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    Importance of E-vehicles in post- pandemic era and it's benefits

    Hello members, do you think the government's move to create and develop more e-vehicles especially for the urban areas of our country is good. I certainly believe it's beneficial in curbing pollution. But e-vehicles are generally not as fast as disel or petrol based vehicles. Do you think more development like solar-powered hybrid could lead to e-vehicles becoming a nainstream in our society. Also I've seen they're quite light as compared to their diesel/petrol based counterparts.
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    Electric vehicles are the answer to vehicle pollution control. The main hitch is in providing a suitable battery which will give you sufficient milage. Another need is battery charging centres or battery replacement centres. How we have fuel stations for petrol and diesel, in the same there should be charged batteries supplier by taking our battery so that the vehicle can continue its journey. Many two-wheelers are coming on to the road in cities for short distance travels. They charge the battery in the evening and next they used it. Once it is charged they can travel up to 70Kms.
    Now some buses are also introduced in some cities. The usage might have increased by this time. But COVID 19 there is no much progress. But slowly there may be more buses and that is need for controlling the pollution. Solar power as an alternative to these batteries is also a good concept and some work is going in this direction also, I heard.

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    Success of E vechiles would depend upon two factors the first being reduction of time in the process of charging and the distance covered in each charging should be at least 100 km. In both the parameters, we have to improve a lot. In terms of fuel refilling in our vechiles, we can see its outlets at different places while passing through the routs. Hence we have the dominance of such types of vechiles. This, too, should be applicable in E vechiles with the provision of charging stations where it can be conveniently charged to the required level, once the charge has dropped to threshold level. So, we have to go a long way in the fulfilment of these parameters.
    Solar power in running the bikes and scooty may be the answer but it requires further research to improve its mechanism. There has not been much breakthrough in that direction and it may take still more time to make this programme successful.

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    What I feel that the E vehicle concept is not yet taken the hype as expected when the fuel rates touched very high in the recent past. At one point of time there was talk that India going to stop import of crude oil and therefore the future holds good for only E vehicles. but the companies which were manufacturing the battery vehicles could not give the guarantee of long haul batteries and also cannot assure the guarantee of repairing such vehicles if break down happens in the middle of the journey. Moreover the cost of Lithium spare battery is high and hence the cost of the vehicle and spare battery would touch nearly one lakh and as said by the author there is no speed no two persons can travel at a time as pillion rider. Therefore further research has to be done to create reliable E vehicles in future so that dependent on fuel is not necessitated.
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