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    What is the use for those new parents when they fail to watch infant nuances

    A doctor couple who has been working with a government hospital nursing section in a northern state cannot meet their small child since five months due to their Covid-19 duties and they are put up in the hospital itself. While both of them are the cause for the safety deliveries of many new born children, they could not enjoy their own child and they are subjected to only video calling and get satisfied. Sometimes our duties are such that we have to forgo the basic enjoyment with the kids and that too during their infant age. Really a great salute for those two doctors who are foregoing their family life for the cause of nation.
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    A doctor profession is like that only. A solider will have to leave his family and stay at the borders to safeguard the interest of the country. The same way, a doctor has to forget about their family and serve the sufferers and see that they will be normal. That is why, we say in Sanskrit " Vaidyo Narayano Harihi' ( Doctor is Narayana and also called Hari) The meaning is a doctor is a God. So we should always respect a doctor.
    Many doctors ignored their families for the sake of patients and they used to skip their food also for treating the patients. The profession demands that and they get satisfaction when a patient recovered from his illness because of the treatment given by them. Our political leaders should see these doctors and learn from them. They should understand how to serve the needy.

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    Most of us if not all are unaware of the sacrifices people make to make our life easy. Doctors, soldiers, etc. are some examples and the list will be really long. Here the doctor couple have forgone the best time of thier life to save lives of many others and for that, they deserve due respect from each one of us. We must be considerate and consicous and respectful of every profession as each one plays a important role in our life.
    Blessing to them and many thanks to those who are doing their best without even complaining.

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    Doctor profession is very noble profession. Our doctors are considered as a God. As God gives birth to life in same manner our doctor also helps in regain of life. Nowadays, in which way our doctors giving service to mankind is really commendable. I pay salute to those doctors thousand times who left their families for the service of mankind during COVID-19. I have noticed many doctor families who giving service day and night without having any breakfast and lunch. They are meeting with their families though video calling. Their family life has ended. They have not seen the faces of family member since last five months. We should not forget their such dedication in future even after this pandemic gets over.

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    The profession of the Doctor is unparalleled in the sense they don't have the times even for their lovable kids to talk to them. Particularly during this COVID phase, they are busy in their hospitals taking utmost care of the patients. They are so busy that they don't have the time for their lunch what to talk of entertainment. The unfortunate part of this profession is that while coming their own residence at the odd hours, their kids are in the state of deep sleep. Such a cycle goes on uninterruptedly and their kids are later tuned to see such environment. Though it is pinching a lot to them, but there is no solution to it. They definitely get due recognition for their dedication and the patients treat them next to God no doubt but despite this they sometimes feel lonely in absence of sharing their emotions with their closed ones.

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    Due to the nature of their official duties some people do not have any time to go through various interactions and having fun with their chidden. In a way they are sacrificing this for their job only.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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