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    Active GD- The JEE-NEET examinations must be postponed- Agree or Disagree?

    Postponement of the JEE-NEET '20 exams is the talk of the hour. On the one hand we have a section of students, political leaders and even social activists clamoring for postponement of the exams while on the other hand we have another section of the students, political leaders and activists voicing their support for conducting the exams as scheduled.

    Be that as it may, the Supreme Court has already made it clear that there is no need to postpone the exams and the Ministry of Education has also made it clear that it would go ahead as scheduled. In the present situation we are not sure whether the exams would be conducted as per schedule or would it be postponed. Let us, for the sake of arguments, assume that the exams won't be postponed.

    It is in this context that we would like you to discuss whether holding the exams as scheduled would be fair or not? The pandemic, its unpredictable lifespan, the preparations by the students, effect on future prospects of students, the practical difficulties and so many points will surely be part of your arguments, whether for or against the topic.

    So let us now discuss the issue, with due seriousness, considering all related aspects but at the same time not giving undue importance to the possible political interests or inclinations involved.

    Keeping the importance and relevance of the issue and the interest it has gained nationwide, we are now announcing this Active GD on the topic- The JEE-NEET '20 examinations must be postponed- Agree or Disagree?

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    *Do try to add on or elaborate on points already submitted instead of harping on the same point in different words time and again. It would be better if you distribute your arguments between the responses you intend to post instead of covering up all of them in one go. Please give detailed responses with valid points to support your argument.
    *Do not get personal. Each participant in a debate is free to choose his stand and though one can and has to challenge and try to disprove another's point, it should be limited to the views only and not on a personal level. Let us not discard dignity and decency for the sake of cementing a view.
    *All the posting guidelines as per the policy of ISC are applicable in this GD too. Any violation thereof will not be acceptable.

    Let us have a healthy, active and fruitful discussion. The GD will close on the 29th of August 2020.

    Best participants selected will be awarded a cash reward of Rs 150/- each. Other participants will also be considered for cash rewards if found eligible.

    Note: The editor who is moderating the GD will have the final say (in consultation with the team) in matters of dispute (during discussion) and a point or guidance put forth as a response by the moderator need not be responded to by the participating members.

    Read the requirements carefully, think properly and logically and start penning down your points and arguments.
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    Good morning to everyone and I was expecting this discussion which has become the hot topic on the national level and since 10 days I am following the trending in social media seeking the postponement of the JEE and NEET exams to future date. But the government has already made arrangements to hold the JEE exams and the candidates who applied for the entrance exam has even down loaded the hall tickets and this proves that the candidates are demanding the postponement of the exams but the government and the organizing agency is adamant and going ahead. Even seven opposition Chief Ministers also urged PM Modi to postpone the JEE and NEET exams due to pandemic and the flood situation, but there seems to be no consideration and thus the political parties are now gearing up to approach SC and advice the govt suitably.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Well, I am of the view that holding the examination as per the previous schedule is completely unfair for the students. Also, I would like to mention that I found the argument of my Mr. Mohan where he says candidates are downloading hall tickets already which is a proof that they want the exams to be postponed, is very confusing to me. I think quick downloading of hall tickets is a proof how anxious students are to give the exam and so they are going ahead with this even if this means a probable life threat.
    This brings us to a most important points. Students are the future of our society. It will be completely unfair for the government to take advantage of their sentiments regarding their career and future and use it as a political agenda to continue with previous examination schedule. If god forbid, the virus spreads rapidly while the examinations are conducted, these students will be the worst victims. Who will take the responsibility if due to the pressure of building their career, they fall prey to such viruses and damage their immunity?

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    I also want to mention one more point linked to my previous point, which is these types of virus are completely susceptible to mutation. This means, there are high chances that by the time these students appear for the examination, the DNA of the virus will get completely mutated and become a more hideous type. The symptoms of getting affected by that virus could change altogether, then a student will never know if he has contracted the virus.
    I think first and the most crucial thing to consider here is that the lives of the students are far more important than any other thing, even the results of JEE or NEET.
    In fact, I would like to propose an alternative solution which can be far more effective than going on with conducting JEE NEET as per schedule. The schedule could be postponed to next year and in the meanwhile, the students who aspire for medical courses could be offered some short term online courses on medicines and future aspiring engineers could be given some related courses to choose from. These courses could be funded by the government or by the students. This will also engage the teachers of medical and engineering courses in a positive way. Then some online examinations could be organized to assess how far the students understood these courses. Then eventually, the numbers scored from these online tests could be merged with JEE and NEET scores from the exams conducted the following year to ultimately decide upon the ranks of the students. This way, the year of the students wouldn't go to a complete loss and they will learn new things and can also be better prepared for JEE and NEET examinations.

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    I favor that the exam should be held in September as further delays in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) examinations are no longer appropriate. The effect of corona virus will increase or decrease in the coming days, nothing can be said about it but it is certain that it will not end for at least a year and we are not in lock down mode for all time. The world will probably have to learn to live life with this virus for some time and it is necessary to protect itself. Just postponing the exams is not going to stop the infection of corona, but by doing so, students are more likely to stop their career. . Many students are just waiting for the exam after doing the entire preparation, so it is not right to make them wait any longer. For some areas where the problems of floods etc , the government should have to find a solution and make such a system so that all the eligible students can appear in the examination.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    I strongly feel that the JEE-NEET examination should be postponed to next year. Our government failed to tackle the virus without good planning in the initial stage itself. It allowed the virus to spread without any proper thinking and planning. Similarly, the government is not thinking about the JEE-NEET examination. There is no sign of the curve coming down soon. At this juncture, if the examinations are conducted, it would be a risky one. We need to care our life first than the career. It is like the Nero king fiddling while his kingdom was on fire. The government should drop the idea of holding not only JEE-NEET, but all the other examinations, due to rising pandemic.
    No life without Sun

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    I am against the postponement of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) examinations. Because students were preparing for these exams well before the pandemic and still preparing and waiting eagerly for these exams for a long time. The students who are not well prepared or not preparing for exams may find it suitable to postpone the exams. But for whom those are preparing exam postponement will be a huge loss. Corona pandemic is very unpredictable. Nobody knows when it will go. People will have to live with it. So there is no question of postponing of exams. However, the corona is still here, but people are going here and there. Everybody is doing his work without any postponement. Then, Why should exams be postponed? Unlock process has already started in the country and if the Government has decided to conduct these exams and not to postpone further, then definitely they will take appropriate safety measures for students also.
    Nowadays, because of this news, several well-prepared students are already under pressure. The continuous postponement may cause mental suffering also. So, I strongly feel that these exams must be conducted as per the schedules by following COVID-19 protocols.

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    A very interesting discussion, thanks ISC for organising it. Well, to begin with, I am of the opinion that the JEE Main and NEET exams should be postponed no further. The exam should get started as scheduled. Already they have been postponed twice and postponing it further will damage the career of the students. As Swati too has mentioned, this virus is not going to vanish very soon, at least not in this year. So postponing it to say October or December will not help the cause. Again there will be clamour to postpone it further into next year. By that time, the 2021 academic batch will be due for the test. So how the NTA will manage to organize tests for two different years all at the same time. Moreover, postponing the exams to next year will mean a year loss in academics for the present batch. How will that get compensated? Will the students have to study an additional year? Will both the batches have to compete with each other? All these and many other questions remain unanswered if one has to postpone the exams further. Moreover, majority of the students are eager to go ahead with the exams. It seems only those who could not do justice to their preparation are clamouring for the postponement. However, there could be some genuine cases for whom it might not be possible to appear for the test as per the present schedule. I am not discounting on that. But for them, the entire country cannot be held ransom, right?
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    I want to mention here that the people who are requesting for further postponement of these exams and are stressed that their son or daughter may get infected, they know better the immunity of their children. So they may stop their children to give exams but it should not stop others who are willing and preparing for a long time. Otherwise, as they are doing other work also, can give the exam also.

    Shops, malls, cinemas and other public places have already been opened and people are visiting frequently. Likewise, exams can also be conducted with precautionary measures. Exams can not be postponed for one year as it will waste a whole year of students.

    By waiting for a month or two if the problem gets resolved then it is better but as we know that corona will not end soon then what will be the benefit of postponement? Further, like China conducted its Gaokao national exam with strict safety measures. Similarly, India can also hold these exams.

  • #708507
    I am for the postponement or holding online of these exams. Today we are in the mid of (or we do not know whether it is the beginning only) of a pandemic situation which is unprecedented and no one can predict the future in this respect. Now the point is that NEET and JEE are not the only examinations in this country. There are plethora of entrance exams for various trainings, courses, and educational degrees. If we allow it to happen physically for one of the program then it would open a pandora box and then every one would ask for physical examination. At the same time many things are happening online and this was the opportune time that we should have strengthened our online capabilities and even IAS exam can be hold online. There is absolutely no issue in that. Students can ask for exam and it is their right to appear in it but they or their allies cannot dictate their terms that it should be physical or online. There is no question of cancellation of exam and only thing is give the students a one or two months time to arrange for online equipment to cope up with the examination. If you want to help them reduce the application and examination fee of the particular exam. I think people are searching excuses to not hold it in online mode and then agreeing for the physical one under the court's umbrella.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #708508
    There are two issues in this. The first one is the future of the students. This year all intermediate students passed the examination and many may be interested to test their luck in these entrances tests.
    Second Point is Pandemic situation. Nobody can take risk of their life and they want to live with health. How to get both the issues married. A balancing act is very necessary.
    The government has to think and see that students will not be at a loss and also they will have no health problems also.
    Personally, I feel, there is no necessity of postponing the examinations. They can be conducted as planned. But the government should see that all the required precautions that are required for preventing spreading of the Virus should be taken.
    The numbers of examination centres can be increased and the minimum number of students only will be allowed in each centre so that they can follow the concept of social distancing. All students can be given head gears and all the students should be provided with masks and a bottle of sanitizers. All students should be advised to come with a bottle of water from their house and if necessary food also. More number of batches can be made and different sets of papers can be provided to each batch.
    The students are in a state of confusion. Almost from the last 6 months, they are working on this examination and they feel that they want to have the examination. That is why many students already ready with the hall tickets also. Further posting will have a psychological effect on their minds and they may get anxious also.

    always confident

  • #708510
    Further to my points in my previous posting, I want to add the following.
    The Corona Virus is still active but we don't know how long it will be active. It is not going to end in a month or two. A year will be lost. I feel it is not possible to conduct online classes to all the aspirants as suggested by Rosie Ray which is a herculean task. They have to conduct the examination and only for the qualified people they can do that. Otherwise, all the students will lose one year. In that case, the very purpose of promoting all the students from intermediate is of no use.
    Another positive point is that the virus is becoming less intensive and the recovery rate is also increasing. The mutation of the virus may make it less sensitive also. But I am not saying it is not risky. Are the employees stopped attending their duties? So the parents should see that their children will all precautions and attend the examination. That will give peace of mind to the students as well as to the parents also.

    always confident

  • #708515
    Mr. Rao,
    We can't say that the virus is becoming less intensive and the recovery rate is also increasing. Does it mean that the students can be affected by COVID-19, and can be treated? While we are trying our best by introducing containment zones in our country to reduce the virus, by conducting examinations physically, we are helping the virus to grow more and more. And this will put the medical community in a problem to treat more and more virus-infected students and their families. We have waited for a long period, and why not we wait for some more period till the vaccine is found. All can go to the exam hall after getting vaccinated.

    No life without Sun

  • #708518
    As of now the preparations to hold exams are going on, the government does not want to stop the flow of the academic year and does not want to waste the time in the name of pandemic. This issue has become the national topic because the central govt and organizing agencies are bent upon holding the exams. whereas the opposition governments and staunch student supporters along with parents are against the entrance exams during this time. Even if the exams are postponed to the later date, the sequence of holding admissions, allotment of seats would take further time and I remember when my daughter joined first year of the course it started on Aug 9th, that means we are already late by holding exams and the corrections, result process and allotments would take another two months and by Nov or Dec the things would get set right and therefore shunning away with this year exam would be bright idea.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #708519
    Please read my post completely. In addition to the words, you have quoted I have also mentioned that " But I am not saying it is not risky.". So one has to take the required precautions and see that they will attend the examination safely and return. How many are not going to offices to discharge their duties? When the vaccine will come? When it is going to be available to all of us? There are no answers to these questions. We don't know how long we have to postpone it?
    By increasing the number of batches, the number of students in a batch will comedown. That will help the organisers to maintain social distancing. After each batch, the rooms can be sanitized again. People are ready to go to markets. malls and restaurants. So I feel if all the precautions are taken properly the chances of spreading the virus because of one day going for the examination will be very less. If the examinations are not conducted it is better to declare the year as a Zero year and all the students who wanted to go for these courses should lose one year. But keeping the things hanging like this will tell upon the health of many students.

    always confident

  • #708521
    When the government is mulling starting of Metro rails and buses shortly, that means past glory is being restored slowly one after other. And this entrance exam for JEE and NEET should have been organized by April end or May 2020 but due to pandemic the exams were postponed and now it cannot be further postponed according to the govt and the conducting agencies because, with this exam many colleges are waiting to take the admissions into Engineering and Medical courses and thus if the process get delayed or cancelled further, it may jeopardize the system and the sequence of the courses. By the way no student is staying at home and they are roaming and moving freely and if at all they write the exams if held for just three hours nothing they would lose and at least the system of holding exams and thereafter moves would be in order.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #708524
    Furthermore, due to ongoing pandemic, the states are not permitting interstate movement and also intrastate movements. It is very difficult for a student to move from one district to another district. It will be very difficult for a student living far away from the examination center to appear in the examination. While the center has relaxed the movements in unlock 3.0, states are not prepared to allow entry of other state personnel into their state. They need to go under quarantine of 14 days. Even unlock 4.0 won't be favorable for intestate or intrastate movements.

    There is no interstate buses, no trains. At this juncture of the missing transporting facility, how do you expect a student appear in examinations?

    No life without Sun

  • #708527
    @708524 it may be noted that three days back the union government has removed all restrictions pertaining to movement of goods and public across the country and we are now free to move without any restrictions. Moreover the exam centers for the above two exams would be within the district for the candidates in most of the cases and if at all the center is allotted in another district, it is inside the state only. Therefore this could not be cited as the reason for not holding the exam. Please note both Engineering and Medical is about four and four and half years course, and if a break appears for one year, the entire system gets into problem and the sequence gets affected.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #708538
    As of now, the virus has not reached the rural areas. If students from rural areas visit the urban areas to attend the examination, it is likely that they carry the virus to their homes in rural areas. Thus the risk of rural villages getting infected is a reality. Then it would be very difficult to control the pandemic if they reach the rural population.

    I would say that a student going to the examination hall for giving examination is like jumping through the fireball circle. All are not gymnastics to do that fireball jump due to their strong or week immunity to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

    In the US, the opening of schools had the reverse effect and done the worst. It should not happen in our land.

    The government is not worried about the student getting infected and spreading it to their home and subsequently to their surroundings. The government won't be affected, but the population and the medical community will have to take the burden of curing the increased infection.

    The government worries only a loss of a year. But people fear getting infected and spending lakhs to get cured. It is not only the worry to the students, but to the public who are around the students.

    Despite precautions, many politicians including Chief Ministers are getting affected by the virus. What is the guarantee that a student will not be affected, despite precautions? We already know that Corona is roaming around the streets and expecting every minute to enter into a house as an uninvited guest.

    Members arguing in favour of the JEE & NEET exam as scheduled now, please give a second thought to my above thoughts.

    Remember, the number of students giving JEE-NEET examination is not in tens or hundreds or in thousands, but in lakhs and millions. Even if one percent is affected by COVID, it would prove very very bad with Corona on each and every road of India.

    Let us not take anymore risk. It is not like eating rusk.

    No life without Sun

  • #708544
    It is interesting to read the opinions of all the participants. In my opinion it is not the right time to hold the entrance exams. As an individual as well as a mother, whose son is an aspirant of both the examinations, I am dead against of holding the entrance exam.

    It is very disrespectful to hear that the honourable Supreme Court opined that precious one year of a student's life shouldn't be wasted. They forgot that life is more precious than one year of loss in academic career. There are students who had failed in their final examinations at some stage, but it was not the end of their career. Everything can wait, but putting life at stake is not at all a reasonable decision.


  • #708545
    There are many cases even from rural areas. There is no place where there is no virus these days.
    Already interstate buses are flying. Between AP and Karnataka buses started and in other places also they are flying.
    For the mentioned two examinations there are centres in all districts and there is no necessity to go out of the district.
    It may not be correct to stop these examinations as we have to conduct many other examinations. We have to see the merits and demerits of each case and then a decision is to be taken, I feel.
    Politicians are different. They will be on move and they will be surrounded by many people and different people will be coming to them. So we can't say that politicians are getting effected so children will also get affected.
    One should take all precautions and they have to attend the examination and comeback. The chances of getting affected will be very less if we take all required precautions.

    always confident

  • #708546
    I noted that the participants claimed that the students have downloaded their admit card means they are eager to sit for the entrance exam. Even the Union Education Minister Mr. Pokhriyal made the downloading of admit card as a valid point. He is of the opinion that students are interested in appearing exams. He forgets that the students have no choice. When the government is not considerate, then the students are left with no option.

    Downloading an admit card is a small step, which they did within their house, but expecting that there would be some favourable decision for them to not appear the exam. If one student gets affected, then the government, and the SC should be ashamed of themselves for planning to play with the precious lives.


  • #708549
    Mr. Rao,
    You are wrong with your presumption and assumption that rural areas are also affected. There are 6,49,481 (Six lakhs forty-nine thousand four hundred eighty-one) villages in India. All villagers took care of themselves and Corona has not reached them. There could be very few villages affected by the virus. My village is one such village where there is no Corona. And also in my Tehsils, there were only very few countable single-digit got affected. There were huge numbers in the district headquarters only. Therefore, I would say that our villages are safe from viruses. Let us not allow the virus rule our villages.

    To avoid spreading the deadly disease, it is necessary to stop all large gatherings. One such gathering is the Examination hall where students need to remain for hours together for writing papers physically. I would recommend JEE & NEET examination online but is not feasible. I strongly recommend to cancel or postpone the examination till the situation improves.

    No life without Sun

  • #708550
    Well, if you look at the press release from National Testing Agency, then they promise to conduct the examination with "due precaution", however, there are many examples where such precautions either aren't taken or doesn't have the necessary effect.
    For example, a school of Indiana opened and on that very day a student with COVID 19 attended the class probably without knowing that he has the virus. He put hundreds of other children and their parents to potential danger just by appearing there. Therefore, how do we know that this problem won't occur in JEE NEET examinations.
    We should keep in mind that one small fault can put thousands or even lakhs of people in danger of losing their lives. Why play such a gamble with people's lives?

  • #708551
    Mr. Mohan, I think just opening the communication is not a solution to conducting examinations. In my opinion, that is the start of a big problem in such pandemic. You can open transportation but how do you ensure proper precautions. What if the transportation are not sanitized properly?
    I mean just one small ignoring of sanitizing and cleaning on the day before of the examination will ensure lakhs of students into getting ill. We are mostly concentrating on the students here, but what about their parents? Most of the female students and many male students too will be accompanied by their parents. So who will ensure that the families will also not endangered after attending the examination.
    Mr. Sun, we are mostly depending on the newspapers and news channels on whether people in the districts are affected or not. We should not forget that sometimes these news can be biased and many of the cases don't come into news at all. I can give you one real life example. One family I know residing in Delhi was affected by corona virus. In fact, all the members of the family were affected and one person died. However, everybody self-quarantined at home and got better. No one from the hospital came to check on them. No news channel. How do you expect these numbers to get enlisted. Only after one member died of the family, did they know that they were down with corona virus. Similarly, lots of other cases are not coming into news channels and we don't know. So I don't see the point to take the chances.

  • #708553
    Rosie Ray,
    You are right. Let us not try to gamble and play with the lives of people on the name of education and examination. Life is precious than education and examination at this crucial juncture when a pandemic rules, and people are living with fear. If we are affected, we are made to pay many lakhs through our noses. Hospitals are merciless during this pandemic, and they make money on the name of COVID.

    As rightly said by you, one virus affected student (not knowing himself as virus affected) would pass on the virus to all in the examination hall.

    Every student should question - Should I appear in the examination or embrace COVID? All should know that Corona lives silently in a body and shift to other body silently.

    It is ridiculous to see the adamant attitude of the government, despite knowing the secret movement of the deadly virus that gets into our body quietly. A good government interested in the lives of the population won't dare to go ahead with the examination as scheduled.

    It is time for our government to change its decision, delay and postpone the dates of examination for the betterment of its citizens..

    No life without Sun

  • #708557
    Well Sun, it is not right to say that by conducting the exam itself, the virus will get spread. After all, the exams will be conducted after taking due precautions. Even the students themselves will be taking precautions of their own. Moreover, with social distancing measures being practised at the exam hall, there aren't any chances of the virus spreading. The JEE Main and NEET are not the only exams being conducted. Recently our neighbour's son appeared for two different exams. One is the COMEDK and the other one was for IIIT Hyderabad. Other exams too might have got conducted that we are not aware of. So why this uproar for these exams only. I do not think, by appearing for these exams that too for a few hours, the students will get infected. At the same time, we have to also remember that almost everything else is open these days. Offices are open, factories are open, shops and markets are open and I have been going to office full time for 6 days a week since May 2020. It is business as usual everywhere, except for the schools and colleges. When people can go for work on a daily basis, why cannot students go for an exam that will decide their future? Sun, it is not right to blame the government . It is the desire of lakhs of students and their parents that the exam should get conducted. How long can they wait? More the exams get delayed, more is the pressure on them. Even though the virus is spreading, it is no more that dangerous. It is mutating by the day and losing its potency. That is the best thing about this virus. The faster they spread, the less potent they become. Moreover, these days one does not have to go to the hospital for treatment. So high costs hardly matter. Since the symptoms are mostly mild, lakhs of people are treating themselves at their home itself. And as long as the students follow the social distancing measures there is no likelihood of the virus getting spread.
    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708559
    The question is not that the exam would be conducted in a safe and secure way in which virus cannot propagate. The basic idea is that we have to curtail as much physical activity as possible as on today if we are really serious about the containment of the virus and manage it to fade away in a gradual way. This is the utmost important thing in this difficult time and we can either postpone the exam or conduct it in a simple way in online mode. I have seen many information regarding the educational institutes where earlier there were used to be entrance exams but now they are telling that they will simply take on the basis of qualifying exam marks. That is a good decision as the valuable time of the students is not lost and when there is a selection criterion then why one should doubt about its efficacy.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #708560
    To my friends who have suggested that the exams be conducted online from home, it is not very realistic. JEE Main and NEET are not ordinary entrance exams like those being conducted by some of the low profile management colleges. Yes, some management colleges have conducted exams from home and a few others are likely to follow the same, but the number of students appearing for these exams is very less. On the other hand, more than a million students appear for JEE Main and NEET. For such exams to be conducted online at home, it will be a logistic nightmare for the NTA. How is the NTA going to ensure that the students appear for the exam at their home without using any unfair means? For management institutes, the entrance test scores are not everything. Other than the test scores, they give weightage to past academic performance, scholarly achievements, experience, group discussions and interviews. But for JEE Main and NEET, it is the exact opposite. The test scores are the sole criteria for selection. There should be no scope for someone appearing unfairly for these exams. So other than conducting them at a proper test centre, there is no other go for conducting these exams.
    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708561
    I can give you names of villages from all the States where there are cases of COVID are there. There may become villages where there are no cases.
    All activities are going on. Factories are running. Offices are running. Malls are opened. Markets are opened. People are going out and attending jobs and coming back.
    When all these activities are going on, why we think the examinations are to be postponed.
    One important thing we should understand is the psychological pressure the students will have on their minds if we go on postponing the examinations. This pressure will have a big say on the health of many students. Parents will never leave them and put pressure to study until the examinations are over. So they will be having a lot of pressure. It is better once for all the examinations are conducted. That will release the pressure on them.
    So I am against postponing the examinations.

    always confident

  • #708562
    Attending offices and factories, and working there is far different from students sitting in a hall and giving examinations.
    In Tamil there is a proverb - "Aakka poruthhavan, Aara poruthhaal enna", means if one can wait for cooking food, why can't they wait for the food to get cooled and fit to eat. We are already facing the drama and are hopeful of getting a vaccine to cure. When we can live under lockdown with facemasks for many months, why not we bear it for few more months until we get a vaccine. Why risk our lives.

    Can the government give us the assurance that no student will be affected by the virus by appearing in the examination? No. it cannot. After the ill effect of examination and virus spread, the government would blame the education department or the students for the unfortunate developments. No one would care about the affected. No one can question our government. The present government will continue to remain in power despite any odds. Because there is no strong opposition party against the present ruling party. The age-old Congress party is weak without any top leaders to manage the party. So, the present government will continue to remain in government.

    Let that not happen. " Poruthirunthaar Bhoomi Aalvaar" is another good Tamil proverb. It simply means ' Patience rules." Let us practice Patience and Tolerance against the virus.

    No life without Sun

  • #708565
    Mr. Rao,
    I have said that there are over six lakhs villages (6, 49,841) villages in which 5 lakhs plus villages are inhabited. How many villages will you name to quote in this thread to convince us? I too agree that there could be a few hundred villages affected by the virus. It could be .001 (.001)percent of the total number of Indian villages.

    What is important is - We should not hurry up in opening schools and conducting examinations like we opened the liquor shops and suffered. I am in Bengaluru, and the number of infected are on the increase in Bengaluru urban. I am from Tamilnadu and the curve is not going down.

    I am sure, conduct of examination at this juncture would lead to a heavy spike, and we would suffer more to repend after the examination, despite any precaution.

    I would also say that our students are not that disciplined to follow the safety precautions enforced. After all we are Indians who love indiscipline more than discipline.

    No life without Sun

  • #708567
    To my friends who are suggesting that the selections be done on the basis of qualifying exams marks, I will say that it won't be fair to the students who have been preparing for these prestigious exams for years together. Yes, I say years together, because I have seen thousands of students, especially in the city of Hyderabad and its surroundings, where children start preparing for JEE Main and NEET from class 5 /6. For these students, deciding the selections just on the basis of class 12 marks will be a gross injustice to them. Class 12 marks, especially the ones from the state boards is not the perfect parameter when it comes to select candidates for NITs, IITs and other reputed institutes. The class 12 marks often do not provide the real picture of a student's capability. In some of the liberal boards, even ordinary students score very heavily. Then there is the problem of equating different boards. Some of the boards are very liberal, but there are also boards that have a very miserly attitude when giving marks. So students from such boards will be at a disadvantage if qualifying exam marks become the sole criteria. For private institutes, it is okay, because for them merit is no criteria. But in the government colleges, merit is the foremost factor and the qualifying exam marks can't do justice to it.
    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708568
    As a special measure, this year, our government can consider cancelling JEE and NEET, and consider selecting the students on the basis of marks obtained in their 12th examination. This year can be given an excuse, and in the following years, the JEE and NEET examinations can be conducted as planned.

    This should be considered and implemented. JEE and NEET be announced as cancelled.

    No life without Sun

  • #708569
    I strongly feel that the decision of holding exams is a good decision as it has cleared the doubts of clouds on the holding of these important exams. It is entirely a different matter whether the exams are being conducted in physical mode or online mode as that depends on the decision makers in this case and they must have seen the pros and cons of all the options available. The pandemic is there and is threatening us in a serious way but we have to manage it and slowly start most of the activities which were closed in the initial stages of this pandemic. The medical fraternity has observed that there are some basic precautions that one has to take and if the social distancing norms are undertaken then the chances of getting infected by this deadly virus are reduced. So by conducting these exams a new strength would be generated in the system and a feeling would be inculcated that yes, we can do it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #708571
    Yes, I agree with you, Dr Rao. Delay in conducting the exams is putting immense psychological pressure on the students. As I mentioned in one of my response that our neighbour's son has appeared for two of the exams. These two exams are of secondary importance to him. His main target is cracking the JEE Main and finally JEE Advanced. He has been preparing all these months and years. Now that the exam is getting postponed every now and then, he is not able to take it any more. He has in fact lost interest in studies. He is not able to concentrate. He is telling, how much more will he study. He is already done with the preparation, now it was time for him to perform, and for that, he is not getting the chance.

    And Sun, I do not get how attending office is different from a student appearing for the exam. In fact, officegoers are more at risk than students. We come close to so many people face to face. We have to often use common items like the landline phones, lift buttons, stationeries and what not. Whereas in the case of the students they will not come in contact with each other. They will simply sit at their terminal and appear for the exam. So no risk for them at all. Bearing it for few more months is not going to help the students, Sun. The entire academic year is likely to get lost if they have to wait for a few more months.

    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708575

    The suggestion of the selection of the students based on the marks obtained in their 12th examination is not feasible as these exams are not regular school examination where students can be promoted. These are the competitive examination for the admission in engineering and medical courses. and the aim of these exams is to identify talented students. In 12th class examination mostly students score good marks whereas only well-prepared students can crack competitive exams. Therefore, these examinations must be conducted so that the right students can be allotted a seat.

  • #708576
    Dear all,
    Let us not come to a conclusion about what COVID-19 is and how it spreads. Despite any precaution, the virus could spread. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) could not say what this virus is and how this virus is! Initially WHO pronounced that this virus is only a droplet and doesn't spread. Later the same WHO has said that the virus could spread through the air. So, the concerning authorities themselves have a big doubt over the virus's behavior.

    Once again I reiterate and say that we should not take risks of conducting an examination and get infected and suffer. The rich students would be able to pay their hospital fees in lakhs, but the poor student would get into debts or lose their lives.

    No life without Sun

  • #708581
    Just imagine the days when we had no JEE and NEET for the selection of students for Engineering and Medical colleges. Let us follow the same old procedure in this year also, due to Corona fear. Thus, we won't feel the year going waste, and the student community would be happy.

    If there is a will, there is always a way. The government should consider this and convince the students. Nothing can be a better solution than this.

    No life without Sun

  • #708583
    Let me put forward my point of view regarding the opinions presented by the members speaking in favour of the entrance exams at this critical juncture.

    The exams should be postponed further. I don't want the examinations to be scrapped. There are asymptomatic COVID patients too, so how to single them out at the examination centre?

    Dr Gangwar in one response opined that the students whose immunity is low, they should refrain from exam but rest of the students should not suffer because they prepared for the entrance for a long period. Isn't it an injustice to those children who too worked hard for the entrance but just because of low immunity level, they must suffer?

    Mr Dhruv, you are comparing teenagers with the adult office goers which is an insensitive comparison. Have you thought about the agony of their mind and also of their family members? Misfortune cannot be predicted, so it is always advisable that we should take every step with proper precaution. In this case precaution cannot be hundred percent because of asymptomatic COVID patients and, what about the members who would accompany the students? They would be roaming around near the examination centre. At present climate is playing a spoil sport, so if there occur huge rain, then imagine what chaos will take place. Social distancing will just fly away, and no parent will be tested by the exam centre, so you never know who is symptomatic, leave aside asymptomatic. The virus can make an inroad very easily. So, let's be considerate at this stage and the entrance can wait for a few more months.


  • #708584
    Dear all,
    Few members are talking about the hard preparation of students for the examination. Sincerely speaking the following:

    Since the month of February, the whole world is worried about Corona. No student could concentrate in their studies in the arena of Corona. Six months have lapsed without any use. All worried about their loss of earning including the parents of the students. During the last six months, students had no access to library or coaching or tuition classes to prepare for the examination. All these institutions were locked.

    Due to the above reasons, how can we say that the students have prepared hard to appear in the examinations? No. they did not prepare for the exam. All waited for the cancellation of exam and selection through their marks obtained in school examination.

    Since we are in the unlock stage with some educational facilities open for the students to prepare, a period of three/four months would be sufficient for the students to prepare well for the entrance examinations.

    Hence, I recommend the examination should be postponed for the next three/four months and conducted in the month of January 2021. If not convenient, as I recommended earlier, government can consider selecting the students on the basis of marks scored in their 12th class examination.

    No life without Sun

  • #708585
    I agree with this view that the JEE- NEET exam must be postponed. Covid-19 has already out of control in our country. Our country situation is getting worse day by day in case of this pandemic. In such a situation, if we conduct this kind of big exam then what would result. One side govt says to stay at home, don't do get together and another side they are trying to spread the disease by conducting this kind of exam. If infection spread more and more then who will take responsibility. Our country has not many resources to control this overpopulated society. What is more important life or education? If our life is safe only then we would be able to get an education. The exam can be conducted again but life once went then can't be regained. As per my view, we should wait for some more time till the vaccine comes. Some people saying is also true that when this pandemic will end, it is not sure. But, if the emergency is there then the solution should be in the same manner. We should find another mode of taking the exam so as to infection may not spread.

  • #708587
    When Mr. Sun is saying that let us follow the olden times when there was no examinations, I see no logic or practicality in this. This isn't a proper solution. The simple reason is that innumerable students apply for medical and engineering posts, whereas the total number of seats for studying these subjects in respective colleges are very few , especially in government colleges. Therefore, how can the colleges cater to so many students if there is no examination to shortlist the candidates?
    I don't support the idea of preventing low immunity students to from giving the examinations, stated by Dr. Gangwar either. First of all, who will vouch for their immunity strength. We have seen that almost 8 lakh people have died worldwide from corona virus. Is it true that everybody's immunity was drastically low? Or is it that not abiding by proper precautions had led to the majority of deaths? One single miss on precautions can lead to fatalities in case of corona virus.
    In fact, the most horrible thing is that even doctors can't unanimously locate the pattern, symptoms or behavior of this virus. Sometimes they say that it isn't air borne, sometimes they it is. If they can't make up their mind properly, can we expect that the politicians or top organizations who are saying that they will take care of this examination properly are saying correct things and will go by the rules always? Who will guarantee that nothing will happen to these young students?
    My opinion is that in the event of this examination happening as per schedule, the government officials should give a handwritten and signed note to every student that they are vouching for the fact not a single student will be affected by this virus while conducting this examination or if it does happen, they will take the entire responsibility of that or those students and pay proper compensation for medical care.
    Secondly, I think that if some students fear of getting contracted and opt out for sitting for these examinations this year in spite of paying for it, then they should be allowed to sit for the next year's entrance test without paying another penny.

  • #708588
    Rosie Ray,
    Thanks for commenting on my recommendation to follow the old method of selecting students for Engineering and Medical colleges. Something is better than nothing. On that basis, some solution is better than no solution. We are in a stage where no solution can be found. During the past, when there were no entrance examinations for engineering and medical, science students used to opt for engineering colleges and medical colleges. Therefore, all who studied science in their 12th could be selected for BE and MBBS courses on a merit basis. This is what should be done to overcome the present crisis.

    All other points from you hold good and are valid. Well said. Keep it up.

    No life without Sun

  • #708589
    @708551 I think the center and state has ceased of the situation of containing the pandemic menace as at least in ten states the rules of the center were not followed and hence the cases are on the rise and also the death toll. Therefore the center does not want to stop the economic growth and progress and thus started operating the normal way of existence, It is the for the students and the parents to reach out to the exam center and see that they take it on. The state govts should provide the transport facility for the students writing these two exams and that would mitigate the problem.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #708592
    Pathetic is the prevailing situation in our country. We are in an ugly state living with corona fear. As per the media reports, India on Thursday 27th August 2020 recorded the highest single-day spike of 75760 new cases in the last 24 hours. Should we say that we are safe in the arena of Corona?

    This is due to opening of business establishments, liquor shops, factories, malls and running of transports. We really do not know how the virus spreads. Is it through droplets only or through the air space?

    Now, in addition to the above, if we make the student gathering throughout India for the purpose of examination, I am sure, the chances of Corona playing havoc cannot be avoided. The number of infected would go beyond our control. Hospitals are running short of beds to accommodate COVID patients. Private hospitals are charging heavily for treating a disease that has no medicine to treat. The poor who cannot afford is dying. People who have some bank balance for their future days go bankrupt. Many are taking loan for treatment and suffering to pay back their loans.

    At this juncture, should we still think of conducting the examination for lakhs of candidates and risk the lives of students and their family and their neighbours? It would amount to the intended crime.

    Think about it well and post your responses.

    No life without Sun

  • #708606
    I was feeling a bit worried on seeing the participants concentrating on the spread of COVID-19 part only but am glad that you have gradually started shifting to other points involved. Please move ahead of Corona and come up with other related and relevant issues to support your arguments.
    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

  • #708612
    Dear members,
    Apart from COVID fear, there are some ground realities. There are over 15 lakhs applicants and the exam centers are about 3000 + only. Many states in India have not resumed their public transport services, and hotels are closed. This would be a big challenge. Further, girl students would pose serious problems as they will have to move alone far away distances to appear in the examination under the present circumstance.

    Hence it is not advisable to go ahead with the exam despite any arrangement. It is not possible to conduct exam for whole of India due to different situations prevailing in different states.

    Many parents won't be willing to send their wards to the exam centers due to the non-availability of transport services and hotel facilities along with the Corona fear.

    Due to the above-quoted reasons, the government has no other option other than postponing the exam until the situation is under control, or to select candidates based on their 12th class exam marks.

    No life without Sun

  • #708619
    Well, I too agree that we are not living in the best of the times. The Corona has played havoc in most countries. However things have not been as grim in our country. We are a lot fortunate in that sense. Six months have passed that we have been fighting this disease and life has come to a standstill for many. The question is, for how much longer can things be in a standstill. Isn't it time we start living and continue with all essential activities? JEE and NEET are essential things for the future generation. By not allowing them to appear for the same is playing with the career of such students. Many of my friends who have suggested that the exam be postponed to next year, to them I ask what is the guarantee that the virus won't be there next year? Yes, scientists are hoping for a vaccine by end of this year, but what guarantee it will work? If things remain the same next year, we will be back to square one. So what will the students do then? Moreover, next year another batch will get due for the test, in fact they are getting due in another 4 months in January. So what about them? My question again to all of you. Will the two batches be forced to compete with each other. With the same number of seats, there will be double the number of students. Can you imagine the scenario. What a chaos it is going to create.

    Shampa Sadhya, I do not understand why you have stated my comparison between regular office hours with the students as insensitive. Why, do we office goers do not have family, kids and old parents? Is my family and kids not at risk, if I have to go to office day in and day out, six days a week, interacting with staff, workers and even many outside vendors? Even with this risk has life stopped for me? Like me millions other are risking their and their families lives, because we all have to make a living. More than Corona we will all die of hunger, if we don't start living again. Yes, for the time being, we can do away with the non-essential things, but essential activities have to pick up gradually.

    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708620
    Sun, JEE main and NEET are a once in a lifetime exam for the students. They don't have to come daily for the exam. So for a day everyone can manage their transportation. In any case most people these days have their private means of transport. So transportation should not be a big deal. There is no need to stay in hotels as it is a single day affair that too of few hours. And why will the girl students have to travel alone? They will have parents, siblings or relatives to accompany them. I am sure parents will be most willing to accompany their children to the exam centre. Some of you are fearful that there could be crowding at the centres. But with social distancing measures at work, why should there be any crowding?
    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708621
    Please let me know how many students among the 15 lakh students are going to be benefitted by the examination? Is career more prestigious than life? Haven't we seen the unemployed engineers and doctors in our country? Should we try to achieve something by risking our life? The devil Corona is present in every nook and corner of India, especially in cities where there is a crowd.

    While there are a few who support the examination, there are many who oppose the examination at this juncture and favour the postponement. Many have suggested selection to Eng/Med colleges based on their marks scored in 12th Std. I see no harm if there is an entrance examination for double the students next year. We need to manage the situation without loss of lives for which proper understanding and cooperation is essential.

    Let us not try to play with our own lives, knowing the danger. It will not only affect the student community, but all who come across the infected students.

    No life without Sun

  • #708622
    #708620. While the government says stay home and leave home only if essential, you want to make a crowd around the examination hall (Your statement - And why will the girl students have to travel alone? They will have parents, siblings or relatives to accompany them.) and make a mess around, which is ideal for Corona to embrace. There would be 300 students inside the hall, and about 500 parents/siblings/relatives & friends would be loitering around the examination hall. Is it not a favourable situation for infection? And every student is not expected to have their own vehicle for conveyance. There are many poor students without a vehicle and cannot afford a square meal, but are trying their best to study hard to achieve something in their life. They are dependent on govt bus services.
    It is very easy to think, but very difficult to perform.

    No life without Sun

  • #708624
    For JEE and NEET exams, the candidates have already filled choices for their examination centres and they will have to attend the exam in their nearby selected centre. In many states buses are running. Further, there are no restrictions over private vehicles, ola, uber. So the aspirants can go by using these vehicles.
    I want to say that when students are going here and there for fun, then they can go for exams also. It is a matter of just one day and it will save their career.

  • #708627
    Dr. Deepali,
    Corona has no wristwatch to look and work. It is blind and attracted bodily. Whether it is one day or many days for us, but Corona needs only a few seconds or minutes to take away our lives. You say buses are running in many states. So buses are also not running in many states. The district collectors in many states are worried and are trying their best by not operating transport services to contain the virus and save lives.

    You are wrong in saying that students are going here and there for fun. No. It was during the normal days, not during COVID days. Just a matter of one day could take away the life forever. Let us not risk our lives.

    No life without Sun

  • #708628
    It is not fair to allot seats on the basis of qualifying examination marks. There are some states where no examinations were conducted and promoted all the students. They all will be eligible. Some boards decided the promotions based on internal examinations. Different boards have different standards and promoted in a different way. So admissions should be made on the entrance examination.
    the important issue here is to save one year to all the students. Already it is too much delayed and further delay means people will lose definitely one year. The next batch will be coming in another 7 months. So people who want postponement can think of appearing for the net year examinations. For the sake of some students, why everybody should lose one year. This one-year loss will have a lot of impact on the students in their education and career. The authorities will keep these issues also in mind before making a decision.
    Transportation is not going to be a big problem. Many will have two-wheelers. Otherwise using a cab for a day is not a big deal.
    I have seen many students who are worried about these examinations and getting frustrated. They can't stop preparation and at the same time, they are not able to concentrate due to this ambiguity. It is better not to keep the students in a state of confusion for long. A decision is to be taken so that the aspiring students will make up their mind.

    always confident

  • #708629
    By preventing low-immunity students, I don't mean that government or NTA should stop them. It is only parents and children themselves know about their health. So it us up to them only if they wish to go for exam, they can go.

    I also want to say that when government and NTA is planning the arrangements for the exam, they will definitely take each and every safety measure into consideration.

    I have also given the example of Gaokao exam in China, in the exam the authority made several arrangements and special arrangements for the students suffering from respiratory or other severe ailments.

    So, our system will definitely do good for students. They will not risk anyone's life, we should have faith in them.

    Further, the students are teenagers but not small kids. They can understand, how to follow the precautionary measures. and their parents have also responsibility.

  • #708647
    Mr Dhruv, In your response #708619 you have yourself accepted the harsh reality of life that is we need food to survive. For food, one has to go to work and earn money. Suppose you had the option to work from home, then wouldn't you opt it. You have no option other than going to the office, and you can't leave the job because you have to maintain a family. It is undoubtedly risky, but will it be a sensible thought and sensitive attitude to send our kids to the exam centre when there is a danger? Can we forgive ourselves if something untoward happens?

    Dr Gangwar, What an easy solution you have provided in #708624, that students can hire private vehicles. Kindly do not forget that every Indian is not rich and now many are facing job cuts, getting half salary, and you are talking about private vehicles. It's a very impractical solution. Some would be able to provide, but not all and the government must look into the fact that every candidate must get the opportunity to sit for the entrance exams. Another point I want to highlight that many students will appear for both JEE and NEET so think about the expenditure for hiring private vehicles twice in the same month, when for many it wouldn't be possible to spend even once.


  • #708653
    Dr Rao, I partially agree with your comment in #708628 that for JEE and NEET admission should not be on the basis of Board results. It will be an injustice to the meritorious candidates. Well, I fail to approve your point that one year of a student should be saved. What about life? What will the loved ones do with one year of the academic life of a child, if life does not exist? An exam can wait, and the education department must chalk out how to balance the lost months and regularise it later. It will create some hurdle in different semesters, but some rational idea will come up. Patients are getting cured, but, why should we gamble with the lives of our dear ones?

  • #708654
    This is a very interesting thread and very nice opinions above ofcourse I could disagree with a few of them. For one all the above opinions about postponing the exams do not consider the fact that students have been going through a very harrowing time. Not just the ones giving exams but also others the ones in colleges and universities. The ones about to finish their respective courses or degrees and also the ones who were in the beginning of this year about to get hired for their very first job or internship. You should understand the mental pressure on them, about their future career prospects et all. Secondly we have opinions regarding the safety of students. In this the centre and the state governments must make full arrangements at whatever cost it might take them to ensure that both the students the parents/legal gaurdians and all are safely escorted both on and off the premises of the examination centre. If the government fails in doing this both the governments be held fully accountable for lapse of action in front of the law. This does not mean that students and parents should be at lapse themselves rather the entire community should act as one during these tough times.

  • #708655
    The government is not forcing all the students to come and write the examinations. There are many parents who wanted their children to complete their examinations and they don't want their children to waste one year. If as a parent I feel my son should not go out, I will ask him not to go out. Let him lose one year. But I have no right to say that all others should also lose an academic year. We should think more practically. I am sure if the examinations are further postponed more students will get sick because of this uncertainty and confusion, not because of COVID19. So there should be an end to this. Either to attend or not to attend is individual's choice,
    If we go and stand on the road we will see how many children in the age group of 17 to 18th years are seen going to shops and other places with masks on their faces.

    always confident

  • #708658
    Dr Rao,
    Sir you're very true in saying that the government is not forcing them to write the exam. But certainly time is very precious as is their career prospects. The government here must aid the community and facilitate in it's development. That's what governments are for and hence they must ensure that proper arrangements ie: social distance, masks health aids etc are made in the examination centre also they should take care of the journey each student has to make to the centre atleast they can make a bus arrangement or train arrangement of some sort with necessary health aid abroad.

  • #708661
    Holding these exams in a physical mode is a very risky proposition and it would become a precedent for all other such exams or other exams which are required to be taken in future in physical mode. Once these liberties are given there would be a beeline for many exams which are in line. I do not think that at this juncture we can afford to allow the students to mix with each other in or around the examination centres. I am also not able to understand what is the problem in taking these exams in an online mode. I do not think that it is not possible to manage that with the amount pif technology available to us today.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #708663
    Yeah, I agree with you on this Umesh if possible they should take all these exams through online mode. However the competitive nature and possibly due to other factors it would be quite difficult to change the pattern in which they're conducted. I guess there should be more discussion on this topic. Also as I've mentioned above if they take all necessary health precautions both on and off the premises. Then we could conduct the exam in physical mode too without any problem.

  • #708666
    Just today this news came that many students couldn't reach the site of test at Kolkata for BHU Banaras Hindu University Test due to low transportation due to the lockdown and social distancing norms. Now who will guarantee that the same won't happen in JEE NEET examinations. Let's not forget that lots of students today who were willing to come and give the test couldn't do so due to very less transports. Some might argue that why not take a private vehicle or go by your own car. We shouldn't forget lots of students come from lower economic strata who can't afford to own a private car or book a private car that can charge thousands of rupees in this lockdown just to take them to the test center and another couple of thousands to come back home.
    Secondly, some students couldn't book it instantly on the day of the test as it had be pre-booked by others days ago as a precautionary measure in lockdown. So who will guarantee that if a willing student is not able to sit for the exam on the due date, due to the above reasons, then he or she won't take any drastic step? Can the governments or anyone else guarantee that?

  • #708668
    Dear members favouring the exam,
    Knowing that there is a fire that would burn our fingers, or knowing that the naked line is dangerous that would give a shock, we are trying to test ourselves the ill effect of the fire or shock. Despite all the specially made arrangements for 15 lakh students to appear in the examination on a single day, if the Corona still misbehaves, we all will have it. No government will come for rescue and hold responsibility. It is like some politician (CM of TN)saying that God alone knows when Corona will end.

    Precaution is better than cure. Please remember this. A year waste may not be a big loss. It can be made good next year. But once died cannot be resurrected.

    No life without Sun

  • #708669
    I am sure that many of you are aware of the implementation of the reservation policy, based upon the Mandal Commission report during the '90s. I remember it very clearly because as a student, my batch and other batches suffered a lot. There were cases of self-immolation by the anti-Mandal agitators. Educational sessions hit badly, especially I can speak about Patna University. The university session was already going late, and the anti-Mandal protest just fueled it up. My batch lost three years due to the mentioned reasons while completing from intermediate to post-graduation.

    Well, we suffered not only loss of years, but there was psychological pressure too. Our parents kept us motivated. Now, my batchmates are well-settled professionally. I worked for two years but later decided to quit due to personal reason. A loss of six months is negligible in comparison to three years loss.


  • #708670
    I would also like to disagree with Dr. Rao that the virus is becoming less intensive. There is no definite proof that. In fact, that the contrary is true. For example, the countries of New Zealand and Australia had no viruses or no new active cases for a long and scientists started to believe that these countries are now officially corona free and now see what has happened. That is what I was saying that if a second wave of corona virus soon starts in the country and the people, especially joint entrance students are affected by that then what will happen. The worse will be that due to a mutated pattern in the genes of the virus, the doctors and the patients might not be able to identify that this virus is present in the body and slowly it might decay the body to death.

  • #708672
    I think Govt has taken a bold and correct step for going ahead with the JEE and NEET examinations in the physical mode. We cannot sit idle like that indefinitely and some decision has to be taken in this regard. Until unless we try these things how we know that we would be able to carry out more such physical mode exams or even opening up of schools and colleges. Some amount of risk is always required in taking bold and good decisions. Students cannot wait indefinitely for the want of decision and waste their time in waiting for that. In case exams are not to be conducted then the students should be clearly told that due to pandemic situation this year we do not have any exam and students can join whatever online classes available to them for their higher studies in the stream of their liking. We cannot create a situation of confusion and helplessness for the students. We have to take good care of them as they are the citizens of tomorrow.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #708674
    Our government is really not interested in the lives of the people, but want to wash their hands and lessen the burden of conducting a delayed examination for their administrative convenience. They look at their convenience and plan to go ahead with examination despite the pandemic situation that is increasing day by day.

    Who in the government would care if a family loses a person, or pay heavily to treat the affected person? Ultimately, the government would blame the individual for not taking care of themselves.

    I would say that the government, especially the education ministry is playing with the public without foreseeing the future of the nation. Like a member who suffered for three years and is well off now, can't we bear a loss of six more months to have a fearless examination?

    I am sure, students have not prepared well for the examination due to pandemic and lockdowns. This is not the time ripe for major exams like JEE and NEET.

    No life without Sun

  • #708676
    I feel conducting these examinations online and asking the students to answer online from houses is also not fair. Many people will not have computers or Laptops in their house. Especially for people from villages, it is very difficult. Another thing is the student may answer from his house or on his behalf somebody from his house can also answer the paper. So this is not a fair solution for these examinations.
    always confident

  • #708679
    Mr. Rao,
    I fully agree that it is not ideal and also impossible to conduct entrance examinations online due to the requirement of gadgets at home. There could be foul play as said by you. All cannot afford to have a laptop. We may require 15 lakhs in number. Even if they have, they need internet connectivity for which they need to pay a lot. Can poor Indian afford it?
    When it is physically not possible, decide it with the marks scored in their earlier classes. I repeatedly reiterate this option and cancel the examination. Else postpone the examination.

    No life without Sun

  • #708682
    Well, having read the above replies I believe it's the right time to test the government's loyalty towards it's citzens. They make a million promises. Now let's see how they go about delivering it. My stance remains firm conduct the exam hold the government responsible for all the affairs ie: providing health kits, adequate masks, transport facility computer and networking facility for those studenrs who're unable to visit the examination centre physically.

  • #708683
    I sincerely appreciate the points which Rosie Ray has come up with her post #708666. I have also mentioned the financial condition of many who cannot afford to hire a private car or own one.

    Let me mention another point that is though Mamta Banerjee is against conducting the upcoming JEE and NEET, she has kept free all the scheduled examination dates from the lockdown to be observed in September. The reason behind it is that if at all entrance exams take place on the fixed dates, then students must not suffer due to non-availability of transport. The same is not possible for all the entrance examinations or else there will be no lockdown to contain the pandemic. Is examination more important, than stopping the spread of the contagious disease?

    Another point that comes to my mind is the financial angle. Once the tests get over, then in a few days, the result will be declared, and then the admission process will start. Thus, there will be an inflow of money which will help to pay the salaries to all the concerned staffs. The government is giving more importance to the monetary side than the students' health.


  • #708685
    Dear Ryyu,
    It is not possible for any government to provide the health kit, mask and transport for conveyance. It would cost them a lot. They would simply provide some sanitizer to wash the hand and would place the writing-table at a safe distance of two meters. Rest all would be our own to protect ourselves.

    The government would wash their hand saying "Anyone wishing to appear in the exam is welcome to give exam " That would be the end of the JEE and NEET this year. The responsibility of government would be over for this year.

    No life without Sun

  • #708687
    I agree with Mr. Sun that it is not possible for the government to provide the each and everything needed by the student for successfully appearing in the examination and completing it effectively. My question is that why go through so much trouble then if one cannot ensure safe practices and therefore good health of the students even after the examinations.
    In fact, one point just occurred to me, what if a student who just has contracted corona virus and doesn't know yet comes at the examination hall. Will it be possible for the people responsible for the examinations check whether a person has just contracted the virus. I have heard some people in the initial days of contracting corona virus remains asymptomatic. Then can the respective in-charges or invigilators know that whether the candidate coming to the center has got the virus already or not? What happens if he or she continues to give the examination?
    I have heard in few examinations a declaration signed by the candidate is taken to notify the examination center that the candidate doesn't have fever before coming to the center. But, what happens if somebody falsely claims of having no fever but comes with such conditions anyway? Has anyone thought of those repercussions? Another situation is that a candidate comes with fever to the room but doesn't have corona, maybe has general fever. What happens then? In such a case unnecessary panic will follow if the candidate is identified. The examination center might have to discontinue the exam and everyone has to go back home. Does anyone know how much loss that will incur for the government, all being our honest tax-payers money? Why indulge into such useless expenditure when a little bit if patience can ensure absolute success?

  • #708688
    Thinking that the government is conducting these examinations to get money by getting the students admitted into the colleges is not sounding logical to me. If that is the intention, the government can go to a decision of allocating seats based on the marks they obtained in their qualifying examination and start admissions immediately so that they will get money in the month of September itself. Is it not easy for them? Why take all precautions and conduct examinations. Let them ask all to apply with a little higher application fee and go for scrutiny immediately.
    always confident

  • #708692
    Well Rosie Ray, to your query, what will happen, if say a student who is infected with the virus comes to the test centre, I will explain it this way. Even if the student is corona positive, there is no risk to others. After all the student won't be interacting with anyone. He will simply come to the centre and sit at his terminal. Moreover, everyone at the centre will be using a mask and maintain social distance. So there will be hardly any chance of the virus being caught by someone else.

    And Sun, your wish has been kind of granted, at least by one of the state governments. The Odisha government, which too had been advocating the postponement of the exams have announced that it will be providing all necessary help for the students transportation. The state government has alerted the district administrators to provide free transport facility to all students not in a position to arrange transport of their own . No lockdown measures will be applicable on the students or their parents during the exam days. Now this is called responsible government. Hope the other state governments, who are making a hue and cry about the exam will learn from the Odisha government and facilitate the exam process instead of causing hindrances.

    Well Shampa Sadhya, as Dr Rao has pointed out, linking the exams with a financial angle is not at all logical. It is not that the government wants to conduct the tests just to collect tuition fees from the students. In fact, for institutes of eminence like IITs, NITs and many other government-run medical colleges, the government has to pay from its own pocket for running these institutions. The government grants lots of subsidies to such eminent institutes for their day to day running and to make education affordable to the meritorious. I hope the Bengal CM too provides transport facility to the needy students just like her Odisha counterpart. Mere easing the lockdown isn't enough.

    I will again reiterate that this is a once in a lifetime exam. It is not like any other ordinary exam. So students and their parents will have to take extra pain, if need be, to appear for the test. Simply giving excuses is not going to help anyone, and those student who are opposing the exams should realize it at the earliest, before it is too late.

    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708693
    As of now, the government has already earned quite a good sum from the students appearing for NEET exam. The exam fee for the general candidate is Rs. 1500/- OBC 1400/- SC/ST 800/-. For JEE, for General and OBC, the fee is Rs. 1300 for boys and Rs. 650 for girls. For SC/ST , Rs. 650 for both boys and girls. Keeping an average of Rs. 1000/ each, for 15 lakh candidates, they have made good Rs 15,00,000,000 (150 crores). This is what worries the government to complete the examination soon. And the students also worried about the fees they paid and fear that they might lose it and go waste this year.

    I hope I am right with my presumption.

    No life without Sun

  • #708694
    Transportation is not a very big problem. In most of the States City buses, autos, taxis are running. Further, it depends upon the will power of the students and their parents. And most probably government will take care of transportation for these exams also like other exams in previous years.
    I am giving one example of parents' and student's will power. Recently a father cycled for over 100km and brings his son to the exam centre just to help his son continue his studies.
    Another example of students' and governments' will power is: A student gave exam at the corona centre. It was only his will power to continue his study and Government also supported who made the corona centre as Exam centre. Both these examples are from India. A popular saying is "Where there is a will, there is a way". So everything is possible by the will.
    Most of the parents and students who are favouring postponement of these exams are either concerned about the disease or the students are not well-prepared. But taking proper safety measures like masking, sanitization and social distancing they can protect themselves and similarly examination centre will also be taking the appropriate measures.

    But postponing exam will create huge problem as due to the non-conducting these exams this year all the seats will remain vacant (as the government has not declared this year as 'Zero Academic Year') and next year the seats will remain same but number of students will get doubled. Then there will be a problem of seat allotment to the students. Again half of the students will not be able to get a seat in the courses.

  • #708697
    Teenage students are immatured, and the family members must make them understand the ground reality. Those who are favouring the non-cancellation of the exams are highlighting the psychological side of the students, but forget that these inexperienced youths need proper guidance. When they would realise that their parents and others are with them in this troubled time, they will get confidence, and that's the role the elders have to play.

    Neeru Bhatt in her response #708672 has suggested that unless trying the physical mode examinations, how to understand that one can go ahead with many such exams. If that is the reason, then let the parents and guardians first volunteer some physical mode examinations and see the outcome. Why risk the upcoming generation?

    Yes, Dr Rao #708688, you may disagree with the financial angle, but the solution you suggested would create a lot of hue and cry among the aspirants. Result of the various boards varies a lot. The marking pattern is not the same in all the respective boards so it will be unfair to set up a percentage norm and take admission. In such a criterion, I think CBSE and ICSE students will win over the state boards. The policymakers cannot take such a decision by ignoring the strong candidates of the other boards.

    As Rosie Ray has mentioned that what if a student develops the symptoms after entering the examination hall, and no one can deny such a possibility. It is unknown that when a person would catch the infection and would reflect the symptoms or remain asymptomatic. Earlier, I had mentioned in one of my responses that there is a danger of spreading the disease because many seem to be asymptomatic. I fail to understand why the Indian government is so rigid about the whole decision.

    On a lighter note, I want to add that I came across a meme made by an aspirant. He has voiced through his meme as a response to the Education Minister's claim that students want to appear the tests because 17 lakh students have downloaded the admit cards. The meme says, ''Over 120 crore people have purchased masks, means people want corona to stay." The tragedy is that the people in power are just trying to fulfil their responsibility of holding the examination. They are ignoring the ill effects. Taking precautions in the examination centre is not all, and that too would fall flat if some asymptomatic aspirants appear the examination. The government must believe in the saying: better safe than sorry.


  • #708698
    Will like to point out one more thing here. In case some student feels that it is not safe for him/her to appear for the current exam, and will like the exam to be postponed to next year, why does not that student simply drop off his plans to appear for this year's exam? He can simply appear next year along with the next batch and thus be safe from the corona. He/she should allow the others who are ready to take the risk, to appear for the current exam. As simple as that. After all what they are desiring is the exam should shift to next year, so instead, give the next year's exam and stop all the hullabaloo.

    Well Sun, you don't see any harm when double the number of students have to compete for the same seats, because it does not affect you. But ask the boy or girl who will be appearing for the test and will have to face double the number of candidates. What will be his or her chances of qualifying, just halved? And also think of the time when double the students will pass out after finishing college. Again double the people in a race to get a job.

    What we today need is proactiveness. Even personalities like Sonu Sood are promising to come forward to help students with their transportation problems, be it anywhere, whether Bihar, Gujarat, Assam or elsewhere. When a single person can do so much, why the state governments, with the entire state machinery at their disposal, do the same for their students and help them with their exams? Unfortunately, some of the state governments are busy doing politics on this issue without being much concerned about student welfare. I fear, if the exam ultimately gets cancelled, many of the students may go into depression. Hope the Supreme sticks to its earlier verdict, now that some of the opposition ruled state governents have decided to file a review petition.

    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708700
    Government has earned money but for conducting exam and it is not a new thing. Government fixed an application fee for each entrance exam. It is not the compulsion that the government has earned money hence they have to conduct the exam but government want to save a year of the students. In many cases when exams are not conducted , Government refund money and earlier it happened many times.

    I also want to mention one thing here, I saw news on TV and social media that the students who were protesting to postpone the JEE & NEET exams, they were not wearing any mask and not even following social distancing. There were lots of crowd. So when they can protest like this without following any precaution why are they afraid from taking exam? While government will provide adequate safety measures.

  • #708701
    1. About students appearing in the exam next year.
    The students have paid their examination fee prior to Corona's arrival. Hence, your point is invalid.
    2. About the double number of seats.
    We will have to bear it and accept it as something is better than nothing.
    3. About the provision of transport facilities.
    It is a health hazard as students will be made to move like cattle in the transport provided by the government. Girls will be accompanied by their parents/siblings/friends. It will be over crowded, and would be easy to embrace Corona.

    No life without Sun

  • #708702
    Yes Dr Deepali, I too have seen some clippings where people are protesting against the exams. The interesting thing is that even though many of them were having masks, everyone was very close to each other, in fact in contact with each other. Makes one laugh. They are protesting about the fear of spreading of the virus during the exams, but they themselves are not following the social distancing norms while protesting. Does the virus not spread from such irresponsible actions of the so-called concerned people?
    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708703
    Dr Gangwar in #708694 is talking about will power. Yes, will power is good quality, but expecting every student to possess it and reflect it through cycling a long route is expecting too much from the teenagers. Suppose an aspirant is a handicapped person, he/she may be orphan and what not. It is always easy to say. Neither history gets created every moment, nor every name gets recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. One example is not enough to motivate lakhs and lakhs of aspirants in this troubled time when income has diminished for unnumbered people. Different types of problems are there, so putting up one example does not justify.

    Interesting to note that you have passed a judgement that those parents and students who are against the scheduled examinations are not well prepared. Are you not undermining the parents and the students without even knowing about their ability? It's easy to judge, but those who have to face reality understands the nitty-gritty of it.

    No one has suggested for zero academic session, but only to postpone the exams at present. A little late start of a session would not make a huge difference, especially when life is at stake. What would one do if there is a sudden natural calamity or terrorist attack? We should not ignore the prevailing harsh situation and send off the teenagers as if we are sending them to the border like soldiers to save their motherland. We need to be logical.


  • #708704
    Dhruv and Deepali,
    What you witnessed must be a small group of people belonging to a particular area where Corona was not there. But in an examination hall, many hundred students would assemble from different parts of the city and villages accompanied by their parents, siblings, relatives and friends who will be roaming outside the hall during the hours of examination.
    The protesting group also likely get infected if there are some infected individual. But it is their own invited problem for which they are responsible,not the government.

    No life without Sun

  • #708705

    A little late start of a session would not make a huge difference. But corona is not going to end very soon and at least this year. So it will not be a wise decision to postpone the exams for next year. And in case of terrorist attack or any harsh situations the exams can be postponed for some time. But these exams already got postponed twice and due to uncertainty of pandemic it is useless to postpone further.

  • #708706
    I don't agree with Dr. Gangwar that since JEE has been postponed twice, it can't be postponed once again. There is no hard and fast rule for that and in fact if emergency calls for it, then it is imperative that examinations should be postponed, even if it means next year. Let's not forget we have the lives of the students at stake and that is huge to play with.
    Even if strong precautions are maintained it cannot be guaranteed that the students will be 100% careful from their end. I mean there will be thousands and thousands of them. All of them young and naive. What is worse that even now lots of youngsters believe that the concept of corona is false and it is not that fatal as government or others claim it to be. That is why, I see so many young people roaming around without masks and touching anything and everything. How can we be sure that some of such believers won't be the examination candidates this time?
    I also completely disagree with Dr. Gangwar that since people who are protesting the conducting of examinations did not take necessary precautions, they should be okay with going ahead with the examinations as they are not abiding the rules themselves. I am afraid this is not a solution. This argument is very childish. Some people, very foolish people, are not following social distancing norms. However, that doesn't mean that this gives the examination centers the right to conduct examinations as some are not following the rules anyway. If we go by this reason, then the examination centers should also not follow any social distancing norms at the time of the examination as some are not following them anyway.

  • #708707
    I would like to mention some counter points to what Dhruv has said earlier. Why are we arguing about these two examinations only when several other examinations are also being held in parallel?
    Well, for starters this GD is focusing of JEE and NEET examination so most of the knowledgeable participants are voicing against conducting of these two examinations. Had the scope of this GD included such other exams too, then me along with others here would have voiced against them too. Let me ask this question to the parent participants here. Do you really believe that the "precautionary measures" promised by the examination centers will be really taken and if so then that will be enough for your children? Will you be comfortable staying at home thinking, "Oh! my son is in the right center. Nothing will happen. They will take good care so my son will be fine"?
    To be honest, I won't be comfortable sending my daughter to the examination center in this scenario. If the examinations weren't postponed and if my daughter would have enrolled for this examination, then I would have appealed to the examination center to allow her to sit for the next examination session in the next year without taking further fee. If they wouldn't agree, I would have enrolled my daughter in general course or other vocational courses, where physically coming to the center is not necessary.
    It is true what Dhruv said that lots of examinations are being conducted now and transportation is also being opened in lots of places. But isn't this true too that in parallel, the active cases are exponentially increasing. In a single day we are witnessing more than 75,000 active cases and more than 1000 deaths. Maybe, this is due to the hurried opening of everything from examination centers to transportation. I fear that someday, India will reach the top position in everyday active cases and huge number of deaths every day, just as once the USA did.

  • #708710
    In this pandemic situation we have to go ahead with correct perception of the risk and threats expected in our endeavours and a wrong judgement would be a costlier proposition. If we examine the issue of holding examinations in a hurry then we find that we have enough alternatives in this regard and a simple formula giving the weighted average of marks in the qualifying exam and marks obtained in the entrance exam would be suffice to decide the selection of the student in the JEE or NEET so there is no point in taking such a big risk of intermingling so many students at one time all over the country. This pandemic is asking us to be more proactive and careful in social distancing then what we conceived earlier. The problem with the mentality of people is that once they hear that Govt has allowed for some activity then they take it as if the virus infection is eradicated. So, there is some big misunderstandings in the minds of people and in such scenario I am not for the holding of these exams in physical mode now.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #708725
    Shampa Sadhya, you say a little late start! Let me remind you and others, even if the exam is conducted from 01 September, the session is already delayed by six months. Further postponing the exams to next year will mean as good as a delay of 1 year. So the postponement will lead to a zero year for the present batch. Either the students will be then forced to study only 3 years for their graduation, or they will have to study an additional year, which will mean two batches will pass out at the same time. Can you imagine the chaos then? How the students will get accommodated by the industry, if the number of students passing out is double that of the usual?

    Sun, if people are responsible, why should they all assemble at one place? They will be maintaining social distancing as everyone does these days. The big PSU that I work for has thousands of people working here. Even with so many people, we are able to manage the social distancing measures. Moreover, NTA has increased the number of centres. So the number of students at any one centre will be limited and there won't be any crowding.

    Rosie Ray, thanks for bringing up this issue. But then when we are discussing about JEE Main and NEET, we have to take references from other such similar exams. When other such exams can be conducted, why should we not do the same for JEE and NEET? So your suggestion that we should not give reference of other exams does not sound convincing enough to me. As far as I am concerned, I definitely believe that the measures being taken for social distancing at the exam centres will be good enough. Moreover, if I myself can ensure that I have taken all necessary safety measures, then there is no way that I am going to be infected. Previously, I had mentioned about my neighbours, whose son appeared for the other two tests. Now he, as well as his parents are eager to see that this exam gets conducted. They have already experienced that the measures at the exam centre were good enough and there were no cause for worry.

    And yes, the numbers are rising but they are no cause for too great a worry, as 99% of the cases are very mild and no harm is done to the patients. Many in our neighbourhood and office have been afflicted with the virus, but everyone is getting treated at home as the symptoms are very minor. So it can be assumed that even if for some unforeseen reasons one gets infected, there is not much to worry about. And if you are too much afraid of the virus, better drop your plans to appear for this year's exam. Instead appear with next year's batch. This way you will be safe and others who are interested to appear now will be spared of the trouble that is brewing in the name of postponement.

    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708727
    Umesh, I do not think the decision to conduct the exam has been taken in a hurry. Every agency concerned with the exam has taken this decision after worthwhile deliberations, whether it was the NTA, the central government and even the Honourable Supreme Court. Even many top academicians and directors of the IITs have also favoured the exam being conducted now, otherwise it will be a one year loss for the students. It is only because some of the political parties have jumped into the postponement bandwagon that the things are getting highlighted so much in the media. The media is also happy with the controversy as it is adding to its TRPs. Amongst all these, it is the students and their parent who are the real sufferers.
    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708730
    Sampa Sadhya,
    I just told that if money is the criteria, the government might have gone for that. But I have never suggested that.

    I agree with you that even a Corona positive person comes to the centre also, the chances of spreading are very less as they take all the precautions and no one should go near another person. The Health Ministry has issued SOPs for conducting the examinations and they will follow those SOPs.

    I like to say that there is no financial angle in the decision taken by the government to conduct these examinations.

    always confident

  • #708731
    I also feel that the government has taken this decision in a hurry.
    Yesterday I have seen in the news that some tops academicians send a letter to the government with all their signatures urging the government to conduct the examination without any further delay as the pressure and the confusion on the minds of students will increase. Further, they said that further delay may lead to loss of one academic year which will have a very strong effect on the future of the students.
    All are thinking about the spreading of corona only. Why can't we understand the agony of the students in this confusion times?

    always confident

  • #708733
    I am in favour of having the exams in September itself, otherwise they will loose 1 precious year which is not good for their career. Even if they need to go for higher studies, this gap will affect their admissions in a foreign country. We have to cope with this virus and must maintain social distance and wear all the kits properly for not getting the disease.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

  • #708738
    I think at some point of time we have to start opening the important things of course under care and caution. It is agreed that corona pandemic is there and no one knows till what time it would prolong. Under the present circumstances it is wise to try to conduct the JEE and NEET so that we come to know the result of such attempts for allowing some of the important activities including entrance exam and other career related opportunities to the students. We are already facing unemployment problem and corona has exaggerated it further and I think it would be prudent to conduct the exams.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #708744
    My Dear Members favouring the exam,
    When a valid and good solution is available to sort out the existing problem, why are we stubbornly want to go ahead with the examination taking a big risk in our life?

    Every aspiring JEE & NEET student has completed his/her 12th examination and the result is readily available. Based on the marks scored, the government can recruit students for higher studies than taking a risk of conducting the examination.

    This solution has been recommended by many politicians, educational institutions, parents and students.
    Of course, it would be a problem for the government to refund all the fees collected from the student. The government may not be interested to do so. A part of the revenue collected through fees would be a loss to the government. Just look at the fee and its variations. We can really understand what would be the exam expenditure and what would be the saving to the government.

    The most infected states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu are much afraid of going ahead with the exam as scheduled. In such a situation, it would be ideal to postpone the exam or find a solution to the problem as suggested above.

    While we have butter in hand, why think of buying or not buying Ghee.

    No life without Sun

  • #708746
    For JEE and NEET, the qualifying examinations are different like Intermediate 10 + 2 etc.
    Each board will have its own syllabus and standards. The credentials from these examinations can't be taken as equal. so the merit students will meet with some injustice in this. So it is not fair to go on that basis I feel.

    always confident

  • #708750
    Mr. Rao,
    Just think about the period when we had no JEE and NEET examinations, and the selection was done on the basis of marks obtained in their previous classes. The government can lay down some eligibility conditions and go ahead with the selection of students in this critical juncture of Corona infection and deaths. Many scholars have recommended this as a solution to the present problem. Where there is a will, there is always a way. What I quoted in my earlier response about the fees collected, the fee share for government, the return of funds, etc would be a difficult activity to perform. Hence, I strongly recommend postponement of examination for a further period of three months or choose the option of selecting students on the basis of 12th marks.

    No life without Sun

  • #708759
    In #708725 Dhruv has mentioned that one year of academic loss would create a burden on the next year's session, and later it will be a pressure on the industry sector. True! Don't you think that when some untoward incident takes place in life, family or country, then everyone needs to share a little extra burden? To shun off the load, simply the policy is to forsake the life of the teenagers because it's not going to hamper their personal life. If this makes for the right decision, then I am forced to say that the future of India is bleak because where life is for a gamble, nothing can save and prosper our country.

    We all know that the venue of IPL tournament has shifted to UAE. Now, take the example of the CSK team, in which players are found COVID positive, they get the best of facilities and maintain all the precautionary measures then too, the virus affected them. For the entrance examinations like JEE and NEET, many will travel by regular transports available on the road, so there is a high probability that the students and parents might get affected. Is it worth taking such a risk?

    Another point I want to make that the supporting members of the GD believe that the virus has become weak. Well, it's a good sign, but we cannot be 100% certain that no one will be affected seriously, because everyone's health condition is not perfect.


  • #708763
    The IPL case is different. The team members tested positive before starting the game itself. In cricket on-field maintaining social distance is not possible. But we can maintain Social distance and there need not be any physical contact between the persons in this case. So let us not compare IPL and Entrance test. I expect no parent will send their children to examination if they are tested positive of COVID 19.
    If members feel that these examinations can't be conducted till COVID vaccine is made available we can't forget about this year admissions and next academic year will also become doubtful. The loss will be very heavy for the students and nobody can estimate the loss to the students because of that.

    always confident

  • #708766
    Mr. Rao,
    You said - "In cricket on-field maintaining social distance is not possible." Is cricket an indoor game to play sit on sides and play.? (Your statement is a bit funny joke). In simple words, the life of a student is more important than their Engineering/Medical career. They can survive by getting into any other profession, not necessarily the Eng/Med profession. Let us think about lives that need to carry the career.

    No life without Sun

  • #708767
    Neeru Bhatt in #708738 has come up with an unemployment issue, but I fail to understand what's the connection of the postponement of JEE and NEET with unemployment. They are not ready for the job sector at present, but the present job and salary cut impacts the families of the aspirants badly. At this juncture, when many of the parents need to travel a long way for the examination centres, it will create pressure on their financial condition.

    #708694 and #708705 are the responses of Dr Gangwar. In response to the first one, I have responded earlier that every day and everyone cannot make some record achievement, so such an example cannot motivate one and all due to various personal obstructions. Once again, I raise #708694 for discussion is because I want to point out that we should not ignore the health and psychological factor of any candidate and his/her guardian. A few may put up such a show, but who knows how many would be able to cope up with the mental and physical pressure! To sit for the entrance exams, one needs a calm mind and fatigue less body which is almost impossible for a maximum number of examinees, if they reach their examination centres through rigorous travel. Well, in #708705, the response reflects that the government wants to complete their responsibility of holding the examinations. They are not interested in understanding the real problems and even ignoring the fear psychosis of the youths and their family. When it is the need of the hour to postpone the examinations, then it must be done. One cannot argue on the ground that further postponement is impossible because it's done twice already. It is like admonishing our children for some wrongdoing.


  • #708768
    You can take my statement as a joke only. That will be good and I appreciate you for that.

    I sum up my points and say bye to the discussion.

    JEE and NEET entrance examinations are to be conducted without any further postponement.

    1. COVID 19 is there. But we should take all the required precautions and go ahead. The government is preparing for the examinations and taking all the precautions. The guidelines given by the health ministry are being followed.

    2. The further postponement will create a lot of confusion on the minds of the students and that will have a very big effect on their health.

    3. Giving admissions on the basis qualifying examination marks is not fair. Merit students may be at a loss

    4. We can't make the students lose one year which will have a very big impact on the education and career of the students.

    Keeping the above points in view I strongly support conducting the examinations without any further postponement. Thanks to ISC for giving me a chance to express my views on the subject and Thank you one and all who participated in the discussion

    always confident

  • #708770
    Dear all,
    The favouring members are thinking that all those who appear in the examination would pass the entrance tests and get into the engineering and medical colleges. While the candidates for the examination are over 15 lakhs, the selection would be only a few thousand. Why not we consider that all the candidates have not done well in the examination and are ineligible for entry into colleges. Let the colleges not run for a year without students.

    Let us console ourselves and care for our lives at this crucial time.

    No life without Sun

  • #708771
    Dear members,
    Today is 29th August, the last day for the discussion. We had a good discussion. Let us start posting our last concluding points.
    I am against the conduct of the JEE & NEET 20 examinations. I strongly recommend a postponement of the examinations or find an alternate arrangement to select the student for Eng/Med colleges. I would post my elaborated conclusion after a few hours.

    No life without Sun

  • #708775
    Dr Rao, your response #708763 conveys that you have not read my post minutely. I mentioned clearly that the IPL players get the best of facilities, but they too are affected by the virus, and many of the examinees and their parents would need to avail local transport to reach the venues. How safe and hygienic will it be?

    Mr SuN, we both are in favour of postponement of the exam, but I do not favour admission based on 12th marks. The reason I have already stated in #708653. Another point is, many students who do not aim for IIT's, they do not work very hard for their Board exams because they just need to pass the 12th. They put full effort in the entrance exam. Thus, they can be looser if the selection is based upon board results. It is announced that for this year's IIT's the students need to pass in first division means 60% in their boards while the basic norm was that one has to get 75% in boards and clear the JEE Advance. I feel, the Education Ministry must work upon to find out a proper way out for the right candidates to get chance in joining engineering and medical colleges.


  • #708783
    Thanks for supporting the postponement. However, I support the selection based on 12th marks. A bright student would always be bright and intelligent in their class, may it be a board exam or entrance exam or any special exams. There is no excuse saying that the student did not prepare well for the board exam, but only to pass. It is a lame excuse. In this year, especially due to the spreading of the killer disease, all should consider it as a fate written on their pate and agree to go ahead with selection by the 12th marks. Leave it to the destiny to decide their future. Survival is better than death, we should feel.

    No life without Sun

  • #708784
    Well, first of all let me start by clearing a misconception of Dhruv. I never said we shouldn't mention other exams. In response to your question that why so hue and cry about these two examinations only, I reminded that since the scope of this GD was focused on these two hence people are objecting to these two. However, people like us who are opposing to these two examinations will extend our voice against the other examinations too.
    Secondly, a news just came in which I would like to share, CLAT or Common Law Admission Test schedule has been postponed to September end. Doesn't this indicate that these examinations should be postponed. I mean that is a decision any sane person would take considering the health of so many young boys and girls.
    I think these boys and girls are nervous thinking of their future career and the havoc cause by the pandemic. Now to add to this, if they are forced to sit for the examination, it will be just increasing their level of misery. While speaking of nervousness of students regarding the examinations and the mention of willpower by Dr. Gangwar, I would like to appreciate what shampa said in this regard and also add to this.
    Willpower is not a genetic thing or a characteristic that can be developed by drinking a tonic. Nor is it a fact, that particularly, those who are not intending to give the examination now don't have willpower or they haven't studied well. I don't think these should be generalized. This cannot be denied that there are high chances of contracting COVID 19 in the examination halls and even more chances of getting killed by the virus eventually. So, if certain X/Y/Z decides that this year he or she will not be able to give the examination, then I would call him or her a wise person and not a person who is trying to shun away from the fact that he hasn't studied well or doesn't have enough willpower. Dr. Gangwar basically sounded like a ragging bully at a college who asks you to jump of the window sill to prove that you have willpower. Also positive circumstances build will power. A statistics of more than 8 lakh people dying of these virus and a substantial of those deaths caused in India recently, isn't a great boosting agent for willpower.

  • #708794
    Yes, somewhere, I too have read that CLAT 2020, which was supposed to be held on 7 September has been postponed to 28 September. Now my question is, whether by September 28 things will get back to normal? Will the virus have left by then? Does it seem probable? No definitely not. So, what is the fun in postponing CLAT to a certain date when things will be as it is now or even worse? Aren't you giving the students a false hope? The students will ready themselves for 28 Sep and few days before the exam they will come to know that the dates have been postponed again. Isn't it playing games with the future and career of the affected students? Will the students be able to handle the pressure of repeated postponement of their exams? I fear, many may even be forced to take extreme steps, if things go on like this.

    There is a saying in the armed forces. It goes something like this - "Whenever the going gets tough, the tough get going". In simple words, it means that during tough times, you have to take extra pain. You have to come out of your comfort zone. Right now, the situation is somewhat similar to what the saying signifies. It is a tough time for everyone, not only for the students or their caring parents. Countless people have lost their jobs or their businesses have failed. There have been salary cuts, loss of pay, loss of jobs and whatnot. In this extraordinary time, like everyone else, the students too have to get out of their comfort zone. They have to come out of the protective cocoon of their homes and face the real world. It is not that they are being asked to go to the border to fight a war. All that they have to do is go to the nearest exam centre and appear for the test. Just ensure, you have the needed protective gear like masks and sanitizers and see that you do not mix with anyone in the exam centre or even get close to others. This much is being asked from them and can't they do even this?

    Coming about exam centres, I came to read a circular from NTA, where it said that the NTA has increased the exam centres from 570 to 660 for JEE and 2546 to 3843 for NEET. The number of shifts for JEE has been increased from the usual 8 to 12. Every student has been given the nearest test centre (1st choice). I also found out that the number of registered candidates for JEE is 8,58,273. Experience says that all registered candidates will not appear for the test. Thus with 12 shifts, the number of students in each of the centre is going to fall drastically, to somewhere around 100. With 100 students, there is not likely to be any crowding at the exam centres, thus providing desirable safety. It shows NTA is doing its best and taking pains to see that the exams get conducted in the safest manner. At times we need to believe the NTA and in turn the government. As earlier mentioned by me, we are fortunate that the country is not as badly affected as many of the western countries. The numbers may appear large, but when you consider the large population of the country, it is not alarming at all.

    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708796

    Yes, the government wants to complete their responsibility of holding the examinations, but it will also save a year of students as well as will prevent the chaos that will be created due to the postponement of the exams. As the number of seats are not going to increase and there will be a double number of students competing for these seats.
    And they definitely understanding the problem of the students and their parents who will be under mental agony if the exams get postponed. I think only some of the students who are not well-prepared are causing trouble.

  • #708797

    In this post, it has mentioned that "Why not we consider that all the candidates have not done well in the examination and are ineligible for entry into colleges. Let the colleges not run for a year without students.
    Let us console ourselves and care for our lives at this crucial time.".

    But I want to say here that "life can not stop by fear of pandemic ". And when Government has not declared the year as "Zero Academic Year" and schools, colleges, universities and other institutes are working and running classes online and students are also attending, then why waste their efforts and why consider that all the candidates have not done well in the examination and are ineligible for entry into colleges? It is not right at all.

  • #708798
    Yes, Dr Deepali, I too have this hunch that it is those students who are not prepared for the test and the ones who have no hope of clearing the exam are creating all this chaos. They know that they are not going to pass so they are finding COVID as an opportunity as well as an excuse to create hurdles for the ones who are prepared. Might be due to sheer jealousy or envy, but it does not bode well for the student community. Maybe the analogy of a bucket of crabs is working here. Just like, when a crab successfully reaches the top of a bucket, other crabs who are not so successful, pull it down. Something similar is working here too. Already some of the private but renowned coaching institutes like Allen are being defamed by the media for being successful. What an irony, isn't it? The success of these institutes is an eyesore for many and they do not waste any opportunities to throw profanities on them. What they do not see is the hard work that goes behind such successes. Again, I will say to such students and their parents is that if you feel you are not well prepared for the test, drop a year, prepare and appear next year. This way you will be safe, you will perform better and others too can appear peacefully.

    And Shampa Sadhya, it may be a little extra burden for you and me or a third person who is not concerned with the test. But ask the child who will be affected, whose career can get disrupted, all their dreams and ambitions shattered and what about their parents? How will they be able to cope up when they see their son or daughter getting disadvantaged just due to the actions of some misguided people. No, as a responsible country, citizen or parent, we should never allow the hopes and dreams of our children to get extinguished. We will face adversities but won't allow the threat of a virus to hold us back, let what may.

    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708799
    Unless one dies, won't have the experience in a crematorium or burial ground, and no one can narrate their death experience. Similarly, we want to know what would happen after death which is impossible to know. By going ahead with the scheduled exams, we are sure to know what is death and will be able to narrate.

    This is not the time to test our ability to withstand the deadly virus. We should not take a chance and repent later. Let the government declare this year as 'Zero Academic Year' (ZAY) in the interest of the citizens of the country.

    I am sure, a student who cannot do well in their 12th class , can never do better in entrance examinations.

    No life without Sun

  • #708801
    You are talking like as all the students who appear in the entrance examination would make a pass and get into Eng/ Med colleges. In fact, all are hoping and taking a chance only. No one can be sure of passing the examinations. The passing students would be only 1 or 2 or 3 percent of the total number of students appearing in the examination. If this was not the case, and 99 percent would pass and enter into the college, I would appreciate it and will be supporting the conduct of the exam as scheduled.

    No life without Sun

  • #708803
    Dhruv has mentioned about coming out of the protective cocoon and facing the real world, but the "real world" should not be a deadly world as it is now? I mean what logic is there to go in a pandemic situation, contract the virus, then fall terribly ill and may or may not survive? Who says this is what it takes to face the real world? I remember Poet Sukanta Bhattacharya of West Bengal said in a poem , "We will make this world worthy of living for the future generation." This should be everybody's motto. Instead, we adults have spread the deadly virus worldwide and now asking the young ones to face it just to show that they are tough.
    I think, the better idea will be to first clean this mess what the adults of this world are responsible for, make the country a corona virus free one and then tell the teenagers, see what we did for you. Otherwise, they will lose faith in the government, the system and may even commit crimes in delusion. It is the fault of the adult human beings that this virus could not be contains even when we are nearing the end of this year, and therefore, is it fair to let the teenagers who had practically nothing to do with this hideous situation fight this unnecessary problem as if this is what life wants from them. I disagree, world is the gift for the young, they will rule the world in the future.
    The government or any other organization should not force them to appear for the examination just to "save a year". Instead they should stress more on saving their lives.

  • #708805
    I would like to conclude by saying that without containing the situation, forcing students to appear for JEE NEET and they be a potential target for the virus infections is inhuman and insane. I completely oppose this idea. I have mentioned, at the very beginning of this debate that in order to keep the students busy, some online courses on medicine and various branches of engineering. The government can earn some money from the students this way and the students in turn can gain professional knowledge and can get credit points to be added to their actual JEE or NEET score. This can also guide the students as to what kind of professional career they will be looking forward to in five or six years.
    In addition, certain online assessments could be conducted for such future students on medicine or engineering after such online courses. Performance of the students in these online assessments can help them understand whether they have chosen the right stream, that is medical science or engineering and therefore can mold their career for good.
    Therefore, the entrance examinations should be postponed for this year and help in preventing the spread of viruses furthermore.

  • #708808
    Duplicate post.

  • #708810
    Thanks, Rosie Ray for enlightening us with a line from poet Sukanta Bhattacharya's poem. He is a poem cum writer from the pre-independence era but unfortunately, died at a very young age. Interestingly, the famed Buddhadev Bhattacharya , who was West Bengal's Chief Minister before Mamata Banerjee, was his nephew. Yes, like many others, including the poet, I too am of the opinion that we should make this earth a better place for future generations. But to make it a better place, it does not help if you sit down at home and even avoid the essential activities. Life has to be lived and for this everyone has to put his or her effort. Just like tide and time waits for none, it is quite likely that our recalcitrant attitude may cost the future generation its road to glory.

    Anyway friends, it was a very interesting discussion. The topic was close to my heart. I had been following the happenings on the issue and had been feeling very distressed by the manipulations being done by some political parties and vested interests in postponing these once in a lifetime exams. Thankfully, ISC gave me this wonderful opportunity to vent out my feelings on the issue. And thanks to your responses, whether pro or against, I could put my points with strength. Having a full-time job and family responsibilities to handle, at times I could not do justice to the discussion. However, tried to participate as often, even at late night. Now that the discussion is coming to an end, I sincerely hope that the students are able to give their exams starting 01 September 2020. All the best to them for the test and their future. With this I conclude for the day. Thank you everyone.

    Patience and perseverance pays

  • #708811
    I am concluding with the following points:
    1. JEE and NEET exams should not be postponed because it will have a negative impact not only on the minds of the students who are preparing for these exams since a long time and waiting eagerly but also on their parents who are worried that their children are engaged in the preparation so long.

    2. Postponing 1-2months will not be beneficial as the pandemic is not going to end very soon. Postponing to next year will create a big problem for the students of this year batch and next batch. Due to the limited number of seats government will not be able to accommodate all the students and almost half of the students will not get any seat, which in turn will lose courage.

    3. Government is doing all arrangements and have also increased number of exam centres for both the exams JEE and NEET. Apart from this, number of shifts has also been increased and entry and exit of candidates has been staggered, so that social distancing can be followed.

    4. With precautions and by following social distancing, masks, PPEs and sanitizers candidates can go and take exams.

    So, I my opinion these exams must be held as it will save the one year of the students as well as their career.

  • #708812
    Before I conclude my GD participation, I want to point out that Dr Gangwar and Dhruv believe in demeaning the immatured youths. First of all, none of the students is sure about their success because JEE and NEET are not like any academic examination. Mind game and luck play some role along with the preparation for the entrance exam. It is always easy to underestimate others, specifically when your own loved one is not involved, but that's not the right way to handle the youngsters. We need to motivate them for their better future in every possible way. We must address their fear and lack of confidence too.

    Dhruv, if you have read my first response, then you must know that my son is an aspirant too. His ambition is not to become an engineer or doctor, but just because he studied science, he wanted to test his calibre. If he gets a chance, then he would join, but that's not his ultimate goal. So, I understand him and all his friends who are preparing for the exams. Nobody is bothered about a few months of delay, but are worried about their health and life along with their parents who would accompany them to the centre.

    Well, it's time to conclude my GD. I strongly object to the holding of JEE and NEET examinations. It's unfair to conduct the exams. Suresh Raina, who represented India, became afraid of the pandemic and came back to India leaving the IPL tournament, we expect the young adults to face the harsh situation around them. They are forced to face it because they don't want to lag behind others. Remember they will never forgive us if any untoward incident takes place.

    Well, thanks to all the participants.


  • #708813
    I conclude by saying the following:
    1. Time is not ideal for conducting this major JEE & NEET 20 examinations in September 2020 due to day to day spike in the virus.
    2. Conducting examination for over 15 lakhs candidates distributed to 1400 students in one center for NEET and 450 students for JEE is not viable and will help the virus to spread.
    3. The government wants to conduct this annual routine examination within this year to wash off their hands as they have collected the examination fees amounting to hundreds of crores. If the examination is cancelled, or alternate arrangement is made without any examination, they will have to refund the fee money. It would be a difficult task for the government to do so. The government would be at a great loss of part money they earned through the fees. Hence they want to go ahead with this examination as scheduled.
    4. The government cannot provide adequate arrangements to accommodate and conduct an examination for 1400 candidates in one center in one sitting with precautions.
    5. While many states are not willing for the examination due to the heavy spike in COVID, it is not prudent to conduct an all India examination.
    6. An Academic year loss should be acceptable to all due to the deadly virus infection.
    7. Conveyance of the candidates to the examination center to and from the examination would be a major problem. We cannot ensure the transport facility with social distance management.

    I strongly recommend the following:
    1. Cancel the examination and refund the fees.
    2. Postpone the examination for a further period of three months and conduct it in December 2020.
    3. Consider the selection of students for Eng/Med courses based on the marks scored by the students in their board examinations.

    Jai Hind.

    No life without Sun

  • #708820
    During discussions, Shampa Sadhya at #708767 has asked about the relevance of unemployment with conducting the entrance exam. My point was that everything is standstill at this time and it makes sense to go ahead boldly deciding for these entrance exams and naturally those who qualify in it would get a better and earlier opportunity for making a career and subsequently go for a job. In this deadlock situation we have to push the cart to move ahead otherwise we would be stuck here itself in a helplessness situation.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #708821
    I conclude my viewpoint by reiterating that these entrance exams should be conducted as early as possible. This would give us more scope in deciding about many such similar issues also.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #708826
    It was a very threadbare discussion and many points were raised and put across by the members and now from my side I conclude by saying that we should not hurry to go for these entrance exams in physical mode and we can easily wait for some time till we are equipped to hold them in online mode. Till that time, students can engage themselves in some other short courses to enhance their learnings. Even after doing these coveted engineering and medical courses, students are acquiring additional diplomas and certificate to get a job as the job market has become so competitive in our country. It would be prudent to think on those lines.
    Knowledge is power.

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