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    Who is the best and suitable leader to lead the Congress party ?

    There is a vacancy in Congress party. Congress Party is struggling to have a head to lead the party. The leaders from Gandhi Family is not interested in leading the party anymore as they are not capable of managing the party anymore. Mr Rahul resigned, and Sonia had a tenure of one year as interim party president. The Gandhi family has opted out and want a non-Gandhi family member to lead the Congress party in India.

    According to you, who is the able, efficient, capable and likeable Congress leaders to lead the Congress party?
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    Today the way in which CWC meeting prospered I thought there may be a split in Congress again. Some supporting Gandhi family and the others supporting a non-Gandhi family member. But no names came in the discussion. Between Kapil Sibal and Rahul Gandhi(RG) regarding the letter written by some senior members of the party. RG said that they are colluding with BJP. Finally, the meeting decided that Sonai will continue as the chief for another six months. Ghulam Nabi Azad and Kapil Sibal are the well-known personalities in the group who are supporting a chief from other than Gandhi family. Renuka Chowdary from Telangana is also there in the rebel candidates. There is almost six months time to select a new candidate and many things may happen in these six months. I feel anyone among the above three names namely Ghulam Nabi Azad, Kapil Sibal and Renuka Chowdary may have better chances. As a strategy, Sonia Gandhi may propose the name of Manmohan Singh who is very obedient to her. So he may also have a chance. Anyhow let us wait for another six months.
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    There is no leader in the Congress Party following the Gandhian principles outside the Gandhi Family. The Gandhi of India is different than the Gandhi family. As of now, there is no Congress leader following the Gandhian principle and ideology. There is no able Congress leader who can lead the party in the right direction and gain the confidence of the public, especially the people loving Congress Party. Gandhi's family after Rajiv Gandhi proved corrupt by their deals and deeds. Once good Congress is not good anymore due to corrupt practices. It is very difficult for the Congress Party to do damage control act now. Amma Gandhi is not an able leader but a parrot to repeat. Young Gandhis are immature to hold high positions. Mr. Manmohan Singh is too old to hold Congress. Yet he will be a doll and will be very faithful to be under the orders of SG & RG. We don't need a leader like MMS. We want a Congress leader who can act on his own without any prompting from the Gs.

    Let us wait for another six months to see a new leader or the same leaders.

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    I think a big drama is being enacted in the Congress to incite dissent voice and then say everything in order. This is 125 and more year old party and the Gandhi family is the legal heir to this family party as there is no chance for others to get in occupy the party post or in future the PM post. If at all Narasimha Rao , Manmohan Singh were made PM because there was a vacuum of leadership during that time and the actual control was withing the Congress high command and every action was taken after green signal from the Congress high command. And now the war within Congress is between Sonia loyalists and Rahul loyalists has come to the fore. Congress would not give away the issue that easily to be enjoyed by other personal than their family. Therefore I feel Rahul Gandhi will be once again asked to accept the post.
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    There is a big dilemma in this party for leadership. As per history it was to be a strong person from the family itself or someone which they nominate to keep on front. Unfortunately today there is a big bankruptcy for them in finding a strong leader for congress.
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    What I feel that the High Command wants to figure out who are the insiders who are creating problem to the party and the same time be with the party. By raising the letter of discontent by 23 prominent leaders of the party who suggested heading of party by non Gandhi family leader. This has irked the party high command and quickly reconciled to accept and continue as the President of the party and Sonia Gandhi has even warned that no one has been authorized to degrade the party high command in future., So there would be rejig of party leaders soon as the maligning attitude of some leaders has been exposed and what is surprising is that some senior leaders are also involved to defame the party and thus Congress wants to cleanse the party with new enthusiasm and zeal to take on BJP.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Leader of this party can only be a person who is willing to submit to the commands of a single lady. Although all the ups and downs that are happening right now is just a gimmick and very soon all the leaders of Congress party will come out in support of RaGa only and will give a statement that all leaders have unanimously chosen RaGa over all other alternatives.

    A party run by family lineage or a company/business run by family is no better. Anyone working in a family business has no say even if he is right, the only decision matters is of the owner or his relatives who control the company. Same goes to this party, if anyone who tries speak his mind will be shown the door. How can we forget Sanjay Jha who the party spokesperson and he was thrown out for praising the steps taken in national interest.

    Voters are not fools and can clearly see what is happening unless he has his own interest in the party. Change is difficult and for the party which has neve changed in over 100 years, expecting a change by changing the leader who will work under supervision of single person is of no use.

    Rahul will be chosen again under the Law of Inheritance and all the discussions will be over. It's not even worth waiting what will happen.

    Live before you leave.

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