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    Do you think that present educational structural set up requires revamping?

    In our country there are so many types of schools, colleges, and institutions that it becomes very difficult for the students to choose as per one's need for making a career. It creates a lot of confusion also in the minds of the students. They are not able to comprehend in which way it is different to have education from a reputed and hi-end institute than that of an ordinary mediocre institute. Why there is campus recruitment in some of them while others are silent on this aspect. Do you also feel that the various types of educational systems in our country are simply making the education as a complex arena. Does it require some simplification and consistency from one institute to other? Please give your views in this matter.
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    Unfortunately in India every small school has the serving capabilities because the fees would be low and those who can afford lesser fees are in the look out for such schools. It is the fact that education has become a high yield business and many chanis of schools and colleges were formed and they are reaping the benefits. But this pandemic also forced many schools and colleges to close because there is not takers for their education. So at present the confusion galore in the education is sustaining and slowly we would come out of the controlled situation. I think there should be fresh thinking on the prat of investors as to they should not invest in those schools which are not fetching and at the same time they can set up schools with Industry friendly course and that would surely help each student after pass out.
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    True. So many streams. So many boards. So many degrees. So many specialisations and so many certificates. A real complex system. After intermediate, if you have to choose a course and a college, it is very confusing and the student will get confused many times to finalise the issue.
    If you go into the matrix of college selection based on your rank, it is such a confusing system, we are bound to make a mistake. Different people will say different views and we don't understand what is correct and what is not.
    When we were doing our PG, the options available are very few and we can make a choice easily. But these days it is very complex. Anyhow this new education policy which is on cards may bring in some changes and we may have better clarity in choosing our path. The standards in the education are also varying from one institute to the other institute and that is also a matter of concern for the student.

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