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    Belated birthday wishes to you!

    During our school days, we have noticed that, if a pupil's birthday falls on a Sunday he or she would be visible in colour dress stating that it's his birthday yesterday and he wants to distribute chocolates today. Children would just wish him the birthday wishes song and collect chocolates.

    As we grow old, when we start our career life, we tend to forget our own birthday. A few remember to wish on the birth day date itself but some try to manage the next day as "Belated birthday wishes".

    How many of you got a chance to wish the belated birthday wishes? What was the expression of the receiver? Why do we forget to wish on the same day? Is it because we did not get the sweets? Can we wish birthday without expecting any sweets too? Your comments.
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    Thanks a lot! I hoped that you would wish me in advance. Anyway, let's come to the topic. If I remember the birthday of my friends I wish them on their birthday. If somehow I forget then only I wish on the next day. The expression of the receiver is as usual. Thanks and exchange of pleasantries, sometimes with a promise to treat on the next meeting.

    On reading the first paragraph of this thread, I am trying to imagine what would be the situation if it is implemented in adulthood. Instead of wishing our friends on their birthdays, if one fine morning the friends visit us with a box of chocolate reminding us that it is their birthday what maybe our reaction. Can we think of it as a usual practice even beyond childhood? I think we all will enjoy the situation.


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    This thread is dedicated to all the members of ISC whose birthday I do not know and cannot wish them on that particular day.
    I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy belated or forthcoming birthday. "May all your dreams come true and let there be prosperity in your life. Let your families cherish your dreams".

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    Thank you Sharada Madam for your belated birthday wishes. Sorry I couldn't give you on the occasion of my birthday. I am receiving your belated birthday wishes on the same I receive my birthday wishes on my birthday.
    I don't what is your birthday. So I am taking this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday it may be belated or forthcoming. I wish you a happy and glorious year ahead.
    In our family, we celebrate birthday based on the Telugu calendar. We send our birthday wishes to the family member in our family WhatsApp group. If someone forgets also there is no problem. Just one member remembers it is enough all others can follow. So there is no chance for belated birthday wishes.
    Sometimes it happens that I may fail to see the Facebook alerts about my friends birthday on the same day. If I see that alert after one or two days I may send belated greetings. I hope they will receive them without any ill feelings.

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    Thanks a lot for your wishes, Dr Srinivasa Rao. Some people also celebrate birthday based on star or Nakshathra and not on the actual date. How do you celebrate your birthday?.
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    I love to receive birthday wishes even if they are belated. I also like wishing birthdays to my friends and relatives. It is not because I want sweets or chocolates but it is because it gives me a reason to talk to them for a while and make them happy. I did not celebrate my birthdays in school as it comes in the summer vacations but still have memories of celebrating birthdays of my friends during my hostel days. We used to prepare the bhel puri in big containers. It was not that ordinary bhel you usually have on streets. It used to have many ingredients like samosa, 5-6 types of chatanis, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, and many more. After preparing the same, it used to get distributed in all the rooms. It was our favourite "Bhel Puri" party.

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    It happens many time that people forget or being busy elsewhere cannot contact a person on the same day and then they take shelter under the words - belated birthday. I do not find anything unusual in that.
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    Chocolates are replaced by Bhel puri at the birthday party. Yes, belated words have given a chance to wish on many such occasions including the wedding anniversaries in the list.
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    Sharada Madam,
    We celebrate birthday based on the Telugu day { Thidi}. But not English calendar date and not also on the basis of Star. These days some people celebrate birthday two times in a year. One is as per the regular English calendar and the other is based on their local calendar day or star.

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    Wishing the birthday on the same day would always give the inner happiness and feeling to the person, but when we totally forgot the event and tried to remember after wards also a good character of us and wishing the belated wishes to the person. In this case there could be personal bonding for the belated wishes or there may some understanding also to wish separately and not in crowd. Anyway we should not miss the occasion. In whatsapp messages I have seen people carrying the wishes to second day also and that proves bad because when we are online we should have wished in time.
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