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    Did you count the stars by looking at the sky in your childhood?

    Have you tried to count the stars in your childhood, have you ever thought of doing so, apart from that, have you tried to hold the falling water in your hands and tie it fist, every time the water fell from the fist?There are many such incidents of childhood, which probably every child, whether of any religion, of any country or knows any language, believes in any culture, whether boy or girl, but some such things is what we all think and do in our childhood. Perhaps God sends all of us into the world with the same thinking that is changed with time and values we got from family and society, but when thinking in childhood, we put our feelings first, perhaps that is why all children are of similar thinking.
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    Yep, yep me do all that and more. I used to try to get ants to talk to me by feeding them sugar cubes, and then follow the entire colony to a small nook in the corner of the wall where there was a crack. They used to disappear in there. I used to search for patterns in stars sometimes making up a reindeer, sometimes a clown sometimes the face of a giant or an ogre. I used to watch the bubbles forming in pools. Often thought that our world and our planet was like those bubbles. They keep plopping out and in. Water seems to teach us a lot about life. It's a good teacher albeit a bit silent in terms of language if you mean it that way. Yep since we all share the same source we might have an innate conditioning of sorts as kids. But thst changes as we grow according to the society and the people we live with.

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    I never counted the stars but wondered the clouds formed in many shapes of animals. In my childhood, my father used to show me the pole star (Vidi Velli in Tamizh) that we can see early in the morning.

    At this juncture, I remember a filmy dialogue "Asmaan me Tare kithne hain?" (This is a code used for challenging an unknown for authentication of identity). The reply code was "Tare sab apne hain". I really enjoyed this star dialogue.

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    Yes. The author is very right. God will send all of us and give us the same resources. But how we utilise them and how we upkeep them is in our hands. How we use our intelligence is in our hands. Here only the difference comes. Some will try to utilise them properly and some may misuse them.
    We enjoyed our childhood very happily. My grandfather used to show us the stars in the sky and used to tell their names also. We used to spend in the open area in the nights for some time and used to observe the stars and moon in the sky. As mentioned by the author we used to try to count the stars in the sky and we used to hold water in the hand when it is raining. When it was raining heavily we used to make paper boats and level them in the water where the stagnation is there.
    These issues very common and many children will do these acts during their childhood. But slowly the attitude changes as they grow.

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    During our childhood we used to sleep on the roof top of the house and during the night when we see the sky it would full of dark and light stars. Some times we would attempt to count the same. but invariably miss the count as some stars start moving like rocket with speed. Except the Saptharishi Mandalam of seven stars which are nearby to each other can be counted easily and evening star being bright can be counted upon but there are innumerable stars which cannot be counted. But the real enjoyment of watching the stars would be standing on the big hill nose point and see the blanket of stars which would be seen like kissing us at our face and even looks very brighter. Sometimes I use to wonder as why so many stars of big , small , bright and lesser bright were seen and what are purpose and use of the stars.
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    Most of us were doing that. The mind of a child is very inquisitive and searching for the mysterious things in the nature. A child would like to grab the moon in his hand by just extending his hand towards it and prepending as if it has come inside his fist. This is the inherent nature of most of the children and that is which make them to learn the nature and surroundings around them. A child learns from the nature much more than what it learns from the school books. Then this remains a continuous process throughout one's life.
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    Sometimes we had seen the stars in the sky but we just saw it because it had so many fabulous patterns there. We were told that once in a while you might see a shooting star which is actually a comet moving around sun or some meteorite falling on Earth. We were told some names of the prominent stars which were actually not stars but were the planets of our own solar system and then we were also told that these planets change places in the sky while other stars are almost fixed in their pattern. So, yes, we saw them and counted also and kept that in our memory.
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    Yes indeed, children are all alike. They just get moulded as per their upbringing but the perception during childhood is same for almost every child so they feel everything the same way.

    We ourselves have gone through such experience and they are as vivid today as they were during childhood days. Although a lot if things have changed and I know my next generation won't be able to feel or experience all the things I have experienced. But nature never differentiates, it's us who have created boundaries.

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