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    What price can we pay for private health care?

    Outside the State Government hospitals, where the treatment is said to be free, but bribe has to paid day in and day out to the staff who provide all services, and reportedly even some doctors, we do have so many private hospitals in our country.

    I had been attending to my father for 15 days in a good Corporate hospital in Coimbatore. He passed away inspite of the treatment, due to old age. This is run by a famous Textile Equipment Manufacturing unit, that simply dominates the landscape of the city. Though my father was 92, and could not be saved, we had spent upwards of 3.3 lakhs for his medical care.

    Every single day, the so called PRO would appear from nowhere and literally threaten the relatives to pay up. Every single family would have to arrange cash running into almost one lakh rupees within a few hours. Many were from the middle class families. Yes, the cost is very high and they do have too many nurses and other para medical staff, for whom they need to pay salaries. Yet, when compared to the same facilities in the Government, we do find these hospitals are extremely costly.

    Should there be some sort of regulation of cost of services of such hospitals? Fortunately, we had the resources to pay the money demanded. However, it will simply be far beyond the reach of millions who just do not have the resources. Also, should there be a legislation to provide free services to at least five percent of patients whose background is so poor, after due security check by the police and other prominent citizens of the local area?

    Personally, when you lose someone so dear, even at the age of 92, is a big loss. It is only sad that medical care comes at such huge costs. Of course, it is still said that this hospital is somewhat cheap when compared to the big shots in Chennai. An ICU bed costs Rs.8300 in the hospital. Members who may know comparative costs might point out if this is reasonable.
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    It is sad news to hear, may his soul rest in peace. I come to know that a few hospitals charge high based on the facilities provided to the patients. Regarding cost, it depends on the patients' history and the treatments given for a period of time.

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    It is really sad to note that your father is no more. The private hospitals are charging high amounts quoting their huge expenses like salaries of the staff, high cost of keeping the place clean and hygienic. There is no regulation to keep the fees to a limit.
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