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    Nature of time and its significance to our life

    Ever wondered what is time really. We know time as a measure of change, or the flow of events. We measure it using clocks or by seeing the position of the sun but what is it by itself? Is it connected or perhaps the byproduct of our conscious mind?
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    The nature has given us 24 hours daily and it is left to the individuals as to how they divide and allot the timing for their each segment of works daily and how they cope up with success within the allotted time. There is fixed rules that one must sleep for 8 hours, work for 8 hours and remaining 8 hours is at the disposal for travelling and be with the family and friends. But here comes the take, we are taking 10 to 12 hours of sleep, and at works the time taken is delayed more than 8 hours and we spend more on commuting and transport and thus we cannot able to give time for the family and the children at home. Those who managed the time with great maturity are the winners in long run because giving time to the children these days is the must as they would feel dejected and left over.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The Sun rises and sets and again rises. This is a cycle. When there is Sun we all can work and when there is no Sun we can take rest. This is how people started. We have a measure for everything and we have units for all measurement. The distance is measured by meters and weight is measured by grams.
    Similarly, the delay between two sunrises is taken as a day and to measure this delay time has been created and the units for this time is defined as hours, seconds, minutes so on and so forth.
    Time is more valuable compared than anything else in this world. Time can't be reminded and time gone is gone once for all. We all will have a certain amount of time in our lives. Time once past cannot be brought back by any means.

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    Time is not that easy a concept to understand. We have defined and limited the time as a unit of measure and accordingly based of routine. For me time is a just a straight line and it is us who undergo all the ups and downs but end up saying that "Time will change one day" or "Time will heal."

    Time as we know is basically divided into past, present and future but again it is own own deeds that we have done in present has now become past and will define our future. The time remains constant, a straight line. We have bound and understood time based on our limited perception.

    Our ancestors have defined a lot many things based on their experiences. What should be done at what age and what time is predefined so that everyone does not have to undergo the same experience to realize what should be done with the limited span of life they have.

    Our life is limited but not the time. TIme never was limited, it is a straight line.

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    Time is an important factor in our lives and actually speaking we have to honour and respect it. It is the most powerful entity in the world and there is nothing which stands erect on the face of time.
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    The most interesting thing with the entity time is that it flows only in one direction and that is the forward direction and we cannot bring it back. In science fictions and fantasy movies we see it happening but it is not a practical reality. Understanding the basics of time in the universe is a big subject and requires deeper study. Time has a great significance in our lives. If we really see to it seriously then the amount of time is limited in our lives while there are so many things to be done. People have to spend a lot of time in learning various trades and only after a long time the proficiency comes in that. For example a singer has to practice for long hours for years to come up to the topmost levels. So, these things require time and sometimes the time required is quite significant and then we say that each bit of time is important and we have to respect it and use it fully.
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    The nature of time is understood only with time , whatever we are now in our life is real time which we also call present. But before we see or experience anything in the present, it becomes past. The present is a small moment that is happening everywhere. They are like a small point on the timeline from the past to the future. Time is the one that moves from the past to the future. The memories of the present in our mind are stored in the form of the past. But it is necessary for us to be fully awake. We do not understand anything well about time. The aging process is also a part of time. Most of the same questions arise in our mind about time, why does it always go on? Time can be a thing that is beyond our power of thinking. Time tells its value to every person itself.
    Swati Sharma

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    Time and Tide wait for no one. Time is a yard stick of life. Time does not mean it is a scientifically calculated moments alone. Time becomes meaningful when it has a value. It says that Time is money in business.
    Value of time is invaluable. It becomes meaningful how we use it or how we gain it. Time gone is gone for ever. We cannot revert the time missed from us. When we feel I lost my time means I lost something from my possession. Time is the duration of life. A life is measured how we used the time or age. Lets make use of our time. Time is only factor if does not have value.

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