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    Who prepares bed tea (or coffee) in your house?

    Being a housewife my first job is to make tea for all the members who take it and rejuvenate them for the day. If we go to the history of tea in India, then before Britishers came in this country we were not habituated to take tea. It started after they introduced us to this drink. Now, it has become so common that many people cannot dream of starting their day if they do not get a cup of hot tea in the morning. In the houses of rich people probably servants might be preparing it. In some houses members might be preparing it in turns or random ways. What about you, who prepares tea in your house? That refreshing hot drink in the morning.
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    I am the first person in my family to wake up early in the morning and I have a habit of taking black tea in the morning, then I make myself in my first tea, after that my great uncle makes tea for the members of the entire household. Actually, he loves making tea, so much that sometimes he also says that I will open a big Tea Cafe after retirement. That is why they make the first tea every morning. I know that in many families, the first tea is made by women, but in my family, tea is made many times and almost all of family members are contributing in it except my father, I personally do not like making tea much. I make breakfast and lunch.
    Swati Sharma

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    I wake up early morning at 4 am daily and after having finished by bath and puja rituals I go for making filter coffee for the entire family and I am doing this since many years. I feel much attached to making coffee because I create lots of froth before the milk is added to the decoction and thus my coffee would feel the taste and looks of instant coffee and more. Moreover the early morning coffee should be good and the energy we get after sipping the coffee is unprecedented. Every morning is compulsory coffee for us and rest of the day the tea and other beverages like Kashayam, lime juice with ginger and pepper powder would do rounds. There are many people who would love the instant coffee. But the ideal combination of coffee with chicory would be 60 is to forty percent. There are people who prefer 80 is to 20 percent chicory.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Without the morning tea, starting of the day would appear dull. Hence without wasting a time waiting for other turn, my first offering to the entire family is the morning tea. The way of preparation is somewhat different mixing three teaspoons of everyday in a slight amount of water and gradually adding hot amount of water with the brisk stirring of the mixture and then six teaspoon of sugar is added and the mixture is stirred well to make it a homogeneous mixture. Now allow the pan to boil with some amount of water so as to make tea for six members. Let it boil for at least three minutes. Finally after filtering the same add the mixture containing milk and sugar. This should be boiled thoroughly for a couple of minutes and serve it hot to the family members with creamcacker biscuits. It would prove to be highly refreshing for the entire members.

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    My wife will be getting up first in our house. But she will not take tea or coffee in the morning. She will take milk after completing her morning works in the kitchen. That maybe around 9 AM. My sons and daughters in law are not habituated to drink coffee or tea in the morning. I am the only person to take coffee after having my bath before going to Pooja. That will be made by my wife only. I take instant coffee like Bru or Continental. Making that coffee is easy. Filter coffee will be made once in a while. But regularly I take instant coffee only. We take tea in the afternoon around 4 PM after our family lady members get up from their afternoon sleep. My sons will be on duty working from home and I will be sitting before my laptop. So we three will not sleep in the afternoon. We all take tea in the afternoon. If anybody wants it before they will make it on their own. Otherwise either my wife or one of my daughters in law will make tea for all of us.
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    In our house, there is no habit of bed tea or bed coffee. Everything only after brushing the teeth. My wife once seen we are brushing, she kept the coffee ready on the table. If she is not in the house due to some outing we will not hesitate and prepare our coffee by ourselves but only after brushing.
    A joke: Person 1: My wife is so strict as she will give coffee only after brushing the teeth.
    Person 2: My wife is strict than yours as she gives coffee only after cleaning the vessels.

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    I love to make coffee or tea. I am very good at coffee or tea making. Many of my relatives and friends appreciated my coffee and tea. While making coffee or tea, I don't like to add any water to milk. So the coffee or tea would be thick and tasty.
    However, I would be happy to see my wife offering me a cup of bed coffee or tea in the morning. That would please my mind and keep me fresh throughout the day. What is special about her coffee or tea is - The milk I use to make one tea or coffee will be used for four coffee or tea by my good lady. She was an economics student.

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    In the morning we get the tea prepared by my wife and it is the first tea in the day and is really very freshening. As I am much found of tea and coffee and for me it is a need during many times during my writing sessions and I usually prefer to prepare that myself as I have to break in between many times and change my posture due to my back problem and spondylitis problem. A break of 15 to 20 minutes every now and then is good for me and that is usually the time when I look to prepare tea for myself and if any other member is also interested I give it to him also. As my frequency of taking tea is at high side no member joins me all the times and I make for myself only.
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