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    Can we give links to internal pages in Resource Responses using HTML tags?

    After going through an article while posting our responses can the members give links to internal pages by using HTML tags.

    Today I read an article and I made a response in which I gave links to some threads on the site and submitted. Then a remark came that your membership level is not having permission to use HTML links in Resource responses. I am a Platinum member.

    Who can use HTML tags in the Resource responses? I expect guidance from the learned members of the site.
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    Dr Rao:
    My understanding so far was that if the internal link is relevant to the article and also to our response then we can give it but if it is in the way of advertising our article or our work in this site else where then it would not be allowed. But now as you say that it is not allowing to write html links in resource response box, this requires to be clarified from ISC side only. Let us wait for the concerned editor's remark on this.

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    Once I was also trying to give a link of some article in my response to an article but I also got the same message but at that time I did not give much concern to that. I think it requires some clarification from the editors or webmaster. There must be some rationale of doing that which we are not able to comprehend perhaps.
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    Dr. Rao,
    What is the need to give an internal link in your response to an Article of a member? You are required only to comment on the article whether good or bad, worst or best, valid or invalid, satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Also suggestions, modifications if any.

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    By giving an internal link the basic message of the article which the author has kept in mind and also mentioned it in his article should not deviate.
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    Yes, it does help to give internal links, but for article comments, this feature was disabled a long time ago (I am not very sure, but I think editors are able to give such links there). I will clarify with the Webmasters and support the suggestion to allow internal links as we do for all other sections.
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    Sometimes there may be a necessity. How can we rule out the necessity? Resource response is not just to say that the article is good or bad. We will be adding our opinions about the subjects also. Similarly, we refer some threads or articles for the benefit of the readers of the articles.

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    In some other sites also html tags are strictly not allowed in article comment section as some people making response can use it to popularise or advertise their own articles and bring them here in front of the readers who read these comments. That could be one reason why it is not allowed. If it is so then it can be mentioned that the person who is responding should not link his or her own article or forum discussion or any other section where he or she had fully or partly contributed, in his or her response here. Anyway, I think, we can wait for the clarification in this regard.
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    Dr. Rao,
    What I felt must be right. That could be the reason for ISC to disable the facility to give internal links to comments to the articles. I still feel there is no need. The information that you like to link can be added to the comments. Since ME has taken up the case with WM, our doubt will be cleared soon.

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    Glad to let everyone know that the Webmasters have allowed Gold and higher-level members to use internal links in the comment box for articles. No external links will be permitted, though.
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    Thank you Managing Editor for the information. I think it will be good for the members who regularly read the articles and comment there.
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