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    Which is your favourite section in ISC?

    There are so many members active in ISC and there are so many sections in it where we can choose among them as per our interest and liking. I have seen that some members are very much busy in article writings while some are only working in the job section. At the same time some are more active in contests only. In my case I like the forum, contests, and Ask Experts in that sequence of liking. So, my favourite is forum section only. Sometimes I go for information update also related to schools and colleges but that is not very common. Members may like to share which is their favourite section in ISC.
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    When I joined ISC
    Everything was easy,
    Was very active in forums
    Liked Ask Expert & Resource.

    Spent day and night to write
    Stories and Articles right
    Asked many questions
    Posted many answers.

    Fed up of writing long articles
    Asking questions and posting answers
    Left it completely and forgotten
    Concentrated more in the Forums

    Now I am an active forum member
    Enjoying life with fun and joy at ISC
    Forum needs no much preparation
    Keep writing without botheration.

    No life without Sun

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    I love to attend the section which I feel is most complicated for me but unable to understand the crux. That is the jobs section.
    All the sections in this site are interesting and add value to knowledge. Earlier we had the mentors to support us, now we are sometimes like orphans who cannot understand who the editor is, not their description to take direct instructions to clear the pending tasks.

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    My favourite section is Ask Experts followed by of course Forum. I have interest in some other activities also and I am taking part in contests regularly. I am going through the articles in ISC and commenting on time to time adding my views there. Though not much but I am trying my bit in the information updates also. ISC has now focussed itself in the educational area much and in light of that I have to work more in the article section by submitting education related articles. I am looking forward to contribute in the new section that is 'Institutes' also.
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    For me the forum section is more dear and I have lots of attachment with this section and that is why out of total forum responses of 708377 I have contributed 57160 replies or responses so far and out of total 172317 forum posts so far my contribution was 8490 so far. It takes pride and enjoyment for me to respond to as many posts I can and it was difficult during my earlier time of joining but over these 11 years of association with this site, I feel easy and get going to respond to any type of questions posed here and feel like learned more and daily in the learning experience through the new threads posted by the members.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    My first choice is the Forum section. We will have the chance of discussing a variety of issues and subjects. We will understand various points from the postings of various members. Sometimes when we read the posts we feel that we are getting new information and knowledge. Sometimes we feel that the discussion is not going in the right direction. But people who want to have variety and varied opinions on the subject will like this forum section very much. In Telugu, a poet said that anything and everything is acceptable for writing poetry. A poet can write poetry on Soaps, dogs. also. In the same way, any subject can be taken up here but we should not repeat the same subject again and again.
    The next section I like is the AE section. Variety of questions will be there and by reading the answers we will get good knowledge about the subject.
    For me, these two are the favourites.

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    I like every section of ISC, yet the forum section is my most favorite because here I have been able to share my views on the surface of all the knowledgeable people and their views and views. Much has been learned from the section on how despite living in different states, even after following different cultures, most people go through the same circumstances and in some cases have the same thinking. Apart from this, I also like the Ask Expert section because it seems that I would have been able to help someone a little with my knowledge here, It seems that whatever I have learned does not go in vain. The article section is also very helpful in strengthening my writing skills. For me ISC Overall is a very big and helpful platform.
    Swati Sharma

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    Of course, forum section is the area where we can share varied issues and the response entered against that issue enhances our knowledge. Moreover, responses are of varied types appearing in the forum plateform. While writing something on this section, you need not prepare anything other than the the flow of emotions coming one by one while responding this section. Moreover, we have the opportunities of witnessing a lot of members in this forum providing us different informations for a given issue and in that way, we are hugely benifited. The other section which is equally informative and knowledge sharing is the Ask Expert Section. This section carries useful tips in the different issues and the same can be implemented in case such a situation crops up.

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    I guess my fav would be forum and ask experts. I have'nt tried other sections much yet. But will be trying the article section and posting jobs/training centre soon. The reason to hanging out more on the above mentioned section is, that you can ask all types of questions with greater emphasis on current events. Allowing greater creativity. An utmost important principle for running any blog or website sucessfully.

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    Moreover I feel any student or pro with sufficient time given to this platform can become good at blogging and related areas. One of the prime reasons why I signed up on this platform.

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    From the responses to my post it is well evident that forum is the first choice among the members but I think we have to try our bit in other sections also.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I do understand Neeru trying other sections is also good and useful but we should have the expertise to do so. If some one wants to write a article on any subject, a good research has to be done for the title, summary, content and conclusion which should be reasonably good and lengthy. And the article without the purpose and reason may not be liked and rejected and thus whole exercise is wasted. And regarding giving experts answer in that section, one needs to have wide knowledge on the subject otherwise it would become a laughing content in the eyes of the author who raised the question. And if some one wants to raise the job postings, better he or she should verify the same job which would have been already posted by the regular members. So all these factors make many to accept that the forum is right bet and be satisfied to stay here and get fame.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    ISC is one of the important educational website of India . All sections of ISC are very important but I like the question and job section because these sections are the pillar of an educational website. Job section is important for job seekers because it always has the latest job notification. Similarly under the question section, it presents previous year's questions of different types of university which helps the students to understand the exam pattern.
    Phagu Mahato
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