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    Further more ease as Metro trains would start functioning from Sept 1st

    Having felt that by blocking the basic transports is not going to yield any control on the spread of Corona virus and having experienced little control over surge of cases, the central government has decided to ease further the basic services like metro trains be resumed from 1st Sept, with lots of new rules and regulations to be followed. There would contact less ticket vending at the stations and social distancing would be followed strictly and after every trip total sanitizing of the coaches at the end point. Hope our lives would change gradually.
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    Most of the services have started after the corona virus lock down is over, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has said that it is ready to operate trains on 24-hour basis. They will not be allowed to crowd the passengers. Limited people should be given entry in the metro at one time.Thermal scanning should be done by the department. Those passengers who understand fever or other problems should be arranged separately. There is no doubt that life cannot be stopped due to the rate of corona, but it is important to keep away from suspiciously infected people and things if the precautions to be taken while traveling. Until Corona is vaccinated, only caution is our greatest cure, so it is the responsibility of every citizen, personally, except institute and Corporations, to keep all the precautions given by the WHO and be safe.
    Swati Sharma

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    The Government is left with no option but to open all means of transport gradually. Even flights have started to operate and so does metro also needs to be started. Few reasons can be that the public in Aeroplane and metro are easy to manage than in other modes of transport like buses and trains.

    In crowded country like India public transport plays a huge role in our daily life. Obviously, precautions will be taken but sensibility from people is also needed, as in tbe end it will be individual who will suffer if he/she gets infected with Corona. Surge in cases is due to relaxation but at the same time such long lockdown was more than enough to educate public that it is a serious matter and they need to take precautions when the lockdown ends.

    We need to be cautious and at the same time follow what is told as sure shot cure for this disease is yet to come.

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    The government may start all activities now. How long they will stop them? Many people are going to offices and they are suffering a lot due to non-availability of cheap transport facilities for commuting. They have to pay more for transport for going to their work spots. I know two or three people who are going to the office by hired vehicles. Metro trains are very essential now. Similarly, city buses should also start.
    Now it is the responsibility of the individuals to take care of their own health. You have to take care of your family. So you have to take all the precautions required and see that you are safe and your family is also safe. We have to follow the rules and regulations enforce by the government but the Corona Virus has no such obligations., So it is primarily the responsibility of the individual. Stay home stay safe.

    always confident

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    The government has tried its best to reduce the number of deaths due to COVID-19. When compared with other countries the fatality rate is very low. Now we have learned what is Corona and how to keep it away. We cannot continue to be without any transports. While we can operate Aircraft, we should be able to operate, Metros, trains and buses for the transportation of passengers and goods. Restriction beyond this stage won't help. It would put our economy down.
    The public must take care of themselves while travelling in trains and buses. Interstate and intrastate movements should be allowed without any e-pass/check etc. Let us leave it to the individual's destiny now. Whatever has to happen will happen.

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    Great news as we are nearing the rescue from the Covid pandemic. But one thing we have to think as mere functioning the metro trains is not sufficient as it is only convenient to the people living around the Metro stations. For others it is good only when the other connecting mode of transports like City Buses and Autos start running. However we should happy to welcome the relief from the pandemic situation.

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    It seems the Metro trains would operate with six coaches instead of three to maintain social distance and get them the profit.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Slowly the activities are being resumed one by one and hopefully we would be able to live with this pandemic like this for some more time. We all are hoping that some vaccine or drug is also invented in the meantime. In this situation people who are going for job daily are in a big problem. Local conveyance is the backbone for the office goers. If Govt is going to open the metro service in some places then it is imperative that we have to take all care like social distancing, wearing mask etc so that people might not get this infection from each other. This requires a lot of discipline and citizens have to follow it.
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    Though we have tried our best to follow up the essential norm to contain this virus with the appropriate distancing and usage of masks while going outside apart from usage of the Senitiser. This has definitely brought about some changes but the question is how long we will remain in isolation at home.
    Though the step taken by the Delhi Administration to start Metro is a welcome step so that it would be easy for the commuters to avail this facility so that they can go their offices at least with the cheaper mode. This will offer relief to some section of the society but unless the other means of transport such as Buses, Autos, Taxis are resumed, it may not serve the purpose. However, the extension of the facility of Metro at this juncture will provide relief to the needy in attending their duties.

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