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    We are just a bunch of memories and an accumulation of food.

    This statement that our mind is a bunch of memories and our body an accumulation of food by Indian mystic Sadhguru is so undeniably true. When I ponder upon it I cannot find any other meaning to our physical being. No doubt there is more to us than just physical form but when we observe and see ourselves in physical reality we are nothing more than accumulation of memory and matter.

    Whatever there is in our mind is just past memories and experiences. In terms of our body we have grown up by eating food and that food is now us. For the same reason we are always advised to eat good healthy food and same goes for our thoughts.
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    Our food has a great impact on us. These old proverbs are absolutely true - we get the same nature as we eat, our food has different effects on human life. Our desire to eat is not always the same. It varies in different stages of life. The desire to eat changes with age. No matter how balanced, nutritious, digestible, healthy the food of full conduct is, but even if the behavior of the feeder is not good, defiant, speech has sarcasm and derogatory terminology in the language, such food also cannot give the expected benefits. Sometimes we do not hesitate to eat unnecessary harmful things. They eat more food than hunger and need. If the food becomes more tasty with the tongue, sometimes food is left out due to overflow. Over-eating and non-eating both affect health.
    Food is the basis of life. The base should always be strong, not compulsive, careless or ignorant.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    True. This body is full of blood and flesh. These two are coming from the food we eat. So the body is filled with food only. Then our brain will be always working on some old experiences or memories. These memories will give us new desires and we will be working on those desires only. The nature of the person will depend on the food we eat and the memories or experiences we have in our past life.
    So we should try to have healthy food so that we will have good health and keep memories of good deeds only so that we will do them only. That will make us a decent behaving soft person.
    That is why our elders advise us to have pious thoughts so that we will also have a pleasant life. They also advise us to take soft food so that we will be calm and we will have patience.

    always confident

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    It is said that if you want a healthy mind then you must have a healthy body. Therefore eating good, nutritious food as well as in limited quantity is very important to keep the body and mind active and fresh.
    Similarly for mind there is a quote by Saint Ravidas "Man changa to kathoti mein Ganga", meaning that a mind which is pure and healthy not need to go to have a bath in Ganga. His mind and deed itself will become pure as river Ganga.

    Live before you leave.

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