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    When there is too much liberty people forget their limitations.

    Recently Mike Tyson wrote on his Instagram account "Social Media made y'll way to comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it."

    This statement clearly shows that social media with no means of proper moderation leads to people taking undue advantage of the platform and actually disrespecting anyone and for anything without even thinking of the outcome as they know that no-one is going to come after them unless the matter escalates to a great extent.

    We see nasty comments and gestures on Social Media platforms even on good posts. Freedom of expression crosses all boundaries and sensibilities on Social Media platform. This statement by legend Mike Tyson shows the extent to which he might have been trolled which compelled him to write this post.

    Obviously theses platforms were created with good intentions but with time they are becoming more and more nuisance than means of connection and communication.
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    The author has raised an interesting issue on this thread. Yes we should respect the privacy of each and every individual. We must recognize that each of us are moral agents subject to a certain outcome based on our own actions. Our freedom is limited existentialy to the kind of choices we make.
    Social Media trolling or abuse of a certain person wether public or private is totally unwarranted ad should be made a criminal offence as it destroys or disturbs the psyche of an individual ad can lead to potential depression or sucide.

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    It is very true that liberty and freedom make people to forget their limits and they start doing whatever comes in their immature minds. Same thing is happening in social media. It has become a place where one is licensed to abuse and offend anyone he dislikes. That is the reason why many people do not visit the social media. Even in our house discipline is required. If we allow everyone freedom then someone would go for high volume pop songs and some other would dance and scream the whole night without bothering for other members.
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    I am also of the same view that we have no rights to make nasty comments when most of the social media contents are not moderated and even carried with the abusive language unless and until someone makes the complain or raise hue and cry. What I feel that when a hashtag appears with a good piece of information, it must be trending with that subject only. Invariably people post all nasty things not connected to the post at all and thus bring another kind of debate in the same post. For example if a hashtag started with a birthday wishes to a celebrity, people troll the actor or actress with their uncomfortable images which appeared earlier in the internet and thus cause undue disrespect and also brutally troll them on the good day of their birthday. Only good sense should prevail with such persons.
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    Social media is being misused by many of the people. This we see every day. Some people leave very bad comments and write very bad language also. The freedom given to the public is being misused. I feel the social media should also have some moderators and they should screen the postings of the members. Otherwise many fake news and rumours are spreading like anything on these platforms. A person should think before posting a comment and then only post it. If somebody makes the same comment against your posting, what will be your reaction? If the person thinks that way, there will not be an issue. But we will never do that.
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    Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights of the citizens of India. Many countries around the world allow their citizens the freedom of expression to share their thoughts and thinking and empower them. Today, through social media, people can easily speak their thoughts in every part of the country , It can also be said about the subject to some extent that people give proper answers to it, but there are also many people who do not stop misusing it for their wrong intentions. We have been given the right to use our rights for our own and others' hits, it is not right to use it to humiliate someone.
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