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    How much time do you require daily for the virtual world indulgences?

    Nowadays, young people as well as some seniors spend a lot of their time in the virtual world. It is a world full of beautiful pages, colorful advertisements, interesting games, information about world's best tourist places, information about celebrities, movie videos, captivating images, social media, and what not. There is so much material there that this life seems to be very short from the point of view of attending to that massive volume of information and entertainment.

    Anyway, it is the technology and modern times that things are going fast in that direction and we cannot control this wave. My only point is to asses as how much time we are spending in this virtual work. Is there any estimate for it? The online time taken by the people who are doing their office work or students who are attending class online is not towards the virtual world. What I am talking about is the time that we indulge in simply entertaining activities like aimlessly surfing, playing games, chatting in chat rooms with unknown friends, passing time in seeing images or videos, messaging and interacting in social media etc. All this time is non constructive and uncreative and hampers our creative outputs. So what is the limit to these indulgences. Many people who feel themselves as experts say that on an average we should not give more than 1 hour/day in these activities. But I think it is too small a window. When I sit for attending WhatsApp messages, I take about one and half hour itself in replying or just doing hello to my friends and relatives. When I wish to play a game sometimes I sit for 2-3 hours. What is your level of engagement in these indulgences? Can you mange in only 1 hour/day all those things that experts say wasting time in virtual world. Please exclude your ISC time which is for learning and earning purposes.
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    I think I may be spending a maximum of 60 to 90 minutes a day in this virtual world. The morning after breakfast I may spend about 30 minutes on this and afterwards in the evening only for about 10 minutes. But in between once in a while, I will be seeing the messages. If we count all this it may be a maximum 90 min. I have never used more than this. But I use the Internet for long hours. I spend a good time on ISC and I spend good time on gmail which is my mail address and all my official correspondence will be on this only.
    One should waste time on these activities which are not adding any value. Spending a little when we are free for a change we may spend a little time on virtual world may be ok. Students should not waste their valuable time on these activities., Chatting and gaming in the virtual world is nothing but losing our valuable time.

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    Previously there was less indulgence with the virtual world but post covid and the present situation the people are indulging in more computer viewing and getting their work done. Be it office work, logging into social sites and in our case it is ISC also. But It has become the compulsion for everyone including the school children. At least four to five hours of the day are going to be spent on the cell phone, laptop or the desk top. Even the kinder garden school children are also spending much time on computers in the name of studies and projects. One thing is sure we think that be with virtual world is the waste, but everyone know the important of being with internet and browsing as we come to know many new things. Now the children verify what the teacher says with information and correlated matters which is again a added advantage.
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    Due to the prevalence of pandemic situation, the students are forced to use cell phones, laptops and Desktops to make up their projects/ studies. The lessons provided by the teachers cannot be ignored and as such the usage of electronic gadgets have multiplied. Nearly four to five years be hours is to be given on such assignments. Now coming to virtual world taking with the friends or playing games for a prolonged time is nothing but the wastage of the time which could have been otherwise used in understanding the concepts related to the subjects of science and mathematics so that the students would have better concepts in these subjects.

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    I like to spend more time with my family, very little of my time is spent in the virtual world, I work or connect to the Internet when I am doing my writing work. Some people feel more comfortable in the virtual world than in real life. They are able to express their feelings easily through social media. Conversely, they start feeling uncomfortable in front of their family or friends. Some of my friends want to stay away from the increasing negativity on social media, by keeping a short distance and keep the mind calm, due to the use of social media, the changing lifestyle leads to many diseases. After getting rid of all this, distance from virtual world becomes necessary to move towards normal life.
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    I am not addicted to social media but yes about 1 hour daily I spend in WhatsApp. Then another half an hour is in Facebook. Most of the time goes in viewing the various videos sent by others.
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    Social Media is an important technology of our time. But we must not overuse it, rather it's beneficial for us to understand the wide range of human behaviour, especially the various trends that keep prolifeting around. I guess an hour or so or maybe breaking it down to few minutes every five hours or so a day is enough. Remember too much of something is certainly not good both for mind and body.

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