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    Suggestions on writing a perfect article with no error.

    Hello members, please update in this thread tips and ways to write a perfect article. That will end up being accepted by the admins. Please do so for the sake of newcomers. Old tips are very confusing sometimes especially html tags and stuff. Also put up some useful links for newcomers to study html basics. This would help them greatly. Generally what topics are usually more read worthy than others.
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    Hello Ryyu,

    You can read the articles: Good artickes writing tips and Article section posting guidelines. These articles will definitely help you.
    Further, check spellings, grammar and punctuation error carefully before submitting. You can take help of grammerly tool. Give internal links and one external link ( if required).
    Please submit articles without any hesitation as if there will be some errors or any issue, reviewing editor will communicate to you.

    Best of luck.

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    There is no substitute for hard work and this applies in article writing also. The first tip is that do not submit your article unless you have checked it thoroughly preferably by using Grammarly. Another thing is this being an educational site, the topic should be broadly in that category. The length of the article should be, though it is not mandatory, about 700 to 1200 words (ISC requirement is at least 500 words). Lengthy but full of content articles like 1200 to 2000 words are also welcome.

    There is very valuable data and information regarding HTML in ISC itself and some links are -
    Link 1
    Link 2
    Link 3
    Link 4
    Link 5

    Next thing is as per my experience the editors in ISC go through the articles very meticulously and if mistakes are there then it is kept pending for rectification from the author's side. We should take it in positive way as it is for our own benefit to take up those things seriously and as a challenge that next time my article gets published without any pending status. Hope these tips help the newcomers.

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    First, you have to decide on the subject on which you want to write an article. Note down the important points you want to mention in that article. If necessary read some literature and make sure that you have the correct idea about the topic you have selected.
    You go through the link provided below which gives you some idea about posting guidelines in ISC. Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines. In this link, you will find information and answers to your doubts.
    Please check your English. Check your grammar and spellings twice or thrice. Don't completely depend on Grammarly alone. See punctuation and correct usage of articles in required places. Before submitting finally, read the whole article twice and see if there are any corrections to be made.

    always confident

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    What I feel that when a topic or matter decided to write a article, give a suitable heading first and that would take care of half success of your article. Then write a short summary of what is intention of the article going to be presented and why it is important. Then write the content with side headings if possible but maintain paragraph when you want to say the matter in detail. Also attach if images are to be appended at the respective place and then finish the article with your own conclusion. Thus a good article can be be made with suggestions made by other members and try to upload a good resource.
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    Writing articles is a great skills. It requires presenting the data in a structured format without any apparent mistakes and errors. The irony is when we write an article on some topic then there are already thousands of articles available in the internet on the same topic and a reader or surfer would see our article from that bench mark. So the responsibility of the writer becomes manifold when he is writing a new article.
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