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    Along with saving, little expense is also necessary.

    Most of the elder people complain about their younger that money does not stay in your hands. If you do not have money with you, then you will neither be able to do any planning nor will you be able to save for your future. Everyone teaches how to save, but at the same time it should also learn how to spend. Many people think so much about saving that they ignore the needs of their normal life for saving money, but it is wrong, we do not know what is to happen tomorrow and it is very important to live in today, so we need to save and also spend as per need, It is very important to maintain a balance between expenses because there is a person who saving money for future and a miser, the two are very different.
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    One should enjoy life with their earning. We need to save for ourselves to meet the old age requirement only. We should not save for our wards. We should nurture and care for them. Give them a good education to stand on their leg. Let our wards earn their own bread. Let them not enjoy their life at the cost of their parent's earning. This is what I feel.
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    Definitely we have to earn for spending. Without spending where from food comes for you? Do Wherefrom clothes come for you? How you get educated? So we have to spend money without any hesitation. But we should not waste it? We should try to save for our emergency needs and for future needs. That is why elders say try to save some portions of your earnings. Nobody will say don't spend. But people will say not to make a wasteful expenditure. We have to take care of the needs of our family members and see that they will have a happy life. We have to see that our children will get the proper education. So spending can't be avoided. But saving can be avoided and there may be many excuses. That is why elders say more about savings and talk about stopping wasteful expenditure, My father used to tell me if you have a plan for 10 paise saving and think that you have only 90 paise for your expenses.
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