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    What makes a person efficient and proficient in his workplace?

    Some people are very active and work efficiently. They chase new benchmarks every day. I have seen some employees sitting in banks, offices, Railway ticket counters, Post office counters, and many other such places and I was amazed by their speed and proficiency of working with occasional smiles to the customers. It is unbelievable but there are some which you might have also witnessed on occasions at places. But all are not like that and I was just wondering as what makes a person more productive and vibrant with activity? Is it higher education or family background or strong will to serve the people or interest in one's work or satisfaction in life? What is that which makes a person and distinguishes him from other so many lethargic and laggard ones? Can members give their ideas as how and why some people are so efficient?
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    The liking one has towards his job makes him more efficient in his work area. If you have no interest in the work you are doing, you will not be active in your profession. Always our living and interest play an important role in our lives. If you see a person whom you like more, you feel very happy and talk to him with a lot of interest. If you notice a person in whom you have no interest, you will try to somehow avoid him. The same is the case in our profession also. That is why we should select our education and profession also based on our interest. Unfortunately, in our country, we have no so many facilities so that we can choose our profession. Whatever he gets he has to accept.
    What interest an M.Sc (Chemistry) person will have in discharging duties as a Bank Cashier. But in our country many such people working in a profession in which there has no interest. I think this is the real cause for someone to be happy while discharging their duties and some will discharge their duties like a machine.

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