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    Significance of online mode of education in Formal system of education

    Formal system of education:- Formal system of education is a structural system of education that taken place in boundaries of building of institution. It consists well-designed structure of education system. To interact with learner, we required an environment of teaching-learning process; called as classroom.

    Why does we need online mode of education in formal system of education?
    As we known, due to the pandemic like coronavirus arouse all over world, we are unable to go outside as regularly. That effect on all social system like marketing, education, tourism and so on. Thus to maintain balanced between social life and personal life without going outside, we required online mode of systems that transmitted our information.
    In formal system of education; to maintain connectivity with learner, we develop a new mode of education system with formal structure, called as online mode of education system. It is totally similar to the traditional educational system. Only one thing is extended i.e. boundries of the institutions. Now-a-day, our boundries of the institutions is not limited to four walls, it covers all over the world without making discrimination.

    Significance of online mode in formal system of education:- The significance of online mode of education in formal system of education are as:-
    1- Provide education through virtual classroom with defined time-period
    2- Promote modernization in education system
    3- Helps in developing lots of skills specially technical skills among learner
    4- It reduced additional time taken and expenses that took during the time of traditional classroom system
    5- Helps in proper utilization of resources like "internet", "mobile" and so on
    6- Provide more comfortable learning environment to the learner.
    7- Minimize the gaps of geographical barrier by extending the boundries of formal system of education

    Conclusion:- Thus we can say that, online mode of education become a source of transmission of teaching learning process. It helps in developing lots of skills such like technical skills. It makes our formal system of education as modern system of education.
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    Sana welcome to this site as the new member and your first post itself talked about the importance of online and real education inside the four walls. There would be mixed response for the thread as online and real education has its own merits and demerits to which we must get accustomed. By the way you have joined the best educational site of the world. here you have the wide scope to discuss and deliberate various problems of the student world and the education in particular. You can use this forum to post your views and also participate in various topics initiated by other members. Consequently you can write articles on students interest and that would fetch you good cash credits and points. If you want to earn and learn then contribute more articles. One thing is sure there is no dearth for praise, awards and rewards from this site waiting for you.
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    3. 4 Top Undeniable Benefits of Partaking in Online Education Classes
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    Online education was already inching forward and was popular among the employed persons as an avenue to enhance their knowledge to keep pace with the changing technology and learnings. Bu now due to the ongoing pandemic it has got a big thrust. Slowly it would be refined more and then the initial bottlenecks would be removed. It is going to be a prominent mode of education in today's world.
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    ISC is a center for learning and earning. I missed in for the last four years. I was indulged in some other activities. During this days I became a Post Graduate in Commerce. I enrolled as a Certified Global Career Counselor. Both are of distant mode. Distant mode was the secondary mode of education pre-online era. or digital era. Online MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses paved the way to online education.
    Benefits of Online Education :
    1. Global educational impact
    2. Adaptability in technology
    3. Cost effective
    4. Vast area of opportunity to learn
    5. Anywhere Anytime learning

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