reminds me of the time when I was an employee at a multinational company in Gurgaon, and there every year employees have to go through a process of self-assessment before appraisal. In this process, the employee has to tell about the achievements related to the targets set for the previous year as well as his new plans for the coming year. According to me, when we assess ourselves, it becomes very important to find fault in ourselves and accepting our mistakes and then motivate ourselves to overcome those shortcomings which we found in ourselves. It is also important to include the good work and achievements done by us because they inspire us that we are capable of doing even better.
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    Self-assessment is very important for our growth. We should know where we stand in our area of work. Once we know our position, we can find our areas where we have to improve and try those areas. It is always better to have a benchmark and we can try to achieve that benchmark. We can't say I am good or I am bad. We have to compare against a standard. That is what we call it as the benchmark. When we assess ourselves we will get a correct picture of our present position and then we can plan the actions to reach the identified level.
    Many organisation will have a system of yearly assessment of its employees. In this, we will have two separate assessments. One is the self-assessment and the other is the immediate superior's assessment. Here we have to mention our achievement during that year. The employees will have their KRAs at the beginning of the year. In the year-end assessment what is the percentage achieved in KRAs will be the most important aspect.

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    Self assessment is essential to know where we stand. The process may not be correct if we make comparisons of our potentials with that of peers. In that way, we may have the false notion of our achievements. The peers are no better than myself. Hence, to know where I stand in terms of knowledge and wisdom in the given subject, we should go through the contributions of eminent scholars and see how far I will be rated with my own contributions. While taking such a yardstick, in different areas of our knowledge, we can see a lot of changes in our attitudes and gradually there could be tremendous improvement. Improvement is a continuous process but that needs some benchmark to be followed all the times to see where we lie in terms of our achievements.

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    For making a realistic self assessment we should be honest in our approach and do our analysis that is considering our strengths and weaknesses in an objective form. If we do that we can find our worth.
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