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    Racial discrimination is a menace, it must stop

    There is no superiority in the diction of humanity. All humans are equal, white has no superiority over black and black are no fewer humans than others. Person's supremacy depends only on being a better person morally and professionally in society or in a place you work and prove your worth. There is no place for discrimination in any society. Just as the white soul is precious, black people are also important. Colour of skin doesn't reflect beauty or intelligence, it is one's rationality and the inner sensation that matters. Discrimination on the basis of clour has created a huge rift in the USA and this had given rise to a 'black lives matter' movement. Discrimination on the basis of an ethnic or race is a menace, it must stop. Mutual trust and respect for each other are significant to boost harmony in varied communities.
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    Every kind of discrimination must stop. We need to progress in every aspect and if we keep on discriminating people in terms of caste, creed, religion, the colour of skin or their country then the whole world will be a dreadful place to live in. It will be impossible to talk to each other if we are unable to treat them equally. The intolerance has to be reduced to a minimum and we must understand that each one in this world is playing her/his role and because of which we all are living.

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    I agree , discrimination should stop. We humans must understand that humans are equal, we should not make any distinction with anyone. Everyone should have rights and everyone has the right to live life freely. Everyone should remove caste differences from the mind and remain united. All people should live together, do not discriminate among themselves. We cannot progress without mutual discrimination. The real and overall development will only happen when we live together. Keep the children away from caste differences, let them play and study with everyone, free. Never sow the seeds of discrimination in his mind.
    Swati Sharma

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    If we go in the anatomy of racial discrimination, we would find some interesting things. History is witness that since the dawn of different human establishments at different places in the world there was an urge in the minds of a few to expand their kingdom by simply attacking and invading others. The interesting thing is others were either belonging to same community or tribe or different but that did not matter much at that time as the main objective was to expand and increase one's territory. With time these evolved as great empires of their own kind and had a majority of the people of a particular tribe or sect who in fact forced the minorities to be like them or leave the country. This happened worldwide geographically and became a yardstick in many ways to determine as who would live in this area and who is to be exiled immediately. With this background let us come to the modern times. Politicians and great leaders knew all these basic things well and used them to their advantage by making an army of gullible and followers to fight for what they pronounced as our land and our culture coloured with their religion of course. That gave people to misbehave with each other simply because you do not belong to my race. It is stupid and ridiculous to think like that but in real life situation it is happening today in many parts of the world. Some countries like China solved this problem by abolishing all religions and telling the people that you are only Chinese and to some extent they are successful to bring the issue of racial discrimination to minimum but think if a non-Chinese try to grab power in China, would they allow him to do so? So, racial discrimination is the front for capturing power and prosperity in one's hand rather than the hands of other tribes, communities, groups etc. So, in that situation how to stop the racial discrimination is definitely a big challenge.
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    This is the International issue to which many countries are facing the wrath for not following their own set guidelines and look after equal rights to all people without any racial discrimination. During every US elections, this topic pops us igniting the debate and discussions across the world. Racial discrimination is present since eras and there is always cut throat competitions between the races and thus those who are Superior and if they could boss over the others and suppress their rights are always seems to be winning with their money and muscle power. But even today some countries are frighting for the rights of neglected people on racism basis. In fact what is more worrisome is the divide between the people on racism and some colonies are constructed only for the particular race and others are not invited or behaved.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Discrimination is a bad thing in every situation and it should be not there for any consideration. Due to the hate and fight between the two communities it so happens that some people are much affected and bear loss in such conditions. Racial discrimination is one of the main factors for this type of conflicts. There are people at higher levels who sometimes instigate people against it. They are the real beneficiary of this discrimination.
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    Racial discrimination is a curse for humanity. It must be stopped. God has created only a human being. We are the children of them against caste, creed and religion. Who gave power to man to make a difference between black and white people. Often times, this kind of discrimination have been seen in America during the election. It has been a very shameful issue for civilised society. If you go to history then you will find many people have been killed in past due to racial discrimination.

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    It is a very bad practice to have discrimination among the people based on their skin colour. Skin colour is not important. Humanity is important for a human. So we should be humanitarian and have the nature of helping the needy. All humans are equal. No one should be treated as a superior just they are white or black, whatever may be the case. We can respect people based on their behaviour, knowledge etc but not based on caste, creed or religion. But in India, politicians never allow this to happen. They want to create disputes among people and divide them. That is why they always bring in caste, religion into picture always. The people should understand and they should not give any scope for them to create the differences among us.
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