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    Fill your life with as much color as you can....

    Do you get your house painted before every Diwali? or do you keep making changes in your room from time to time? most of us often do all this because there is a need of newness.
    If by making small changes in the house, every time the house starts to looks more beautiful than before, then why does not a person do this work for himself?
    It is very good to live life with principles but sometimes one should keep bringing newness in life. We should keep filling the colors in our life also so that our colorful life will be pleasurable with us as well as the people around us.
    We should live every part of our life openly, no matter how old we are, but life brings new beauty at every stage.
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    Good suggestion given by the author. When we do some routine works, we cannot get the work satisfaction and thus want to do the same differently. Likewise I always have the habit of reaching the office through one route and coming back on the other route. I have invariably found that by using different routes I am not getting bored and feel like covering more areas and get to know what is happening. Life should not be stagnant and must be associated with good moves, changes and above all liking to shift to other areas on non interest and thereby welcoming new experience in life and so on. There are people who cannot afford the comforts of life and they need not worry about how others progress with lots of spending. Let the life be normal and happening with what ever materials is at our disposal,
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    True. We do this many times. The position sofa set in the living room will be changed once in a while. Similarly, the sofa set near the TV will also be getting its position changed once in a while. Another thing is the changing of curtains. My wife will keep three sets of curtains for windows and doors. Every time she changes the curtains there will be a new look for our house. It will be there for 2 or 3 days and then it will become normal.
    These days we are getting costly paints. Once we use them, there is no necessity of getting the house painted every year. Once 4 or 5 years is OK. I feel. We got our house repainted after a gap of 6 years, I remember. If necessary we will be getting some patchwork done once in a while and the colours are maintained well.
    I agree that we have to enjoy life in all possible ways and need not be always serious and work-oriented. Once in awhile a loud laughing is also required to ease out ourselves.

    always confident

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