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    Do we need a memorial in the present situation for political leaders?

    Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, do we need a memorial for the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu? The Madras High Court has rightly observed that the State Government should not spend the money of the public for the memorial of a leader who was convicted for corruption. Veda Nilayam the former abode of the previous Chief Minister should legally go to the legal heirs only and not to the State Government.

    Are such memorials really required? We cannot allow the rulers to loot public money.

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    Not required. These people are not servants of the Public. They made the public as their servants and they never worked for the State or the Country. They worked for their benefits only. So there is no necessity for the public to remember them. In the Hastinapuram Kingdom, there was only one person that is Durtharastra who thought about his son and his welfare and never thought about his kingdom. But in our country as on date many of the leaders are like him only. So why should we spend from outside to remember such people? We should appreciate the verdict of the Madras High court and we should support that decision.
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    I think court has viewed it quite nicely. There is no need to erect such monuments. They would be in bad taste. In fact those who do not know would also come to know about these corrupt and dishonest ones. It would be more mocking and shameful for the soul of the deceased. I am really at my wits end as who gives such ideas to erect monuments of the proved corrupt leaders especially who have been already accused by the law.
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    Unfortunately in Tamil Nadu the hero worship of Chief Ministers those in power were always blown out of contest and irrelevant undue importance is given to their stature and position as if they were corrupt free and saviors of the poor. In every government which the both Dravidian parties occupied the power, they misused their position, amassed wealth beyond expectations and to the shock of their own voters. Now the same party wants to construct memorial for the leader who was abused , put in jail and even charged with corruption by the opposition party. No doubt the ruling party may have love respect for the departed leader. but having a memorial is not that fitting favor for her she looted the state and amassed wealth for her own interest and we need not want such memorial dedicated to the totally corrupted leader of this era.
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