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    Problems are not as big as we are making them.

    Problems come from time to time in the life of a person, but as soon as we accept their challenge and resolve to make them smaller than their height, the problem becomes smaller but when we are afraid of the problem after getting angry or frustrated, then it keeps increasing its terrible form continuously. When we take a step towards removing them, they start getting smaller. As soon as you order your mind, word and deed to accept the command of the intellect, it becomes easy to solve the problem. If you can do this, then no problem of the world can stand in front of you.
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    Problems are not really big when you really want to solve them. But when we see them as big, they will appear as big. When a person is not successfully completed his class, everybody says he failed. But when he sees at the results probably he might have got good marks in all the subjects but failed in one subject. Now his problem is only to pass in the subject he failed.
    Similarly, when we make a dish it may not taste good sometimes. The dish is not good. The problem is with the whole dish. But if we taste it we can understand how we can make it tasty. Adding a little salt or adding a little chillies etc. will make the dish tasty. Now the dish is tasty.
    The important issue is where is the problem and correct that small problem will make the whole work successful. So try to break the issue into small issues and see in which small issue problem is there. Then your problem will become small only.

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    Problems are going to exist with every issue and matter but how far we understand them and how far we achieve the success over the problems is the matter and how the small problem blown up to the big issue by our detractors to prevent us from performing. For example the pandemic can be won with neat precautions from our side and there is no risk for virus getting into us as on every step of the process we taking much precautions and having concern for ourselves we are more careful than others advising us and thus the problem is small and achievable but for the sake of others we have to be extra cautious and seems to be taking note of their advice also. No problem should be big for us as our inner confidence and strength alone can make us win in every situation to which even others failed.
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    As long as we think only of the problem it gets bigger. Whenever we face a problem we need to find a solution. Actually, a complex situation makes us puzzled and that affects the thought process adversely. In those situations, we cannot think of a solution and we keep on reminding our minds that there is a problem instead of triggering our minds to find a solution to the problem. In every situation, we need to apply our mind and think logically. We need to analyze the problem and find out the key issues that are creating the problem. By finding out the key issue, it becomes easier to find a solution for it. So, instead of thinking of only the problem, we have to find a solution to the problem by thinking analytically. This will help to break the problem down to various parts and solve it logically.

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    The problem may appear unsolvable so long as we are afraid of the issue. The best way to tackle the same is to split up the same in different components and then take up the different splitted components one by one. If you are afraid of the tackling the problem, it will keep you tensed. Hence the best approach is not to loose nerve at the crucial moment and believe that you will come out with a solution with your analytical approach. Instead of thinking so many issues at a time, find out the key issues pertaining to the problem. Once you start thinking on these key issues, you are almost near to the solution.

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    The angle in which we think about a problem and are unable to attain at a solution can be solved in a few seconds by other people. If we are united we can solve any big problem within no matter of time. Effort and tackling the problem step by step will enlighten us to the solution.
    Discussion also gives an idea to solve some major issues, the final decision should be taken by ourselves but which problem has to be discussed also takes a vital role.

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    Many people have a fear of not able to tackle a job and in that fear they do not take up the problem and escape from it. Naturally the problem would also appear big to them. Instead of solving the problem they are bogged down by the thinking that if they do not succeed people would mock them.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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