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    How healthy is the food we eat regularly?

    We eat many things throughout the day. I think, when we stay at home we tend to eat a bit more. If the amount of work is less maybe we tend to think of how to utilize the time and munch on some cookies or packaged food items. Though in reality, we should do the opposite. There is a simple reason for that. When you are working less and not going out even for a walk, the amount of calories you burn is less and hence the amount of food intake has to be controlled to keep the calorie under check.

    Nowadays, many people are health conscious and they take many health foods. The type or name of those health food/drinks is not the point of discussion. The question is how healthy they are. They are advertised in such a way that they contain all the nutrients and prevent a lot of diseases. Not only health-foods, but many daily eatables are advertised to make you believe that if you take them the chances of some diseases will reduce to a great extent. I am not naming any particular disease but let's say they reduce diseases A, B and C. What really worries is if you go by the statistics you will find the occurrence of diseases A, B and C has increased manifold. When so many people are consuming so many health-foods and eatables that claims to reduce many diseases then why those diseases are on the rise? Is there any mismatch?
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    Getting ill is related to many factors like infection, low immune system, faulty food habits, lack of exercise, pollution, and many other such things in our lives. Food is only one factor and healthy food is definitely better than the junk food.
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    What we eat regularly is the health food because. pulses, oils and other items along with the vegetables do give extra vitamins and immune actives for our body and we sustain the growth with lots of strength. Our daily food can give us lots of energy and stamina and those who disregard daily diets and go for new food and missing the advantages of our daily food. The steam idlis being taken in morning for breakfast is the best diet as even doctors would recommend the same for the patients. We use Haldi, jeera, black pepper and other masala items in which strength giving ingredients are present. But care must be taken that we should have the masala items daily and once in a week is surely recommended. Over the period of time people are shifting to the other kind of diet in the name of fast foods in the morning and that would tell upon the health.
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    As long as we eat homemade foods with vegetables and grains purchased will be good. We should not use too much of refined oil in our preparations. We should not fry the vegetables. Then whatever we eat is healthy only. But the food made outside can't be believed to be healthy. The sellers may advertise it as a healthy food but we can't take it granted.
    It is almost 6 months we stopped purchasing ready to eat food from outside. We are not going for even packed food, biscuits. bread and cakes also. I think we will maintain the same system for another 3 or 4 months. I think many people are following the same practice.
    These days everybody is advertising their food as healthy food. They also say their food will increase the immunity also. But we can't believe them.

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    A healthy diet is one in which all kinds of nutritional elements, vitamins and minerals are found. All these ingredients are necessary for our body. When the body gets all kinds of nutrients then diseases remain far away from the body. In such a situation, when we eat something unhealthy, some nutrients are left, after which many types of diseases surround our body. In this situation, we have to understand the importance of healthy diet. In general, we eat such as vegetable wheat bread, various pulses etc. These are all healthy diet, this type of food reduces the risk of diseases. Because any disease happens due to lack of something. In such a situation, when there will be no shortage of nutrients, you will not get sick.
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    Home made foods are healthy in the sense that it is made in a healthy style with less usage of oil and our home we use Mustard Oil and slight amount of Cow - ghee to be added in the vegetables prior to its serving. We avoid palm or Refined oil for the preparation of our food. In our lunch, Curd is a must and the same is served along with the lunch.
    Even our morning breakfast is wholesome with the inclusion of oatmeal prepared in milk and a piece of Banana. Dry Fruits such as Almond, Raisins etc are taken in moderation prior to breakfast. We avoid Maida for the preparation of any item. In the evening hours, we take tea along with some amount of roasted gram. We avoid any brand of biscuits available in the market. Dinner is light with three phulkas and a vegetable curry and prior to retirement to bed, a glass of milk is a must for all family members. We don't take any item prepared from out side.

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    Home-made food is always good for health. I always avoid prepared-food from market because there is no surety how it was prepared. Everyone wants to keep fit and free from diseases but many of us are careless about health. Taking heavy diet without equal physical work invites several unwanted diseases. I see several people who like to take light food instead of heavy food are not inflicted with serious diseases like diabetes whereas fat people who take heavy diet are more likely to be prone to this disease. Our school days teaching early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy,wealthy and wise is still effective.

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