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    Some activities are prohibited at sunset

    In our culture, people believe that they should only worship at sunset. There are many rules laid down in the scriptures regarding this time. My grandmother and mother used to explain this to me too, so now I am used to not doing all these things during sunset, like we should not eat anything during sunset , should also sweep the house.
    At this time only, meditation and worship are beneficial. This seems astonishing in modern times, but according to the scriptures, studying during sunset makes our memory weak. It is said that during sunset, instead of sitting at home or reading, one should play or do some physical activity.
    Do such things follow in your families too?
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    Yes. This is a custom in many families. Certain acts can't be done during Sunset. We should not eat. We should not sleep. We should not sweep the floor. Like this, my grandparents and parents also told us. So we are also accustomed to this restriction. We never questioned why we should not do these acts during the sunset time. These days children are very intelligent and they want reasons for all the points we tell them to follow. So we should think about the reasons. But I don't know what are the reasons for this. But I got habituated not to do these acts during sunset. I may continue following them.
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    Yes, in our culture many such things are stipulated and some of them are being followed religiously by some people today also. Whatever the logic or rationality behind that it is true that they were invented by some scholars and worthy people in the past based on some observations. Science cannot decipher those things properly as scientific methods are based on different premises. I remember when we were students our parents told us not to undertake journey on Tuesdays and Saturdays. They also told us not to take food while walking and many things like that. We could understand the meaning of some of those things (for example cleaning the feet in the evening before entering the rooms, not talking while eating, get up early in the morning etc) with our common sense but most of them are a mystery as of now. So, we have to follow them just like as belief and faith. It is not only so in our culture, it is there in many societies in various forms.
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    Yes. We are also following as advised by our grand mother, mother. At the time of sun set, we should not eat, comb our hairs, should not sit in the stairs at the entrance, we should not clear dustbin into outside, no crying on any account, we should not wash cloths or even not to take bath. But there should be some meaning for that. We should not question or probe as these are good only to follow.

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    For us Sun rise and Sun set are most important while Sun rise we welcome the day with offerings and prayers to the God to keep us in good health and happiness. In evening when the Sun sets, it is the time for thanks giving to the Sun God who is present and seen with the naked eyes. During the evenings when the Sun sets, we should light the lamp in front of the God and during this time we should keep shut the back door and make open the front door of the house. During evenings we should not lend oil or Turmeric powder to any body nor should we go for shopping to purchase oil or turmeric during this period from the provision stores. In Tamil we sense that Goddess Lakshmi would enter the house from the entrance side during evening and that is why we should keep it clean and Mudhevi would enter from the back side and that is why we should keep the back door shut.
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