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    The fraud God men are all disgraces to society

    A couple of years ago, one fake Godman called Kalki, was raided by the IT department. Huge unaccounted money and gold were found. Somehow or the other, the case died down after a few days of attention in the local press. Another crook called Nithyanandha, who was actually caught in a sex scandal, has managed to go abroad and set up his ashram in what he now calls his own "country".

    It is so easy to dismiss all these guys as innocent. They are not innocent. These are crooks who have swindled crores in the name of God. Worse, Nithyanandha has international followers who have invested millions in his ashram and has terrific connections with some politicians of Tamil Nadu, who have actually said to have enabled him to escape abroad.

    It is high time that all these God men are put behind bars. They should be booked under the Goondas Act. They are a total disgrace to our society, as they fool so many lakhs of innocent people.
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    Let us not blame the fake Godmen. Blame the public who follow them. Even after hearing many stories about these fake Godmen, we go behind them. Actually the Godmen have a sweet tongue that attracts many to follow them. I would say that they are God gifted fake Godmen. They are blessed by the God. Like the politicians who make money, enjoy life and go to jail, these Godmen also would enjoy life temporarily and get into jail after a while.
    Living away from one's own land and on an island itself is a punishment for the Godman. It is their destiny to lead such life on this earth. It is for the public to maintain a safe distance from such virus like Godmen.

    No life without Sun

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    In today's modern era, when education and science have made so much progress, we should not fall into superstitions by working with our intelligence. Now-a-days those who have become the contractors of religion, they take advantage of our superstitions to cheat us. India is a country where people of different cultures live and worship many deities. Along with worship, people also have faith in that supernatural power. This belief sometimes increases so much that takes the form of superstition. Superstition is the only reason that easily fools people in the name of God. When someone is upset, he goes to the Lord's shelter, in such a situation, others take advantage of it. It often happens that due to our feelings towards God and sometimes because of the fear of the existence of God, we accept the facts without thinking about it, but we must keep that if God has given us the power to think then its There should also be proper usage. We should have faith in God but also be careful that no one can ever fool us in the name of religion.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    There have been an umpteen number of these fraud God men and many of them are in jail and having their abode in the small cell of jail. In spite of so much information about them in the media, people are still getting attracted to them. Though many of us know their real worth and quality of making others fool.

    Today the situation is such that even if one of them might be the real honest God man we do not believe him thinking that he would also turn in a fake one. It is true that they have a very strong oration power in them and convince the disciples in one way or other. Only thing is we should be alert and cautious of these crooks who exploit every gullible person on Earth.

    Knowledge is power.

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    People are making them heroes. Who forced the public to go to them and ask for their help. So the problem is with the public, I say. They want all their problems to be taken away and they want all the available wealth in this world in their account. They want all these without any hard work and struggle. They look for a shortcut. The so-called God Men will encash this weakness of the people and make merry. So people should understand and think properly and then only they have to act.
    These people who advertise themselves as Godmen will make the pubic fools and make merry out of it. God Men can fool the people by showing them heaven on their palm. These people believe them and spend , money for them and finally, the public only will be the losers.
    Mainly political leaders only encouraging such God Men. So let us not blindly believe these Godmen. They may be having some extra supernatural powers. They show these powers and many people get attracted towards them. People should become more intelligent.

    always confident

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    In Telugu there is a great saying that 'Dorikhithe Dongalu Dorrakka pothe Doralu" that means as long as wrong doers are getting best response and the followers, there is no dearth for their fame and trust but it all needs guts and courage to expose them in public and the gullible public does not have the courage to wash their dirty linen in the public. All the so called God men have their own splendid life living a luxury style and also own big spacious bunglow which could be possible through the money from the followers. Once the get disagreed, all that earned would go to the drain and their very survival becomes the question mark. Some political leaders are also towing some God Men and they get benefited through the influences and thus this would become the publicity stunt for the God men that they are being followed by high influential persons.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The problem cannot be solved by putting the so called Godmen behind bars, it can only be eradicated by educating and removing unwanted superstition. The Law takes it own due course and some really famous GOdmen are already behind the bars, viz. Asharam Bapu, Ram Rahim, etc. Still, there not few but maybe thousands of such more people who fool people by scaring them in the name of bad luck and wrath of God.

    Fear and greed causes most people to fall in trap of such people and this fear and greed is almost everywhere, be it these Godmen fooling people or conmen looting peole online or otherwise. It is people who make them and once the people become enough aware and sensible such problem of fake Godmen will get eradicated on its own.

    The solutions are always available but many prefer shortcut and end up in honeyrap of such Godmen.

    Live before you leave.

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    Society is neither a machine nor a company, neither a system proposed by any government. Each individual is a part of society. Why blame only such people when we are responsible to use the term Godman for them? In the name of God, everything is possible in this country. Rather than realising people fear God. Opportunists take advantage of the situation and dupe people. When these things are happening repeatedly rather than blaming the cheater why can't we look at our own actions? Is it still hard to accept that religion is a business in this country? This has a similarity with the politics of the present time. Knowing fully well that most of the politicians are corrupt we elect them. The same is the case with the frauds. If they begin to utter the name of God or start reciting the hymns people flock the place to have a glimpse. If we remain unchanged I think nobody can help us.

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    Iconization of fellow human beings as god is based on ignorance. No sane person can ever change a man into God. If some kind of magic can make someone into a man of divine powers then Dynamo, the greatest magician of modern era and every scientist should be elevated as divine figures. I wonder to see how an educated person can prostrate before fellow human beings.

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