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    Is our memory power depends on our interest ?

    Did You try to make a picture of your close friend. Or try to describe his face without seeing any picture of him. There is every hope that you will be able to tell your friend's face and body structure more or less accurately. Even if you cannot tell very fine things, but you will tell in a precise manner.Often, we remember the words of some things, while the some are forgotten. Will tell hairstyle, but there may be difficulty in telling hair color. You will remember the shape of the face, but perhaps forget to tell about any wart. Perhaps we remember the same thing that we notice as when meeting a single person, someone's attention goes to the color of his clothes and someone's attention to his footwear and same thing we remember. Perhaps a lot of our memory power depends on our interest.
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    I am of the view that our memory do depend on the interest of the subject or the person to whom we want to have the sustained relations and in that case having enriched more interest, we would have the tab and toe of the same and thus there cannot be memory loss or losing any information. But due to over tension and having more work on hand we would even forget those things which are going to be remembered. It is always better to jot down some important issues and dates in our personal diary and have the habit of opening it and see for any action for the day so that we may not miss any events. Though the social media would alert us on the impending events with our family and friends, we should have the tab on what is happening with our friends and relatives and that would give more secured information for us before hand.
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    We tend to remember things which are interesting to us. Many incidents will happen in our lives. We may be forgetting some of them and some may be there always in our mind. The issues which are liked by us and issues in which we have an interest will be remembered for long.
    We will have many friends in our school or college. But we can't remember all of them forever. But some friends will be there in our memory and we can easily recognise them even after a long gap. This mainly due to the attachment you have with that friend and also the interest you have in that friend.
    I was having a close friend in my post-graduation. we used to stay side bu side houses and we used to move together. But after our education, we moved to separate places and not in touch. But after almost 25 years, one when I was just getting into an aircraft, I heard somebody calling me with my name and when I looked back I noticed that friend and we recognised each other after a gap of 25 years. This is because of the closeness or interest we have in each other.

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    Our memory in many cases depends on the particular context and also on our interest and liking for anything. If you ask a person what he had in dinner 12 days back he may not be able to give any answer but if you ask him that when he got his first medal in sports he would tell you the date and month also in addition to the year. His mind is focused in his core activity of interest. Memory has a terrific relation with what we like and dislike. If we do not like negative and critical talks about ourselves then we would try to nip them in the bud and only when it is essential would listen to those things.
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    In Psychology we have read about the functioning of memory and it is affected by many things in our lives. Some of these things are genetics, physical and mental health, interest and liking of a person, repetition of a thing, impact of certain event on our mind, and association of things with each other. So, the effective and robust memory is a complex mixture of so many things and yes one of the factors is liking or interest also.
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