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    Why do parents say "aim high"?

    Parents are behind their wards and try to indicate that scores are important in their marks card. This is a sword which can cut the wood just like it is butter.

    From childhood days parents inform the youngsters to be a good student, learn from teachers, elders and get into good deeds. Besides these thoughts scores are important when it comes to changing student life into building up a career.

    Why do parents say "aim high"? When students set their aims at 90%, they may end up at 85%. This depends on the efforts that they put into to attain that goal too.

    What is your opinion on parents words to their wards?
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    The ability and performance of the children who get the support and support of their parents in choosing a career is much better than the children who do not get the support of their parents. Success or success do not necessarily get only those who score high. It has often been seen that the students of the second line, instead of the first line, wield the highest success. However, parents usually say that to children, think big or keep their aim high, due to their thinking that maybe you know that Efforts can give less than the demanding efforts for what you wants to get and hence keeping high aim will help you reach the desired goal.
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    There is nothing wrong in saying Aim High. All parents want their children to have a happy, healthy and wealthy life. There is nothing wrong asking them to learn good and behave well. But expecting 100% performance from them is not correct. The high is a relative term. 2 meters height is higher than 1 meter.

    Parents should know the calibre of their children and they should also see the interests of the children also. They should not impose their wishes on their children. A parent should understand the likings of the ward and see that he will be motivated to do well in that line.

    The marks are never treated as the indicators for our future. But the intelligence and dedication towards the works they take up. So the parents should see that their children are in the line what they are interested and then they can ask them to aim high. High means not that they should be on the top. But they should do what maximum they can do.

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    No parent would be demeaning their children and they want them to excel in studies and other activities too. Every parent wants to give their best training and learning experience to the children so that they prove to be worthy of it. When my daughter was studying UKG there was a tie with the marks and both were judged as the first ranker. But the other girl was not happy to share the honors and she went to the teacher asked for the answer papers and anyhow managed to add one mark than my daughter and she became the first and my daughter the second. This happened for the quarterly exam. But my daughter took this incident to her heart and studied well to see that she gets more mark than her and the difference of total in final exam was 6 marks and that girl stood second to which she could not control the sobbing.
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    Aim high is now obsolete. Skill high is the apt advise parents can deliver to their wards. It is the age of skill. Educational scoring goes in its way. But a student scored high in classes without the skills of a profession can be a failure. The new NEP , National Education Policy is the flagship of this moment. Parents should be aware of the learning process and learn to "teach"
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