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    Plight of Indian farmers- A black spot on our Nation

    Recently farmers have become more debt ridden as the banks have turned more risk-averse. Their basic needs are not being met, especially in the state of Maharashtra. The situation has worsened in the aftermath of the pandemic. What are your thoughts on the steps that the banks and the centre can take in order to restore the livelihood of the farmers in our country.

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    Although india is known as an agriculture based country, the condition of the most indian farmers is quite pathetic. About 80% of farmers in India are marginal (less than 1 hectare) or small farmers (1–2 hectare) category.
    Agriculture supports about 60% of employment but contributes only 17% to GDP.
    Every day, there are reports of Indian farmer suicides from different parts of the country. People sitting in air conditioner rooms are formulating policies to rectify the problems of farmers but their problems are not solved.
    Mostly Indian farmers are poor. They don't have sufficient amount of money. They can not decide the rate of their own crops so they are to sell their crops at the rate decided by the government department. They are not given the loan from bank until they spend 10 to 15 percent of the amount they have applied for. Many farmers take loan from local moneylenders to avoid redtapism prevalent in system. Moneylender takes heavy interest from farmers. Some of farmers are deprived of their own land if they are unable to pay the loan to the moneylender in stipulated time. Farmers need full support from state as well as central governmen

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    In India, real farmers are always at the receiving end only. They work day and night. They pour money on their fields. But there is no surety of their investment coming back. Until the crop reaches their house there is no guarantee for their income. Even there is good crop also, there is nor surety for them that they will get back their money. The middlemen will purchase them at a low price and sell them after storing for some time at a higher rate. The main reason is that the farmers have no space for storing and no money to go for expenditure without selling the crop. The government should create common storage godowns and hire them at a nominal rent and also give an advance for their expenses. That only will give them financial stability. Otherwise, they will be at a loss and the middlemen who have money will get profits. Farmers are the backbone to the country but ignored a lot by all.
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