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    Do not get excited with happiness be ready to embrace the sad moment

    Life is the game of if and buts, good and bad turns and happiness - sorrow moments. If we are happy at this moment of time then it is the indication that we are going to get the challenging and sad moment very shortly. That is why elders used to tell not to laugh and enjoy the moments with great sound and celebrations as the bad moments are also likely knock at your doors. God has created this type of situations to human being so that they get accustomed to both sides of life and be ever ready to embrace the bad moments with same degree of happiness.
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    When I was younger and used to laugh out loud at something or when I and my siblings all used to laugh a lot with fun, then the women of the house like grandmother, mother, aunt all used to say that don't laugh too loudly otherwise you will cry in a short time and we used to laugh even then, but often, till the end of the day one of us used to cry for any reason, maybe it is a common thing that you heard in most of the family too it will happen, but it is also a big truth of life because we all know that time will never be same a bit. Today, we are happy , may be little happier tomorrow, and maybe after 2 days, there is a lot of trouble in life, but people who control their emotions they moves forward by knowing how to handle himself in every moment. Always ready for any situation, we should learn from the soldiers of the country who are always ready at the border to face every situation.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    A day will have brightness as well as darkness. When there is no darkness, we will not understand the value of brightness. Similarly, in our lives, we will have happiness as well as sorrowfulness also. All the time we will not have happy moments only and we should not expect also. Sometimes we will have moments of sorrow also. Enjoy your happy moments and carry on your sorrowful moments also. That should be the way of our life. We have to carry on in both the situation. We should not overreact either too happy moments or to the sorrowful moments also. Take whatever comes your way and carry on.
    always confident

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