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    A child is always hidden in every human.

    Knowingly or unknowingly, all of us still do childish acts and at times laugh at ourselves, I believe that a child is hidden inside every human being, no matter how big a person. A person can keep himself and others happy by recognizing the hidden innocence inside him.

    Just like if a child is in the house, there is a happy atmosphere in the house, in the same way if every human being allows a child to flourish inside us, then there will be an atmosphere of happiness in our house.

    After taking responsibility in life, we keep trying to suppress that child slowly but when we feel free from responsibility then that hidden child wakes up
    Perhaps, this is the reason why it is said that in old age human becomes like a child, but the truth is that, that child was always hidden inside us.
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    It is but natural that a child is hidden in our inner heart and when ever opportunity comes we test our childhood legacies. In our whole life period the childhood from the birth till the age of five is most rewarding, as we are given the best attention by the parents and probably having gone through the best situations in life during the childhood some of us get connected with that time and even recollect the best things happened and appreciated. In this regard we can see many advertisements coming on the television wherein elder behave like child and that moments are captured well particularly in a Cadbury chocolate ad where in a girl comes out of the gallery stand and dance to the tune of ecstasy and that was well made and proves that every human has the child in them and they try to bring out as and when opportunity occurs.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True. The child will always be there inside the human hidden always. I agree with you. Sometimes when we are in many problems or in testing times, we feel like why you have grown up childhood. But we can't behave like a child happily when we have so many responsibilities. But when nobody is there and we sit alone the child inside us will start coming out. That is some recreation for us.
    As mentioned by the author we will have a lot of entertainment when we have a child in the house. Daily I spend some time with my granddaughters. Last two days my second granddaughter is not well. Today she recovered and normal again. So we can play normally today.
    In old age, the child may come out. But nobody welcomes them and try to care for them and try to spend some time with them. Old people may not be sweet like children for others in society.

    always confident

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