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    Children deserve a huge round of applause for the restraint they have observed during this pandemic

    Many members must be having small children under age group of less than 10 years of age. Children at this age are energy bombs and they hardly stick at one place. Running around, playing in the park and with friends is soemthing they cannot liev without, but, due to this Covid 19 pandemic the situation has been very different not just for us but for the childrens also.

    Not only their studies has gone online but their play area and means of physical activity is totally abondoned. Children are not going to park or playground to play and are staying indoors and it becomes really boring for them. But they have shown great restraint and maturity by not causing any nuiasance to their parents. Even my child who is just 3 years old loved to go out and play in park has been very co-operative. She many times says that she wants to go to the park to play with other hildrens or slide or swing but when we explained it to her, she agreed that she will not bother us as it is not safe. I was astonished at her maturity and equally for all the children living in my society who have shown extreme level of maturity to not cause any problem to their parents and stayed home for safety of all.

    I know for sure that todays generation children are more mature than we actually were and for that the parents and these children deserve a lot a of appreciation.
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    Yes. I agree with the author. Children should be appreciated for their greatest cooperation during this pandemic.
    My two and half years granddaughter askes me whether she should touch the packet just received through courier as we told her that she should touch the material without cleaning it as the problem this virus is there. She will be ready at the main door with a bottle of sanitizer when somebody comes back home after going for a shop or so. She will ask them to first clean their foot and then puts a little sanitizer on their hands and asks them to clean their hands and then only allows them inside. This sees got accustomed due to the continuous teaching of the situation to her by her parents and grandparents. If anybody is planning to go out she will remind them about the mask also.
    That way children of these days are very wise and they know how to behave in different situations. They are well advanced in using modern electronic gadgets than many of their elders,

    always confident

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