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    Some of the important problems faced by the students in our country

    Respected members, what do you think are some of the most important and pressing problems faced by the students in our country, in contrast to students of other countries.
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    It is not only in our country but in many other countries also that the students are facing many problems. In our country we are facing problems of inconsistency as different institutes are functioning under different administrative machinery and there is no fixed national syllabus in the colleges. There are various types of colleges and universities - some under Govt control, some quasi-Govt, and some are in private hands. Due to so many types of institutions, the student is not able to decide which one would be better for him in making his career. Another big problem is even if a student somehow completes his education, he finds that there is no job opportunity for him and that is the biggest setback that we are seeing happening today.
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    In our country, the pattern of studies being followed by the different universities are not uniform. The mode of teaching, too, varies. In this pandemic situation some colleges have introduced on line sessions to benifit the students but such a facility does not exist in another college. Hence the quality of education is not uniform. This will affect their learning mode and while preparing for any competitive test, some one will show better performance and the rest mass will suffer due to inadequate teaching. This is one part but the other vital part is the lack of the employment opportunities of most of students due to slow down of the industries.

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    At present most students want the JEE and NEET exams be postponed as the same exams were slated to be held next month as most of the states are still in floods. students unable to prepare for the same due to the absence of college during the pandemic situation and there has been huge students outcry in the social media that JEE and NEET exams be postponed to future date. But the authorities and the government is indifferent and thus the exams are going to be held. This is the greatest problem being faced by the students today as many would want to aspire for the Engineering and Medical streams and at present the students are not prepared to face the exams. The way social media is being used by every student to request for postponement has even moved some political leaders to lend their support.
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    I was going to post a thread today on the postponement of JEE and NEET exams. I will discuss with the Webmasters if we can have a GD on this.
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    There are many inherent problems in our education system. We focus on scoring marks but not on learning. Even when a teacher teaches you also he will say, the question will be like this and then you have to answer like this. Always your thinking will be on the marks and the examinations. That has to go.
    Another big problem is the reservation system in school and colleges. People who got good ranks in entrance tests may not get a seat but people with less merit also will get a seat because of these reservations. Because of this even in a classroom, we will find a lot of difference in the level of their understanding and that is causing a big gap between the students.
    Another big problem in private colleges is the fee structure. The parents have to pay huge money for their wards towards fees. So rich people are getting a good education and people who are not able to pay are denied that education.

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