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    How much impact does our companies have on our lives ?

    Often people say that by staying in good company, you will become a good person and you will learn bad things in a bad company. Does this really happen?
    I have seen many children who do a lot of miscreants but they also come first in studies, then in which category they will be counted as good company or bad company.
    Many times a person reaches high positions by studying and writing, but due to lack of rites, the person goes because of not getting proper company. If you want to follow good conduct, then a person can do so much that can make his life meaningful, but by not following good behavior, he eventually becomes hollow.
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    A school going kid will be doing some mischiefs but based on that we can't decide whether the kid is good or bad. Those times only the parents should take more care and start telling them what they should do and what they should not. If we tell them straight they may not understand the issues properly. So we have to take some time and sit with them and teach tell them some moral stories so that they will understand the importance of good deeds.
    But when they go to college and when they stay in hostels etc., they may get disturbed by other friends and they may learn bad practices. So we should make them strong with good thoughts so that they will never get attracted to bad habits.
    Even intelligent students who were good in studies may get spoiled if the parents won't watch them and don't guide them properly. So the role of parents is the key here.

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    The company we keep impacts our behaviour in many ways. Though good and bad is relative, in the case of companions, a good company signifies an association with people whose behaviour is within the acceptable limits and a bad company signifies just the opposite. Children make mischief, often because they imitate their peers or they do it playfully and this has nothing to do with studies or scoring marks. If certain mischievous behavior continues in adulthood it can adversely affect the person and those conducts may be termed as inappropriate according to the age of a person. Behaving in an unacceptable way or bad mannerisms comes from practicing those things on a regular basis. The same is applicable for behaving in a polite way and good mannerism. They also develop through practice. The company you keep can influence this practice. The more you will be associated with your company, the more will be the practice of certain behaviour which is either acceptable or unacceptable. So, it has some impact on our lives.

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    There is a saying in Tamil that if you want to know the character of a person, please name your friends. That means we always move and behave with those who have equal understanding ability and also that describes our stature and position in the society. So, we must keep good company of people who are well versed in all aspects and that knowledge transfer would be great and sustaining. What I further state that we must make friendship with those who are elder to us and that gives us more leverage to learn much things and we may also take pride of having moved with the great persons of the society.
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    A person is known by the company one keeps. Company has a tremendous effect on us and it can make or ruin one's life. Many good students have been ruined by the bad company and failed miserably in their lives.
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    This is like judging a book by its cover ("… by staying in good company, you will become a good person and you will learn bad things in a bad company…"). I understand it is generally acceptable, but it is not true. It should be changed to stating having a strong mind or solid convictions about right/wrong things would enable a person to rise above the low-level characters of the company he keeps.

    Leadership training can be found in such situations, where one refuses to go with the negative crowd and is able to influence them towards positive change. Instead of telling children to avoid bad company as such, and telling them to stay with good company, it produces 'followers' who generally will not do anything to start new things or take initiative, and most of the time wait for someone else to start whatever.

    Children who developed positive character can be trusted to deal with the situations they face in their daily school or play areas. Having good communication channels with children helps very well to overcome wrong things and establish the right attitudes amongst the children's company. That's why there is usually school pupil leader selected as a role model to others in the whole school and especially amongst his peers.

    Another scenario: in an car accident for example, most people will stand there shocked and doing nothing. When one person who recovers quickly takes the initiative to do something, then most people follow his instructions like "Call an ambulance", "pull the injured out before car explodes", etc.

    Jesus had a lot of 'bad' company but he did well to change some into the opposite, and he himself didn't get corrupted by the bad company. Social workers who reach out to drug addicts or prisoners are not going there to join them in wrongdoing but to change them into positive, productive citizens. We can also do what we can do reverse the negative trend in the company we keep by being strong minded; impact and not be impacted and ignore the weak-minded society statements.

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