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    Public property should be maintained by the public.

    The hope of the public is always to get clean and good roads, continuous electricity-water, better hospitals and schools from the government. The government tries to fulfill these aspirations as far as possible within the limited resources and we also have to wait long to get these facilities.
    In such a situation, it is necessary that people should always be aware and endeavoring to properly use and maintain these facilities. But this does not happen, most of the public have lost their public property.
    Given the manner in which people have become a careless and selfish mentality towards public places and services, fear of law has become necessary. Of course, if not right from the mind, at least fear of punishment will lead to some good results.
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    Good suggestion from the author. The thought of belonging to public properties should emanate from the heart and one should not be advised to protect the public properties. We have no right to deface or write something on the monuments and structures of national importance as when we are not created them, we have no right to deface or destroy them. In Hyderabad the pan eating public has the bad manners of spitting on the walls and that includes even at the famed Charminar. Though warnings and boards are kept to keep the area clean , even the police station which is situated at the area does not take action against those who spit in public places. Now that the rainy season is going on the rain water would stagnate at many places and thus gives the chance of spreading corona virus through spitting.
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    Public property should not be spoiled by the public. This is what I feel. The maintenance may be organised by the government. But we have to see that the public will not spoil it. Many time the public property is spoiled by the public during agitations. TRC buses are our property only but during strikes and hartals the agitated people will burn them off.
    The government departments will be responsible for creating the facilities and maintaining them. But the politicians and the officers concerned who are corrupt are taking bribes and the contractors are not doing a quality job. That is why the public properties like roads, bus shelters and other works will be requiring many repairs many times and nobody will be attending those works in time and they become big repairs and again a lot of money is to be spent. If this maintenance is to be done by the public where funds will come?

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    Public property is for the convenience of the public. It should be protected. Its safety depends on your hand either keep safe or spoil it. Govt should spread awareness among people about the safety of the public property. Oftentimes, I have seen people damaging to public property. People are seen throwing garbage on the road instead of the dustbin. They are spitting on the road. Moreover, they never care about the public park. They are seen damaging by hooligans in many places. So, it is our responsibility to be protected at any cost.

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    It is a good thought. It requires a good governance associated with severe punishment to the defaulters. People are very indisciplined and very stubborn to change their ways. They are to be given some lessons.
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    Public properties are the assets which add value to the place. It brings fame and people recognise that place quickly than other places. If there is public property in your locality, feel proud of where you live. Give more information and knowledge about many such monuments in other places which are well maintained. This will develop a positive approach by its citizens and cannot be damaged by the visitors too.
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