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    'Seeing is believing' but never trust social media.

    'Seeing is believing' has mostly been true till a few years back. Nowadays the social media is full of so much fake videos, newspaper edits and stories which actually seems true but in reality are fake.

    Many a time we fall prey to such fake stories and forwards and since we see the actual video or newpaper edits or tweets on either Facebook, Whatsapp, or Twitter and forward the same to our contacts and groups in good faith. This is possible due to advancement in technology and an uncontrollabel greed to get more likes, shares or forwards by people who want instant fame or even with some malafide intent.

    I had once fallen prey to such fake news which came in the form of newspaper edit and since I prefer newspaper compared to TV news, I believed it as it looked totally real and forwarded it to many people and groups in my contact list.

    I was called up by my friend and he alerted me that the message I shared is a fake one and I should delete the same from all the Social Media platforms. It was quite embarrassing and I apologized to each of the contacts to whom the message was sent personally and from then onwards I never forward any message except jokes. This experience has taught me never to trust social media for any news whatsoever.

    Who else has faced such a situation and what did you actually do to mend the same.
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    'Seeing' means not seeing in Videos or movies. Seeing with our own eyes when the incident is taking place. Seeing a video is again like somebody telling you what happened. So we should never believe the content in the videos on Social media. We have to check the trueness of the same with other possible ways. In fact, social media has become a place to spread fake news and rumours. That is why we should never believe the news from these platforms. There are no moderators on social media platforms and people will post whatever they like.
    We should check the authenticity of the video or news before we take them as correct.

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    @Dr. N.V. Srinivasa Rao, totally true. The actual meaning should be experiencing is beleiving. Seeing with eyes only will cause one to be fooled by manipulated videos or images. Experience goes beyond that.
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    I do agree with the author that seeing is believing and we cannot totally trust the social media. While reading the news or video on social media please look for the forwarded person name and also the source of the news and video. There are real video news appearing in their respective sites of the news channels but there are also some private sources who are very active in social media and their videos can be believed. When the news is right, we would find the same video across the channels but there may be some exclusive videos which can be believed based on their regular feeds in social media.
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    Since there is a lot of fake news and videos circulated through various social media platforms, we need to verify the news or the images from an authentic source. This takes a little time but it is important if we wish to know the fact. People are habituated to forward anything and everything without even reading it properly and that is creating a lot of problems. There is certain news whose authenticity can be gauged by applying common sense. For example, during the lockdown period, I am sure many have received a particular message on WhatsApp that claimed there is a guideline from WHO about the duration of lockdown and it is implemented in phases. I do not know whether the world faced such a massive lockdown earlier or even such a pandemic and since it was not experienced or imagined by anybody how a guideline on it will be framed? You need to apply your mind to understand that such messages are fake. So when the credibility of the source of news is in doubt one should not forward such things without verifying.

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    The truth is, what is always being seen is not necessarily true. There has been a blind race for information and communication revolution all over the world because of the internet. Today, those who have internet, spend an important time on it, especially on social media. Today, social media has given us a platform to speak our words but this tool is also being misused by the people. Today social media is also being used fiercely by political parties, but the way it is being used is really a matter of concern. It has become the trend of social media today to drag one's family along with one's personal life, blowing false rumors, making vulgar and lewd things, has become common today. This is a very thinking state for the society. Therefore, people should raise awareness and keep going in true and false news, unless they consider the whole side and should not give their view.
    Swati Sharma

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    Almost everyone likes internet where all information about any matter is available abundantly. I partially agree with the author that we shouldnt take all the information as true because anybody can share any information on internet without any verification of information available there. Social media is a vast platform of all type of information. There are many websites, YouTube channels, posts, books etc on social media. We need to verify all the available information with different authentic sources. Some of the YouTube news channels give those news which are ignored by main stream media. Why main stream media do not cover them could be due to some genuine reasons known to them. I always try to verify and authenticate such news with different sources like inernational media.
    Tweeter,Facebook,Instagram, discussion forums etc all are teemted in all type of information. India study channel is also a part of social media.

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    Is there any point in blaming the chocolate for the decay in your tooth? I don't think so. Similarly, there is no point in blaming social media for the spread of fake news. It is the irresponsible and callous attitude of the subscribers and their misconception that it is a blank board where they can write or draw anything they like that creates the problem.

    Tell me one thing. Is it mandatory for you to forward each and every message that you receive? Depending on your age and the group you are in, you might sometimes receive some adult jokes. But do you forward such messages to all your contacts that may include your parents, siblings and other relatives? No, would be the answer. In such cases, you know what is to be shared and with whom and you know how to choose and pick. To be precise, you know how to behave responsibly on social media then.

    Then what stops you from showing the same responsibility while sharing news items that may be related to a social issue, religion, the nation or even international? Either you check and confirm the authenticity of such news before forwarding or if you are in doubt and do not want to spare some time to check out whether it is fake or not, leave it at that. Do not forward, no one is forcing you.

    On the other hand, just as the responsible friend of the author has done, alert others when you feel or find that a news clipping that is being circulated is fake. If each one of us starts behaving responsibly and stops taking social media platforms as free for all fields, the circulation of such fake news can be stopped to a great extent.

    The fact is that most of us tend to take such messages lightly and/ or are not aware of the implications. Hope you are all aware of how social media has been used many times to spread communal disharmony. There are people with vested interests who take advantage of the subscriber's obsession for likes and shares and they drop in at the right time with the right kind of news that it does not create any doubt in anyone who goes through it. Since we are generally inclined to be taken away by the degree of probability, we simply glance through the message and struck by the immediate relevance of the issue, direct or indirect, simply forward it.

    Please, never do it.

    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    Social media is a place where people forward whatever they get whether it is genuine or not. They feel that in one day they have forwarded so many messages to their friends which no one can compete. This blind trend in the social media is really very disgusting and is in bad taste. As a responsible citizen we should not fall in the endless messages trap where we simply waste our time in forwarding and confusing more and more people in out network. Even some highly educated and well placed people are doing this blunder and many people because of their reputation are taking the things as genuine because it is coming from such high level people.
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    Social media is a totally unreliable place where so many fake and wrong information is forwarded by people and it is very misleading and confusing. There is no control on anyone in this medium and people are simply abusing this facility.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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